where do you find a vampire?

where do you find a vampire?

Answer #1

Fictional stories,and movies. Other than that,no place else.


Answer #2

Fairy Land

Answer #3

Also in fictional stories.

Answer #4

In the movies

Answer #5


ok vampires are real mate, and its people like ou that is so ignorant that just want to be the dominant species. just because you cant see or havent seen for yourself DOSE NOT MEAN THAT IT IS NOT REAL! what about all the fish the marien biologist still havent discovered, yet they admit that they know there are more fish out there.

Yes ok Vlad the Tepes was a real person. I did a massive report on him for school this year, but dont trust everything that wiki gives to you as well. he was called vlad Dracula as his FATHERS name was Dracul, which in those days ment dragon, with the added a it means “son of the dragon” this was apart of his family due to the fact that they were apart of the order of the dragon which helped to defind their countries as they were roman catholics, they were definding them from the Ottoman Turks, however today dracula trasnlates into “Son of the devil”. Vlads father actually gave vlad and his brother over to the ottomans as leverage, as they were loosing so he wanted to stop the war, back stabbing the order of the dragon, getting him killed. vlad and his brother were raised by the turks where they were more than likly raped by the turks. vlad picked up his impaling ideas FROM the turks too! so he wasnt the first person to do it.

next time you are going to go off about someone, do more detailed research about the persons life before hand.

it is also not proven that bram stoker got his whole idea from Vlad tepes, sure parts of it but not the whole thing!

do more reseach like in BOOKs and not just on wiki, which is subjective to change due to the lack of accuacy.

Answer #6

I just want to say that, I dont care what all of you said bout vampires.. But, even theyre exist.. I wont believe until they stand on my sight way.. So,come on vampire.. Find me, know me,then love me.. If you can.

Answer #7

I guess I’m the only one around here who is acctualy informed on this subject. Most vampires walk amongst us but if you realy want to find one the best place to look is a medow or field first thing in the morning ( when the suns still coming out) or at sunset. There are some underground bars you can go to but you have to be careful at those.

Answer #8

WHATS YOUR ISSUE!!! DON”T BELIEVE TWILIGHT BECAUSE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE! ok heres the thing. dracula, never was a vampire. he was this guy called vlad the impaler(lok it up on wikipedia) he implaed people and drank their blood. he killed thousands. he was one of the most crueslest people in history. peole called him dracula. he was killed. end of story. you have to be insane to acutlaly believe there is such things as vampires

Answer #9

shhh they hidden in the shadows. welll not really they walk amongst us. so theres not a specific “Where” persay

Answer #10

well everyone has there own beliefs on IF there are real vampires. but I do believe there are and theres really no place to go looking for them. its not like u’ll see them lurking around a dark alley waiting on some fresh blood to come about. they can look normal or they could look just like the one’s in the movies. no one will really know,except for the ones who are real vampires.

Answer #11

I think its about time you wake up because they dont exist and never have a few hundred years ago there were people who went around killing people and drinking there blood either straight from there body or from a cup they usually mutilated and cut up the corpses as well and did other things to them, those people were consdered vampires nowdays the media has made up a bunch of bullsh*t to make them more appealing to both older people and teenage kids who latch on to anything thats seems “cool” or “hot” looking so they made up crap like they turn into a bat wear a cape hate sunlight have fangs bite you on the neck sleep all day come out at night can fly are all “gothic” looking and now even more stupid things like they change there eye colour and have super speed, super strength and can climb trees these are all things that little girls and boys will love, especially if theres a “hot” guy in it they can all obsess over and want to date/have sex with nowdays though there still are some delusional people who kill other people and drink there blood, or kids who drink there own blood there are also vampire cults were idiot and uneducated kids drink each others blood, there own blood and re-use razorblades to cut themselves. they also do things like avoid sunlight, sleep all day, ect bottom line though, they dont exist and never have delusional and sick people act like what the media protrays as them and a lot of delusional kids become so obsessed they think/beleive there real

Answer #12

First of all, VAMPIRES ARE REAL! You could probably find them anywhere you just have to have the right info to know what they look like. Some can be gothic while others can be preppy. Like blackroseblood said they walk among us.

Be careful when your looking for a vampire, because you could get yourself into something you may never be able to get out of again.

I want to be a vampire, and I really would love to meet one also…And I really hope I meet one, too. I just need to find out what they look like and where I could find one. But I’m pretty sure that they walk among us, while humans have no Idea. I do though!!! And I hope to find one.


♥Josette Papillon♥

Answer #13

Okay,the truth is,vampires ARE real. Not-real vampire traits: Dress Gothic(wear cape,hiss) Have Fangs Sleep in coffins all day, come out on night Hate sun Turn into bat Bite people Here are twilight traits that aren’t real: Have inhuman strength and speed,sparkle in the sun Change eyecoulor (Have red eyes when first bitten,change a bit silver,then gold) *Are stone-hard

Here are real facts and traits. Vampires look like normal people,you can’t get bitten by one,either,they don’t have venom,they do age,they can’t fly,they dont have fangs,they don’t hiss.Vampires are humans who crave blood.You might be thinking,”No,it’s stupid and impossible to crave blood.” Actually,if it was impossible to,we would all never eat.Pork,beef,and chicken is part of a body,like blood is.Have you heard of canibalism?Humans eat other humans,too,its phisically possible.Anything phisically possible is true a great deal of the time.Drinking blood is phisically possible,some people get addicted to it,some like the taste,that’s why they drink it,some others think it’s sexual.Some people are born craving blood.It’s more like a birth defect if you live on blood.But vampire’s don’t bite people,they get it from donors and hospitals.Different blood types matter to that vampire cause they taste different.My cousin is a vampire and started out gothic when she learned she craved blood.She starting craving it when she was eleven years old.She learned it was some type of disease/disorder some type of affect to her,but she wouldn’t die.She is aging,she sleeps,she has blood running in her veins,but she craves blood.Now she dresses like a normal person but still drinks blood.Her grandfather was like this and she’s pregnant now,it will be a mystery if her baby will be a vampire too,but this is a fifty fifty chance because her husband isn’t a vampire.

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