Is it cool to smoke yes or no

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I'm going to disagree with what most people are saying here. There is no scientific evidence indicating that smoking is bad for you, and to be frank, it does make you look cool. Movie Stars, athletes, and even the President of the United States smoke. People like to make a big health issue out of smoking, but to these people I ask what's worse for your body: smoking a cigarette ordering that piece of cheesecake after dinner.

To all the kids out there, if your friends smoke, you should follow their lead and do it. Even though you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes, you can always find people who will do it for you. So go ahead and smoke... Everyone's doing it!

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well personally I smoke because of the people im constantly surrounded by and honestly I dont feel any cooler its a bad habbit.

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NOOO! smoking is not cool,it may look like your all cool but its really not all it does is ruin your life and may make you die...dont do it just because peopel say come on its cool if they pressure you to do it dont then you will actually be the cool one for ssaying no and not doing it its better to be the stand out one take this coming from me im straight edge no smoking,no drinking no drugs it ruins your life

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I smoke and I started smoking because I was hanging around my husband and his friends when we first met and I would smoke with them to seem cool and look older. The more I hung out with my man and his smoker friends, the more I smoked, until I became an addicted full time pack-a-dayer. That was almost 10 years ago and now I really wish I could go back in time and kick my own a*s for starting!! Smoking is a personal choice that you most likely make when you are young and stupid and then become a slave to. Not cool.

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smoking dosent make you "cool".
thats actually a very immature question.
it may make you seem more of a "punk" though.

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well what kind of smoke there many kinds... marijuana is my absolute favorite

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HECK NO! It's nasty...and you can definitely ruin your health and age much faster.

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NO!!!... you smoke if you want to but dont do it because you think its cool...

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If you've got the money to, I guess it looks cool, if you want to show off that you have the money.

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Its not cool and its not not cool, its a personal decision :)

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Depends on the crowd. If you hang out with a bunch of losers they might think it is cool to smoke.

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kinda but no one should start it effects your furture

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No... this isn't 1985...

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YES YES YES!!!Im an 11 year old smoker and smoking is great just dont smoke more than 5 a day its the best thing ever and I really enjoy it as it calms me down.All that crap about it being unhealthy is shit of the highest cunt as long as its no more than 5 a the way start off with Silk Cut Purples as there the best starter and the healthiest cigarette. SOKING IS GREAT!!!

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