Who is your hero?

:) mine is my granma, my beautiful wonderful granma <3 xx

Answer #1

My father. He was a great man in my eyes. He was patriotic and fought in the Pacific in WWII and was on the first landing on Okinawa. Okinawa was the largest and deadliest battle of WWII. Fighting in one of the worst battles of all time is significant. He rairly spoke of it. He was a great father as well. Raised his three children to respect each other, their mother, and others. He never needed to raise his voice, but he had a way of getting his point across. He stayed in love with his wife, my mother, until he died after 53 years of marriage. This may be why I am happily married after 29 years.

Answer #2

i would have to say my hero is my granpa because he faught in the vietam war and he died of cancer almost eight years ago and i still miss him to this very day but f talkng about celebraties its a tie between taylor swift and selena gomez but R.I.P papal

Answer #3

wow, ty so much for sharing that wonderful story…Love honor & respect doesnt exist much now a days…I wish more people could understand that. :)

Answer #4

I think batman is awesome just saying.

Answer #5

Thank you temptress!

Answer #6

Thank you, for sharing that touchy story! Yeah I know I am a softy on the inside…shhh dont tell anyone…:P

Answer #7

Jesus<3 He’s gotten me through the most, helped me cry it all out and then was there to pick me up againa nd pull me into his loving arms. He’s played a significant role in my life and I don’t know where I’d be now without him<3

But otherwise…my mum and dad. They raised me well and taught me to be myself and how to handle different situations. I love them both<3

Answer #8

Is probably Michael Jackson cuz he is one of the few famous people who strived to make a difference in their life. Really all those who finite of their way to help others are my heros

Answer #9

My hero would probly be… Shana. She is an amazing friend. She’s always been there for me when I cried. She gave me advice and helped me see the good in all of the bad things in life. She doesn’t care that at times I’m negative and I’m not the most pleasant person to be around. She makes me smile and giggle all day. I know that nothing can really get her down. I look up to her so much for that. ILY SHANA (ps she posted up there)

Answer #10

Oh! your secrect is safe. Not many follow my comments…..

Answer #11

Aww, really? That’s so sweet Jessi:) I almost cried D: …:)… haha I don’t think I’ve ever been anybody’s hero :,)

Answer #12

i have many heroes but the top 3 are my mother, my father and my boyfriend. My father grew up with no boundries a father who spend his time at the bars and got most of his meals at friendship table type of events and ended up dropping out in 9th grade. He has worked hard to support the family and has worked hard to make ppl happy. My mother grew up with 2 parents who heavly drank in a small house where she had to share clothes and a bed with 2 other sisters. She babysit for her money and spend most of her teenage years doing so. She had 3 childern by the age of 21. and let me tell you she is one hell of a house wife and mother. She sacraficed having a career to be a stay at home mother and to take care of her husband. My boyfriend from the day he was born had a sick mother. She was in and out of the hospital and they had many scares. He never really had a normal childhood. When is was 15 years old his mother passed away of lung and the sad part is he had been preparing for that day since he was born. He’s the youngest of 7 and most them were older and already out of the house so he had his dad. but despite the hard times i have never met someone as happy as he is and so willing to sacrifice for his family and help them out.

Answer #13

Michael Jackson because, he was the best. he always achieved at what he did. Lady Gaga because, she’s so different and unique, and stands up for what’s right

Answer #14

Christ is my hero, his every thing to me

Answer #15

My Mother and God!

Answer #16

well that isnt true…See I am ..:P

Answer #17


Answer #18


Answer #19

I don’t have a hero there is not anyone I can think of worthy of the title.

Answer #20

I love hearing that, Woodshill. My dad also fought and was wounded in WW2. He enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor at age 17, and then lost both parents while he was soldiering in France and Germany. He was a POW in a nazi prison camp, where his whole Jewish work group mysteriously “disappeared” one day when he happened to be in the infirmary. I wish he had come through the experience as emotionally intact as it sounds like your dad did, but I honor him deeply for the sacrifices he made, and for the hatred of war he taught me.

Answer #21

Sad and sweet and very moving, Kirsten, thank you. So many “ordinary” heros among us!

Answer #22

Leia, thanks for asking this question. I love reading these answers!

Answer #23

Hayyim, My heart goes out to you & your family! :(

Answer #24

Thank you, Susan. And mine to you and yours.

Answer #25

i think heroes are the ppl you look up to because despite the crappyness they may have been in there lifes they are generally happy people and good people to be surrounded by

Answer #26

P.S. Want to tell us a little about your beloved granma and how she came to be so important to you?

Answer #27

And miine to all of yoourrs :D x

Answer #28

Lool you have loads of answers to read ;) x Shockingly more people answered this question.. i was expected about two answers :O lol x well in my religon we have to read the quran and namaz and stuff,, my mum called in loads of teachers to teach me and my brothers , sisters and cousins and he said it was imposibble to teeach me because it doesnt stay in my head :( and my mum called in like 5 teachers and they all said about the same thing,,and my granma said she would teach me..and she did,, it took some time but she didnt give up ;) Now i can pray very well.,,,and she always makes me smile when im upset. :D I love her sooo much!! She is my hero and always will be… she wil always remain in my heeart! <3x And she is not like other muslim granmas lol all her friends sent there grandaughters to learn at mosque,, but my granma didnt want my mum to send me there because she said i would get told off to much :o lool but my mum still sent me :( it was awfuul..the girls were so meean!! they knew so much stuff i didnt! one girl pretented to be my friend :( why would u do that!!! one of the girls told me this,, she was VERY nice.. lol the teacher told me learn soo much! i couldnt do it so i told my mum and ended up quiting mosque.. thank goodnees forr that! lol my grandma taught me the quuran and namaz in 1 and half years :)) im so gladd she did!! I loove her so much<3 xx

Answer #29

:O i wrote loads! didnt realize it! :o lol

Answer #30

my mom! shes the best!

Answer #31

Thank you Hayyim. I appreciate your kind words. The best to you. Woodshill

Answer #32

my grandma <3 <3

Answer #33

Aha lol x

Answer #34

I would like this answer, but its not letting me ;( My hero is my grandma too :D x Why is your grandma your hero? <3 xxxx

Answer #35

Eminem <3 Ahah no, id sayhes more my idol (: My Grama might have to be my hero (:

Answer #36

its me………….

Answer #37

Thanks for asking this question, Leia. I love reading all the answers.

Answer #38

What a sweet story, Leia, thank you. Clearly, your grandma saw the light in you that others overlooked. Now you’ll always feel her praying with you in your heart every time you pray like she taught you.

Answer #39

Oh Andy. Really? :D

Answer #40

My Mom. She has been through alot in her life. Losing her sister when she was three (her sister was seven) from Canser, and losing her dad when she was 17 to canser. And resently, at 43, losing her mom to canser. My mom is so strong, and i have no clue how she does it, but she holds in there. The going gets tough, really tough, and she still goes on. If i had to deal with half the stuff she has i think i would jump off a bridg or something. My mom is My hero. She would give up anything for her family, and i just hope, that when i am older and have kids, that i will be as much of a hero to them as she has been for me!

Answer #41

my dad was my hero..:D

Answer #42

Ther we go! :D

Answer #43


Answer #44

yeah :)

Answer #45

Amy Lee

Answer #46


Answer #47

Now this may seem as if im bragging or whatever, but my hero is myself. because i am so confident within myself that when im falling im there to pick myself up. I was born with not much people to comfort me. thats why i grew up with dolls. Freaky huh. But no one persisted me when i was in school. I was the one who persevered on my own, so thats basically why my hero is myself (:

Answer #48

My hero would have to be……Jesse McCartney. I love the way he writes his music. I can really relate to him.

Answer #49

aww <3

Answer #50

she was brave when she had cancer <3

Answer #51

she was brave when she had cancer <3

Answer #52

My hero is a girl named Sarah. This girl has a great smile that would make anybody smile in return, a warm heart that is giving and sweels when she does a good deed, and green eyes that twinkle and shine and hair that is naturally colored with a golden carmel that waves hi to me in the breeze. We have known eachother since the 5th grade. We know everything about eachother, what we want to be when we grow up, our dreams and our deepest secrets that we wouldn’t bare to tell to anyone else. We have never fought, although we do have different opinions. She is not my friend, not my “sister”, but my better half, and the same to her (she told me that once). I moved away from my better half about 11 months ago to where I live today. I miss her and think about her quite often but I know her and she is with me everyday. I love you Sarah =D <3

Answer #53

Lol sorry swells

Answer #54

Another one of my hero’s is my dad. The reason is, when I was born the doctors said that I might never be able to talk(def), my dad with his crazy beiliefs kept saying under his breath on the day of my birth(in october) please let my son cry. When I was about three months old my dad left my mom and she has told me stories about why it happened. I know now that my dad is a brave soldier in Iraq. I am so proud of him because he has the courage to be away from him loved ones to fight for their freedom. One day soon when my dad comes home I will welcome him with all of my respect. I love my dad and I know why he is doing what he is doing. I love you dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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