help with sims urbz im stuck

on sims urbz who do you get to go to paridise island I need help I have all the missions done but this 1

Answer #1

The stage is decorated with anything like a gnome or a plant. When you have all the decorations, go to the stage with the items in your pocket. Then, you decorate the stage just like you would decorate your house. Items that can’t be placed will say “ Can’t place this item here” when you click on them.

Answer #2

you have to go to Gordie Puck hu is always at the school sleeping. You then have to get your popularity percent up to 30% by talking to everyone possible. Once your done that then go and report back to Gordie. He’ll need a map which is located at the top of Old Saltys boat. Get the map and talk to Gordie. Then he will deliver the letter. Then go back and talk to the Detective Dan and you will be fre to run

Answer #3

I NEED HELP!!! I have urbz for ds and cant get past some parts. I found Harlan King in the cage. I still need the 3rd mission on the 5th goal. Anyone have an answer?

Answer #4

how do u move houses in the sims urbz PS2? I dont want to keep payin rent…cant i just buy a house? I see nice houses in other districts like Cosmo street n d hoouses r empty.

Answer #5

gordy will go to paradise island hes in the university asleep

Answer #6


Answer #7

How do I paint the insides of the walls in the apartment?

Answer #8

That advise from above really helped, but now I can’t find the dancing nutria. Any help?

Answer #9

The Dude That Is Sleeping In The University

Answer #10

i cant find the map to splicer island

Answer #11

go to the guy sleeping in the university. :)

Answer #12

how do u get to the next lev on a job for gameboy

Answer #13

he’s actually looking for your piopularity to be 40%

Answer #14

Now that you are in jail go up to Detective Dan, he will tell you the whole story and that you need to somehow get a message to the Governor, who is currently relaxing on Paradise Island. You can find a messenger in the University, you may have noticed a person who is always asleep, that’s your messenger, Gordie Puck. Gordie will tell you that he will only do it for if you are more popular, so you need to get your popularity up to 30%(If you think this is hard just wait till later!). So Get Talkin!

After you have done that, Gordie will tell you that he will but he needs a Map to Paradise Island. You can find this map on the very top floor of the River Boat. So get there and come back and give it to him, and go talk to Detective Dan and your free to RUN!

Answer #15

this is just random so you can get different hidouts by talking to different people

1.sea side hidout(100)realationship with Ewan Whatanne

2.projection booth base at the theatre(100}realationship with Thressa bullhorn

3.Garbage can by club xizzle in glasstown[100}realationship with Phobe Twiddle

4.old bus by thrift store{100}realationship with guiezzeppi

these are just extra hidouts that are pretty cool…

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