help ub funkeys gabby

I have ub funkeys now and I was wondering if anyone can tell me more about the game characters like gabby

Answer #1

Here’s what I found:

Gabby The most talkative of all the Funkeys, the Gabby are all about spreading Gossip! Gabby always seem to be in a good mood with their bubbly attitude and cheery disposition, and while they do spread rumors, these rumors are always trivial and never harmful. The Gabby like to pass along gossip, but they would never intentionally hurt another Funkeys feelings. Spreading rumors is now the second most popular communication* method in the land.

This is a change from the Gabby of old. The original Gabby were vicious in their rumors and stories. It is often said they were responsible for the wars during the dark times. Three particularly evil Gabby were the ring leaders and led the tribe down this evil path. But the young Gabby and many of the Funkeys rose up and banished the three evils - One to the east, one to the west and one to the far north. Their names have been erased from all Gabby books and stories.

Modern Gabby have a very trusting nature, a kind of air-head personality, and tend to be rather gullible. Knowing that the Gabby will believe almost anything that you tell them, and then most certainly pass that information on to everyone they see, some of the other Funkeys like to play practical jokes with unsuspecting Gabby.

The Deuce are the most notorious for playing practical jokes. The most infamous joke was when a particularly mischievous Deuce, told a Gabby that Xener explorers never really landed on Laputta Station! The Deuce convinced the Gabby that, even though the landing was widely televised on all U.F.U.N.K. channels, the whole landing was actually filmed in a basement using special effects. Of course this rumor spread quickly throughout Terrapinia! Despite Mayor Sayso’s repeated denial of this silly rumor, to this day there are Funkeys who believe that the landing was all some type of government conspiracy!

This love of discovering secrets and spreading rumors have led many Gabby to become television reporters or advice columnists. The most famous of the Gabby writes a weekly advice column in the Funkeystown Post called Dear Gabby, where she gives advice to troubled or confused Funkeys. You’ve come a long way Gabby.

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