Help, mouse in the house.

Question is this. I saw a mouse in the house today, I have four cats. I put two of the more ambitious ones in the room that I saw the mouse in, and checked on them in a little whilte they were both curled up asleep…if I use decon, for the mouse and put it where the cats can’t get to it, if the mouse dies, and one of the cats then finds it and eats it, will the poison in the mouse then poison the cat. Cause I dont’ want to do that! Please help, I too am deathly afraid of mice, and won’t sleep till this is solved..thanks.

Answer #1

THank you for all your help, decon is out, as is most poisons now, thanks to what you all had to say about it. I got my ex to bring mouse traps over, and he immediately asked if I had any peanut butter, lol so he knew that trick too. We have four set in the house, and it’s been almost 24 hours, and all traps, still peanut buttered, and set, no mouses…My ex is beginning to question whether I ‘Really” saw something, as my dog is shedding, and he thinks maybe I saw a hair ball dart through the hall, I assured him, number one, the dog is blond, this was dark, with a tail, and I know a mouse frm a hair ball! lol Anyways, will repost when and if the creature is taken care of, soon I hope, as I have not slept a wink !!! thanks again,


ps. with four cats, you would think ONE of them would feign interest in this whole ordeal! lol the dog is more help, she runs lead when I go down the hall, just in case, lol

Answer #2

lol. or your cats will, like thecowgod, said, bring them up as little gifts. depends on the cats…sometimes they really dont care, other times they do.

Answer #3

Yeah I’d go with the bucket idea or another trap, you definitely dont want to poison it with cats around (I’d loan you my cat if I could, she brings lizards into the house just to kill them, I’m sure she’d love to kill a mouse!)

Answer #4

First, mice JUMP, so if you use the bucket idea make sure that you can slap a top on, or the critter will jump out. You can get live traps that you can release the mouse outside AWAY from the house. Basic snap traps baited with peanut butter work well. The black box snap traps (sometimes called T-Rex) baited with p. butter. Or glue boards which work, but then you have to deal with a stuck live mouse - not for the faint of heart, or squeamish.

I recommend one of the two snap trap types, esp. the T-Rex as they are very safe to set and very quick to kill the mouse. And then, if you want, toss the whole trap in the trash (outside).

Answer #5

well…kinda sucks that you’re scared of the little fuzzy critters. but I understand. honestly, house cats tend to not be very interested in mice unless they’re bored.

here’s a idea to trap the mouse. Get a small bucket, and a towel. soak the towel in apple juce and put a piece of a apple in the bucket. drap the soaked towel outside of the bucket, and have it lead into the bucket but make sure it doesn’t reach the bottom of the bucket.

if the mouse is interested it will come out, crawl up the towel and jump intothe bucket, but it won’t be able to get out. you can then drop the mouse off outside. its worked for me before and you won’t have to kill the little guy, you can let it out and its unlikely to come back. hope this helps.

Answer #6

mouse trap

Answer #7

Get the type that looks like a black box - no poison - only peanut butter (enclosed) - gets the mouse inside the box - think it is Decon / yellow box - effective.

Answer #8

I know how you feel..I had one in my room once. but you got to remember its more scared of you then you are of’re a giant to that small little mouse. DON’T poisin the mouse because if one of your cats eats it, it could get very sick or die. you could try a mouse trap with cheese or peanut butter or something on it? something they can’t get off easy.

Answer #9

Mice can be wary. Persevere and you will get rid of them. As for glue traps, yes they are rather grim, but effective. (And if you have a pet or small child, they won’t break an inquisitive finger or paw. Or expose pets and kids to poison.) If you have objections to offing the mice, then by all means use live traps. It’s your house. But I’m killing any that come into my home. I also try to keep them out of my house. If they are outside, and not an infestation, they are fine. But I live in the city in a 120 year old building, and it’s hard to find all their entry points.

Answer #10

phrannie is right.

the poison is a bad idea, one reason is that the mouse can eat the poison, crawl into a hole in the wall and die. then you have a stinky rotting mouse in your wall.

the sticky trap is also horrible because they will stick to it but not die. you have to do something to kill them. we had that once and a baby mouse got caught to it and cried for hours before we woke up. my boyfriend had to put it in a bag and bang it against the ground to kill it. it greatly upset me.

trapping and releasing them does not work, they will just return to your home where their nest is.

the only thing to do is get a snap trap.

Answer #11

You’re right, you can’t put out poison…

Setting those sticky traps is gross…if the only get one foot stuck, you’ve either got a squealing mouse there, or just a foot left…gross gross gross…

The old fashioned snap trap, baited with bacon, left agains a wall, between stove and refer, or maybe near the bag of catfood, will get him…

Keep in mind, for every mouse you see, there are 20 of his cousins running around, too…


Answer #12

ok well since your scared of them this might not work but it might… get a large glass jar and put some food in it that mice like.put the jar on the floor. get some book and stack them sort of like stairs. tilt the jar so the open part is on the books and the bottom part on the floor. the mouse will crawl in to get the food and not be able to get out because the jar is to slippery and the mouse will keep sliding down back down. when the mouse is in it close the jar up and dump the mouse outside.

Answer #13

Your cats will find the mouse and leave it dead on the floor for you as a gift. That’s what my cats did with the mouse infestation I had at my old home. There were dozens in the basement, and the cats would bring one or two up a day.

Answer #14

I should add that you need a deep bucket. not something shallow. I know they jump, but if you’resmart enough you won’t have to kill the poor little thing. Just release it someplace away from your house. and yeah…you probably have more then one running around in your walls…try the bucket method…it’ll work. okay?

Answer #15

I’m personally against the idea of sicking your pet cat after a mouse, but then again I love all creatures, big and small. So the most humane way of getting rid of the mouse, would be to trap him in a live-bait trap… and set him free outside a ways away. A back yard maybe, or if you live out in the country, take him up to your barn or a field?

But if you insist on a death penalty, use a snap trap that your cats can’t get do. Your mouse will die a quick, mostly painless death, and no poison and chemicals will be involved. Your only worry then, is to get rid of the dead (and sometimes messy) body. Use gloves, wash your hands, and have a small baggy ready by (a ziploc bag is nice).

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