How can I select a video game system for me and my granddaughter?

I need some expert advice.. Outside of a very brief experience with a fun game called animal crossing on a hand-held ds system, I have NO experience with video games, but would like to get a system appropriate for me & my 5 year-old grandaughter to play at home.. My vision isn’t so good anymore, and someone told me that a ‘gamecube’ might be good for us. Since my funds are extremely limited, I’ve been browsing ebay in effort to find an affordable system & game.. but it’s so confusing!! They mention different kinds of controllers? various wires and hook-ups? memory cards? etc. etc. - I don’t have a clue what all that stuff is, and they also vary so much in cost! - so can someone advise me? Exactly what should I look for? and is it possible to get what I need for around $80? Thanks!! Geri

Answer #1

I would check with stores like ‘Toys are Us’ for game systems or games for that age group - you may not have to buy any elaborate system…Good luck and do your job !!…spoil that grandaughter !! :-)

Answer #2

Well I bought a gamecube and it was fun for about 2 years. But I’m 14 now and its not that fun for me anymore, especially since I got a WII last Christmas. But overall the Gamecube is a GREAT choice for kids. Here is a link to a $29.99 Gamecube

Answer #3

gamecube is perfect for you and your grand daughter. or a playstation 2. i have both. gamecube has a lot of super mario games on it. and i loveee super mario bros hahah. gamecubes range i think about like 100-130 dollars. im not exactly sure of the price. same for the ps2. hope i helped you !

Answer #4

but if you want to buy a full system for you and a young one, then the gamecube is a great choice. right now if you went to a store like gamestop you could get one used or refurbished for $40, which is quite a deal. the gamecube is also age-friendly, it has many titles for kids, and for adults as well (but much more for the kiddies).

if u search around ebay, you could probably get one for even cheaper. just make sure you read the description, don’t want to buy a broken one.

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