How can I lose a lot of weight fast?

I am 13 and I weigh about 160 pounds. I know I am way overweight. I have to go on a cruise on April 2 and I would really like to slim down a lot by then. My thighs are big and my stomach is kind of big…and I hate my face structure. Does anyone know anything that can help me lose a lot in a little bit of time?

Answer #1

If I were you I would not use diet pills. They’re not healthy especially for someone under 18 years old. Many kids who try these pills end up with serious health risks. I understand where you’re coming from because I’m 15 and I just recently lost a lot of weight, but I’ve gained it all back by eating junk food. I also am going to have to be getting into a bathing suit soon. On March 30 I’m leaving for El Salvador and I want to look like I did a couple of months ago. To help you, you should first cut all your drinks that have calories, and also watch your calorie in take. About 1,400 calories a day will probably get you where you want to be, but make sure your calories are the good kind and not just the fatty kind. Eat breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks a day to keep your metabolism up so you can burn more fat throughout the day. Also, to get my body burning more calories throughout the day, right when you get your self out of bed, do about 50 jumping jacks, and that up side down bicycle thing. You’ll feel your heart rate get up and you’ll be more awake during the day. DON’T EAT JUNK FOOD! Chips, pretzels, all that is nothing but junk. They’re packed with refined carbs and sugars. Foods high in sugar usually turn to fat. Eat mostly 1 ingredient foods. Like, the ingredients for an apple is well… an apple. Watch out for salads, yea they have vegetables, but they also tend to be paired with fatty dressing and fatty cheese. It may not be fun to not eat what you want, but it will be fun when you can jump off that diving board and not worry about what you look like, and just worry about having fun. Get active also, don’t watch tv, it’s a waste of brain cells. Go roller blading with some friends (This will burn a lot of calories if you do it for a long period of time). Playing soccer, running(also burn a lot of calories), The coolest way to burn calories is jump roping, if you can go about 5 minutes jump roping at a moderate pace you’ll burn about as much as you would running for 15 minutes. It’s going to be hard, but stick with it.

Answer #2
  1. Everytime there’s a meal to be eatten, only eat one place/bowl or w/e.
  2. Make a fitness plan, try jogging at least 5 minutes each morning. Then doing some crunches and push ups.(remember even if you aren’t doing really extreme stuff you can lose weight)
  3. Dont eat any snacks, unless it’s healthy for you unlike junk. Which means no chips or anything.
  4. Do not starve yourself.
  5. Drink tons of milk(3 times a day). It’s good for you, and makes your bones stronger.


Answer #3

The red flag that I see is your desire to loose weight is triggered by an external event; a cruise you apparently are being forced to go on.

Good reasons to loose weight are to get healthier, to feel better and have more energy, and to perform better in sports you enjoy.

Bad reasons to loose weight are because you are embarassed by what other people think, or because you feel bad about yourself.

If the only reason you want to loose weight is to try to look good in a bathing suit in a month or two than you will probably not be successfull in the long run.

All that said the best way to loose weight is to eat the healthiest foods and do physical activities you enjoy. Living on lettuce and cottage cheese is not not healthy and few people enjoy spending an hour on a eliptical trainer.

Best I can tell the healthiest diet is low fat pure vegetarian or vegan. No meat, fish, foul, eggs, or dairy. No added oils or fatty foods like avacados or nuts (when you are at a good weight you can have some avacado and nuts). Dr. McDougall wrote a few books on this approach.

The best exercise is some activity you enjoy. It is very hard to continue doing activities you don’t enjoy. I love cycling. I’d rather spend 2-3 hours cycling than an hour inside pounding on exercise machines. If you like walking the mall, or trails at a park, swimming laps, or whatever do what you like and make it part of your lifestyle and do it for life.

Answer #4

Girl you sound like a mini version me.One thing that helped get in shape when I was around your age was rollerblading it is killer on the thighs and butt and I loved it.If you don’t like to rollerskate find another activity that will get your thighs in shape but rollerblading was my ticket.Remember that losing weight the righjt way that will keep it off takes time.Good Luck and I hope you reach your goal.

Answer #5

Okay so I have PCOS which makes it extremely difficult to loose weight, but I’ve managed to loose a decent amount and I’ve toned everything up. The best diet for anyone is exercise. Eat all organic and natural foods, it’s so good for you and you’ll feel so good about yourself. Eating this way also eliminates acne and bloat, which I can tell you from first hand experience. Taking natural supplements is much better than taking diet pills. Flax Seeds are also good and natural and are okay to throw into a meal here and there. Skipping meals is the worst thing to do, you’re only hurting yourself. Eliminating all sweets and carbs is of course difficult for the first week but eventually your body wont feel the need or craving for it anymore. Once and a while you can treat yourself to a small piece of dark chocolate(preferably 60% cacao or higher). If anyone needs any more advice or just needs support you can get in contact with me and I will be so happy to help! Good luck everyone!

Answer #6

OH MY FRICKEN GOD if your all so pathetic as to say your all ‘fat’ then your just hurting urself more Firstly, POUNDS DONT MATTER. you can weigh more then your friends and look sooo nuch thinner BC MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THEN FAT. Look im 15 and 150 or sumtin I DONT FRICKEN CARE. I feel GREAT the way I am. Great Weighs To Lose Body Fat Walk, dont DRIVE EVERYWHERE you go. Eat 4 small meals everyday and drink lotsa water and green tea(plain)((it makes the metabolism go faster)) also eat broccoli. Hot pockets with cheese and broccoli are amazingly good and broccoli is the natural fat burner. Excersise every mondey wednsday and friday then on saturday play a sport with your friends or just run around playing manhunt or sumtin. then sunday go for a nice walk with your friends! If your at the mall walk around the mall to all the stores you like and see what you like 1st and then walk away and circle the entire mall then go back and buy your stuff. btw bulimia makes you look haggard old and disgusting. your a loser just doing it. too lazy to work out so they just throw it up I get its pressure and stuff but live above it. and eat if you dont eat your metabolism will slow and it would just be the same as eating a big mac with large fries and a large coke. Key is to eat healthy and work out and do cardio. AMAZING COMBINATION

Answer #7

I feel ya pain im 115 lbs. im so fat. I need to 11 ilbs

Answer #8

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Answer #9

ok 1st of all you have to find out whats best for you, im 13 and I was 50.8kgs and I was a little overweight. im now 47.3kgs because I ATE all the right foods! you will be amazed by how much you can loose if you eat good foods like: apples bananas peach mandarin cherrie watermelon carrot and so on. start your day with a healthy cerial and milk for lunch have a sandwich with wholemeal bread and some lettuce beetroot cheese ham and some light mayo.the butter shud be low fat too. or just have an apple or a peice of fruit. for dinner people always grab a large plate and FILL the plate with food I suggest if you are one of these people then grab a plate smaller than you normally do and you can still fill it up! and you wont be eating so many calories.

for the excersising part it can be difficult because any habbit takes 21 days to become a habbit and part of daily life! so start off small, dance for 5-10mins then week 2 dance for 15-20mins with 5 min break and some jogging and as the weeks go on you just increase the amount of work you do cause if you leave it as the same level of intensity then your muscles get used to it and they dont burn the fat… alright I hope this helps, have a good cruise!!! :)

Answer #10

Diet = no Excersie = no Pills = no Fads = no Any other fear mongering american money making scheme = no. weight loss is simple. Let it explain it to you in maths (maths is, after all, universal). The food you eat is comprised of “energy”, measured in joules. When you have zero energy input and at least 1 unit of energy output, guess what you are doing?… … Think harder… … C’mon american… … That’s it, you are losing weight. If you don’t eat, and you wake up. You lose weight.

Let me reiterate, as I’m sure most of you have missed the point. 0 energy input + (X > 1 energy input)= weight loss.

The above stratergem should only be used by those over the age of 18. If you are under 18 (and you are), then your body hasn’t fully developed and weight loss at this age could be detremental to your breeding chances later in life, not to mention breast and stomach deformities (see Gymanists). Because you are so young, unless this weight is considered threatening to your health, I would suggest building a bridge and getting over it. Some people need to be fat in order to make the others looks thin. If you are still fat when you are 18, thats when something should be done about it.

Answer #11

Welll I suggest that you look on the internet and find out the best and healthiest way to lose it I am your age, weigh 5 pounds more and lost the extra 5 in 2 days time. Here’s what you have 2 do.Follow these steps.

  1. Drink lots of pure or distilled water.
  2. Do anything to make you sweat.Example{ running, jogging, skipping, painting, cleaning the house, weeding the grass, sweeping the yard
    anything you’d rather do to sweat.When you sweat that’s the excess salt in your body which wants to come out. When you have guests
    around, your perspiration will smell badly so get in the shower as quick as possible and use perfume wor dedorant. It has worked for
    me and I guarantee that you do this diet and there’s no money
    needed for this diet. In no time you will loose the amount you want.Generally my goal was to weigh 120 pounds before school reopens in September that’s like I have to loose 45-50 pounds. Good luck !!You can call me @ 1758 7180941
Answer #12

frigginhell don’t stop eating or throw up if you do you’re just an idiot. all you people saying don’t eat just piss me off. my friend was fat and now she is really skinny and quite bony. im worried about her she does not look healthy. im 13 too..dno how many pounds I am but I weigh 57 kilos and im 5’3. I juss keep trying to eat less snacks and stuff like biscuits and chocolate it never works out in the end because I lose control and pig out. :| I always regret pigging out so just remember don’t pig out! :D

  1. Eat your basic three meals a day.
  2. Don’t snack on crap, eat fruit or you WILL regret it later.
  3. Try and do more excercise to keep healthy and to replace that fat with muscle.
  4. Try doing some stomach excercises every morning and night.

The fat won’t be gone right after you excercise for an hour or something. You have to do it regularly and then you will see it disappear. Good luck!

Answer #13

ok you are 13.. your body is still growing and you probably still have puppy fat .. at your age it isn;t wise to diet as it can damage your health severely.. you may get skinny but you will end up with bone troubles and possibly stop your periods if you are a girl..

Answer #14

diet pills can kill you if you are under 18 - well they can kill anyone if they arent used right. im 13 and i have weight issues. im like 181 pounds which is disgusting, i can never stick to diets! but one thing for sure is that diet pills DONT work good luck and have fun on your cruise. just think of the tan you’ll get! very lucky! xx

Answer #15

hey hunny xx when ya are doin ya exercise make sure you do about 20 mins of cardio with it as well because yall still end up with toned muscles but under the flab xx I tried duin this and it tottally worked 4 me xx

but dont starve ypurself it’s silly.

good luck xx

Answer #16

omg! clueless080394! you are 13, way 102 pounds and you think you are fat?!?!?! you have a problem. I am 119 pounds and people say that I am skinny. I need to lose a little bit of weight since I am a dancer but if you are not a dancer or a gymnast then there is no reason to need to look like a toothpick. just exercise when you are bored and don’t snack and you will be fine.

Answer #17

i am 13 too and wish i could be skinny, im so tired of being th fat girl at my school, its especially hard when your mom is a retired super model and your sister is the school jock. its tough. how did you do with your goal? did you reach it?

Answer #18

to lose weight is very easy you just have to stop drinking soda and sweets I did and I lost 50 pounds, also I’m 13 so I know what you mean. and I disagree about exercising because if you exercise to much you can get malnourished and it’s very important to get enofe calories, so your body will grow.

Answer #19

I just logged on to this website and im late with this but can you answer old are you now? and how much do you wiegh? are you satisfied?

Answer #20

the best thing to do is just eat fruit and veg as much as you want and just drink water a great tip for losing weight is celery you burn more calories eating it than there is actually in it!

Answer #21

im fat also and only 13. come on I weigh frikkin 102 lbs.(thats like overweight isnt it)but im trying to lose like 10 lbs so that I wont feel as fat as I am.what I do to lose weight is excersise and do that for the rest of your life and you will never be overweight.

Answer #22

Try eating about 1300 calories everyday and doing lots of sports… Eat negative-calorie food ¬they burn more calories digesting them than they contain themselves¬ and don’t eat after 5’ O clock. Trust me, it works!

Answer #23

don’t stop eating, like some people are saying. As soon as you start eating again you’ll just gain most, if not all of the weight you’ve lost.

Try having 5 small meals a day or something :)

Answer #24


Answer #25

Can I say DONT STARVE YOURSELF PLEEAASSEE starving yourself will just lead you to a death road You can go on a diet which is eating healthier (GOOD SIZED) portions of food for dinner have something light for lunch like a salad or a sandwhich ALWAYS HAVE BREAKFAST as it helps u lose weight I know it sounds sily but it is true slim down a bit but dont go to the extreme whats the point? and why do I know my cousin was force fed and hated everyone for letting her get ‘Fat’ as she called it so she went on her diet again (secretly) and got so thin she passed away do u want that to happen to you! if u do u are the most selfish person I’ve ever met appreciate your life it is the best u will get…

Answer #26

Can I say DONT STARVE YOURSELF PLEEAASSEE starving yourself will just lead you to a death road You can go on a diet which is eating healthier (GOOD SIZED) portions of food for dinner have something light for lunch like a salad or a sandwhich ALWAYS HAVE BREAKFAST as it helps u lose weight I know it sounds sily but it is true slim down a bit but dont go to the extreme whats the point? and why do I know my cousin was force fed and hated everyone for letting her get ‘Fat’ as she called it so she went on her diet again (secretly) and got so thin she passed away do u want that to happen to you! if u do u are the most selfish person I’ve ever met appreciate your life it is the best u will get…

Answer #27

I know how you feel, I hate my weight too im 15 years old and weight 120lbs my height is 4’11 and that means im too short so I have to weight less. what im trying to do know is eat lots of vegetable and fruits, exercise, do crunches and I had lost 10lbs. I used to weight 130lbs so yea I know you can do it cuss I know that no one likes to be fat…I hate it too=[ so yea.. -Good LUck and try not to break your diet..

any questions feel free to Fun-mail me:)

Answer #28

Well one way to watch you weight is just to do just watch your weight. Dont eat at the school cafeteria. Make a sandwhich. But dont use white bread, its all calories and has no nutrition. I like Honey 7 Grain, is a little sweet and its better for you. Its still not the best for you but most kids our age dont like to have Wheat bread. And just try jogging around the neighborhood. Little things can go a long way.

Answer #29

the only way yur going to lose weight is diet and excercise,3 meals a day of low fat healthy foods,cut out all chocolate and cakes,do an hour excercise every and the weight will cum off,I lost 4 and a half stone in 4 months and havent put any back on oh and drink loads a water,they say if you drink a glass of water 40 mins before you eat it speeds up yur metabolism by 50%

Answer #30

omg you dont need all this, I hope you can learn to love your self, once you get some confidence, you’ll see that it starts coming off naturally, if you know you eat a lot more than you should (like I did/occasionally do) then make a concious decision to tell yourself no, but dont try all those fad diets, pills ect society’s veiw on women and their weight is sick, love yourself for who you are

Answer #31

First of all there is no way that you can lose a lot of weight in less then 2 weeks. Not even taking diet pills. Which by the way is not an answer. The only way that you can truely lose the weight is by eating healthy foods. Making sure you eat at least 3 times a day. 5 is more like it. Eating smaller portions. Drinking enough water. Stay away from sugary drinks. And being active. It is a lifestyle change to lose weight. Not a diet to go on and off of when you feel like it.

Answer #32

Girlie, I know how you feel. I’m 13, and sooo overweight is just not funny. I lost 20 lbs. in 1 month by walking for 1 1/2 hours a day, drinking 10+ glasses of water a day, crunches (about 50) every other day, lunges, and dancing for 30 minutes. it was easy, but you need diciplin or it wont work, trust me. Eating in is a biggie. eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies. noodles and breads are carby. google ‘negitive calorie food list’ its a good sized list. one of the healthiest changes you can make for you self is changing from white to wheat bread. it takes about 4 days to get used to, but its worth it. stick to it, and if you have more questions my aim is– luvstewie27 or you can fun mail me! kk ~mandy “taste the rainbow…eat crayons”

Answer #33

Look ma I know where you’re coming from because when I was 14 I weighed 225 pounds:( but then I did the carb diet and got active and now im 15 and I weigh 120 pounds:) the carb diet is when you cant eat any carbs I mean try to eat 20 carbs but good ones. And you can eat a lot of meat and anything that’s green except candy of course lol I mean you can eat chesses oh and drink a lot of water because it helps you a lot and cut of all drinks but water:)

Answer #34

Well I used to weigh 165 the begining of last summer and I lost 51 pounds just in time to go pack to school. What I did wasn’t very healthy but yeah I just skipped meals and cut down on portions when I did eat. I drank plenty of water and (rarely) exercised. I went from a size 14 to a 5 and now I eat normally and I can still fit into 4/5/7s.

Answer #35

The healthy way is to diet and exercise. You can lose it all by April 2nd but you will have to go on a very strict diet and a very intense workout regimen. There is a book that you can find that is usually in the magazines section by the Women’s Health Magazine (I highly recommend it) I don’t know what this year’s is titled but it is usually put out by Prevention Magazine and Women’s Health. It has a 3 week diet and exercise program in it.

Answer #36

wow! All you people who say you’re fat at 115 pounds and 130 pounds are ridiculous! Do you realize that people dont really look like they do in magazines! They are airbrushed and are not at healthy weights. The media is brain washing all of our young teens into thinking that models are ideal. You are beautiful just the way you are. If you feel fat work out. Naturally you will release an energy that will keep you wanting more. You will feel better about yourself just by doing that. Dont focus on the scale, focus on how you feel.

Answer #37

all you got to do is keep your mind busy but not on food like if you cant dance then go and practice dancing and I know it works because I lost 23 pounds and if you already know how to dance then if you have a younger sibling play with them until they get tired and it takes along time for them to get tired like make up a new energetic game and make it continous if your getting bored with it make up a new game and trust me it works

Answer #38

don’t take pills, I can say that for sure! I know how you feel being overweight and all, I remember how that felt.

I know because, I started taking pills in the beginning of the year, I mean I lost weight and all, but it’s not a healthy way to lose weight. I would much rather have lost all that weight by working out and eating healthy.

even so, those pills still make me the person I am today, I’m happy I’m thinner, but at the same time, I have this guilty kinda feeling.

so take my advice hun, by doing the work and losing weight the healthy and right way, you’ll feel soo much better in the end.

Answer #39

Well one way to watch you weight is just to do just watch your weight. Dont eat at the school cafeteria. Make a sandwhich. But dont use white bread, its all calories and has no nutrition. I like Honey 7 Grain, is a little sweet and its better for you. Its still not the best for you but most kids our age dont like to have Wheat bread. And just try jogging around the neighborhood. Little things can go a long way.

Answer #40

ok i know your cruise is over but my advice to you is DO NOT listen to skater boy 9 the right way to lose weight is eat more healthy. filletofspam has a good point but i feel that if you say “i can eat this , i cant eat that” youll fall right back into your old habits again. try and eat food that filleyofspam advised you to choose but than maybe once or twice a week have a twinky or something you enjoy. and find a sport you like. if you really hate sports you could hike or dance! dance is a great exercise! oh ya and dont consider your eating plan a diet! because it lowers your self esteem! good luck!

Answer #41

im 14 and weigh 96 pounds…is that good or bad?any tips on how to lose more

Answer #42

Hiya listen say this to your self when your craving food: IT’S ONLY A FEELING! right eat 1 meal a day no carbohydrates! eat something like a soup, a big chicken/tuna salad(super filling). when hungry and feel like giving in do something organise something clean your room look at magazines and look at thin models. tie an elastic band around your wrist and twang it when you hungry! rip up 5 peices of paper and 4 each 1 represents 5minutes of exercise when uve done 5min throw 1 piece away it’ll fly by and it motivates you and makes you feel in charge! try crunches gr8 f’your tummy, squats/lunges bicycle, stepper great f’your thights and bum. another bit ov advice RIGHT EVERYTHING DOWN-your strenghts/weaknesses and how you’ll improve tomorrow (im doing this and in 2/3weeks I’ve lost 1st & 3lbs pretty good? I think so) Listen ill give you my msn addy and well compare and motivate each other I so hope my advice helps you

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