So should i have light hair or dark hair?

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both look so nice on you and they both match you skin tone, so I say, why not dye it both? I can really see your hair light brown/blonde with brown highlights =)

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in that picture you posted^^ I really thought you were one of my friends but her face is bit different

Dark or light?

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hmmm I think dark like black though! and try like a platnum highlight like bleach white or a blonde!

What hair color is in now? Dark or light?

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or dark I have way better pictures but I cant download them cause there bmg

Will dark hair with light eyebrows look bad?
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Lighter looks better but darker looks pretty good too :)

what color of high lights am I supposed to get with dark brown hair

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I have black hair now lol :]

dark eyebrows and light hair
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Or dark hair?

Do you think the whole half and half color for hair, like dark underneath and light on top, looks trashy?

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Oooo dark hair like the latest pic you posted :)

Is it true that men in eastern States only like women with light skin tones and light hair?
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If that's you in the posted picture, then I think the light hair looks good on you

How can I dye my hair from dark brown/black to light ash brown?
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