How can I make him jealous?

Well, lately it has been very easy for me to get jealous of my boyfriend. We have been going out for 5 months and it's very easy for me to get jealous because I'm scared that another girl is going to take him from me and I love him…I want to make him jealous so he will realize how much he wants me and he will know that he doesn't want to break-up with me. How can I make him jealous?

Answer #1

dont bother if you really love and trust him dont get jealous just b happy about what you have you only realise what you have when they leave trust me I no fm past experience

Answer #2

!@#$% u!!

Answer #3

I for some reason thought I was the only one who wants to make my boyfriend jealous!!because believe me he is making me crazy jealous by always talking and messing around with my best friend!!all iwant to do is make him jealous back!1i shouldnt be selfish but I want him all to my self and for everyone else to back off!!

Answer #4

Seriously, jealousy should not be a part of love. You are not really in love. I know that is not what you want to hear but it's for real. You don't need to make someone jealous if you love them. If you believe he loves you then you shouldn't worry about other chicks.

Answer #5

how to make him jelous u need to not do this

1.When he calls do not call back at all 1.Do not call him 2.When he talks to you in da hallway be inquistive 3.Don’t get mad ova him queit on da phone 5.Don’t rush to give him a hug or kiss 6.when on the phone click ova and if he ask who iz dat say it was none of your buzzness

Answer #6

well , girl how I make my boyfriend jealous is when he is calling me I don’t awnser and I try to hang around other boys ,and when he sees me around other boys he gets jealous and starts hanging around me because he is most likely scard that I will break up with him .

Answer #7

wow…this is comin from a guy…and you women need to listen up…if you start ignoring him…ya he will call more but as soon as hes out at the bar and gets drunk and realizes he can have another woman tonight…hes going to do it…only because he feels even more disconnected from you now than he already was in the first place…so whatever was left that told him to stay faithfull is now out of the window and now you just be come his “main chick”. hes still going to call and bug you and get all hung up on you only because guys have ego problems and dont want to consider another man taking his girl…by ignoring him, you are disconnecting from him which is just what you dont want…try making him more exited in the bedroom…stop doing the same old thing…go to victorias secret…suprise him at work…jump in on him in the shower…when he comes over or home from work, be in your room naked and just cleaning…trust me…but dont give it up easy make him beg…guys like chase…which is back on the subject of why he will still call you all the time even though he might be with someone else… guys have a weird mind…probably worse than womens…think not if you want…its a one track mind but still complicated…if any of you have questions from a guys point of veiw…message me…oh ya…final thought: For the men that you all have tried the ignore thing with, are you still with them?How long has it lasted after that?answer that to not only who you may be with now but past relationships too…

Answer #8

Hey ladies, Let me tell you about a Cat and Dog relationship I had for the past year. My boyfriend and I have been in and out of “our” relationship for exactly a year now. My boyfriend has done everything wrong behind my back and in front of my face. He until recently didnt even call me his girl because “he was uncomfortable” We were friends first but later became lovers. As the months went forth “we” broke up at least 4 times. all him leavin because he had found another girl. But he always came back like a dog YES LIKE A DOG..Even he admits it what he had done 4 times to me I did for the first time about a month ago to him. I left him..I just found out something and I BLEW up in an email told him I wanted nothingelse from him, that after a 2 weeks got to him..and he started to make phone calls and sent me 5 greeting cards sayin how much he was sorry/missed/loved/ I gave him a hard time when he came back.. I do love him more then life itself. but still gave him a hard time. I told him I had gone out with friends/made new friends/have other volunteer things I did. just to remind him “You” aren’t everything. I assure you DONT make my mistake at first don’t let him keep leaving and coming back. yes its true if its meant to be nothing can stop it from happening. but I would not rather go through field of thorn just to reach the best rose. Let him earn your LOVE girls please don’t let him control you at any point good luck ladies :DGreeneyez!

Answer #9

I am a guy, been on the both sides of this game a few times, and here is my advice: The jealousy game is a slippery slope, you never know what his reaction would be and how far this could go, it could easily go too far and create hurt and bitterness which could linger around for years. I personally broke up with 2 girls which I had dated for long time, because of that. Even if you get more attention in short term, you are teaching him that you cannot be trusted, that some day you might walk away with another guy. Make no mistake, he would unconciously make his heart prepared for that day by having less love for you. Yes, I agree that in short term jealousy might boil his testosterones and he comes back to win you, but you would not be the same girl in his eyes anymore. You would not be a girl he would want to have forever, just long enough to find a better replacement for you. That is what I personally did when my ex girlfriend played a bit too much with the fire.

The only exception is when your partner plays the same game on you, then you have all the right and it is appropriate to do that to him/her.

Answer #10

making him jealous will do the exact opposite it will make him want to find another girl to help him take his mind off of you trust me I’ve been there

Answer #11

I know what its like to be in a position like that.. you feel any girl that talks to him will make him leave you. you have to be sure of who you are and just think that you are the one thats with him and no other girl that can talk to him, if you really want to make him jealous start talking to another guy or find yourself a close guy friend, he cant say you are cheatin because there is a difference between friends and couples. Talk to this guy about much more things than what you tlk to your boyfriend about its always hard for the guy to think your boy friend knows more about you than himself

Answer #12

imma tell you what you should do start associating with more boys other than him and soon they will become attracted to you and your boyfriend will notice it but dont let yourself fall for any of the other boys, your boyfriend will relize that you got other boys who want you but you only want him… do you get it lolz message me and tell meh how it works out

Answer #13

why would you want to make him jealous?? jealousy just shows insecurity in a relationship.. do you really want to make him insecure? thats pretty low…

Answer #14

lol that’s funny your not jealous you just want to stand out out of all the girls you want him to see you as the best girl and you want to be the girl who stands out in a way . Dress up put some make-up on, have your hair down and show a bit of skin lol that’s what I do. If i want my man back I get him back too right . I’m the girl who every boy wants every boy wants a girl like me lol. This is what I do dress up really nice have my make-up real nice have hair sown get pissed lol and they will come crawling back . My x boyfriend still likes me I’m gonna get him back I’ve decided I’m going to get a outfit tomorrow and go to his mums house this week hopefully he be there .

Answer #15

you make him jealous by walking and holding his hand anywhere then just let go of his hand for a secound to compliment a guys clothing for exsample his tie say to the unknown man nice tie where you get it from looks good on you then you keep walking but remember do put your hand back on your mans. Another is in a girly store that you can try on clothes go up to any man working there ask can you help me tie this what so ever that you need help with your man will stop to think wait will she need my help then after he might question it but say to him baby dont worry I asked him because I couldnt see where your at, at the time and I have spotted the guy from my eye.that will makehim stuck on you and less worried about any other person

Answer #16

I dont think you should make the guy jealous. I mean sometimes guys could misinterpret the things you’re trying to do. and if you try to make him jealous, he might think that you have found someone better or you don’t care about him. and it will ruin your relationship. if you dont want to lose your boyfriend, don’t try to make him jealous.

Answer #17

YOU!! are a insecure waste ov space love…only because your insecure dunt mean he is…your chasing him away lads like confince not insecurity…so stop it now before you lose him…I warned you

Answer #18

OK, girls I am a guy here to give you some good advice on how to make him jealous.. Don't answer his calls everytime, act a little uninterested, don't always be available for him. Make him think you have other things going on in your life other than him. Like, tell him you and some girl friends are going out and you will be back later but make sure you do not call for the rest of the night or take any of his calls. Then explain to him that you went to bed right after you got home and did not know he had called.. Hide your car so if he drives by he thinks you are not at home..This makes you seem very interesting and it drives him nuts to find out what you are doing. You want to give him just enough to tease him with. Do not flood him with emotions and too much company. Go out with him on occasions but maybe seem like you are in a hurry.. Then the next time he asked tell him you got to shop with your mother, or go out with female friends.. Never use your job as an excuse though.. Then he just thinks you are at work. You do not want him to know exactly what you are doing. See he doesn't think you are out with a guy, but is not real sure either. etc etc.. Have fun.. Yeah it's game playing, but it may get you what you want, but if he is not all that interested he may dump you as well.

Answer #19

Hey!!! I have been 3 years with my guy, and everything goes tremendous, but the last days, i´ve realized that he´s terribly seek in his job, sometimes i feel very lonely, and i feel that sometimes he doesn´t matter about it. I think that making him jealous could be a strategy for calling a little bit more his attention, so i´m planning one thing:

Yesterday i met a doctor that seemed intereseted on me, and i let him my personal card (because he was interested on a date…purely for job stuff), and what i´m gonna do is sending to myself a bouquet of roses with a cute dedicatory, just the day my guy visit me… but i´ll let the bouquet outside in the yard…pretending to ignore that i haven´t seen them…so, he´s going to be the first one in looking them.

As soon as i develop this plan, i´ll return to tell my results


Answer #20

My boyfriend and I hve also been dating 5 months. I feel the same way you do about other girls inferior!!! Everytime I saw him with another girl I wanted to d othe same thing. He asked me why I was doing that and I told him what was going on he said I had nothing t oworry about He was in love with me and no body else I told him it still worried me so he watches out for the girls he talks to. So my advice to you is don't try to make him jealous just talk to him about it.


Answer #21

Omg why do you want your boyfriend to be jelous is its a good relationship based on trust neither ov you should gt jelous gv urself a shak girl

Answer #22

well , girl how I make my boyfriend jealous is when he is calling me I don’t awnser and I try to hang around other boys ,and when he sees me around other boys he gets jealous and starts hanging around me because he is most likely scard that I will break up with him .

Answer #23

jealousy really shouldn’t be a part of love. I’ve been there, jealousy does not do wonders for a relationship. true jealousy, at least, doesn’t. it’s hurtful and does nothing but cause rifts. and if you’re afraid he’s going to just walk away, then it’s not a very good relationship to begin with. jealousy should not be added!

Answer #24

well i think i kno how to make him my friend told me he was in the third floor of my school looking out the window which by the way is where he “spyes” and where he can see what am doing outside in the driveway of the anyway there he was looking to c what i was doing i knew he was lookin so i pretended to be all happy and hyper and i took one of my guy friends and started to “flirt” with him because my ex thinks i like him or he likes me or sumthin so he went downstairs to look out the door or call or sumthin and i saw him and since i was hyper at the time i decided to tell my friend to carry me like playfully my ex saw that and go really jealous i stared at him and he walked away jealous. my friends told me he was furious but of course i was happy..i kno this might sound kind of mean for some ppl but i just wanted to show him how it feels when he does the same….i dont kno for sure but i think making someone jealous its not always going to work

Answer #25

Dont ever make a guy jealous. If he has real feelings for you, he will loose the little trust he has and pull away to protect himself. The only case it might work is if he has no feelings and he is just being nice to get in your pants/marry you. But DO maybe yourself HARD TO GET. Dont make him feel like you might leave, but make him feel that he has to work to get what he wants, because you deserve it!!!

Answer #26

Okay. so this is what you do. iF you have other friends that are guys hang out with them and walk with them in the hall ways all times. DEFFENTLY when hes in ur next class. INFRONT OF HIM give the guys hugs and give them your number and just be like ive gotta tell you soemthing that way if he calls you that night just say ur on the other phone with another guy. and say bye. hell get really jealouse. DONTTT TALK TO HIM AT ALL ESPECIALLY ON THE PHONE!!! or computer or text on your cell phone or e-mail or msn even aim

dont do anything with him or bother with him.


— jessica

Answer #27

Been in current relationship for 6 years, and will be married in 10 months.

Don’t make him jealous, just be you. Don’t play games, If you want to hang out with the girls, then do. If you want to hang out with your friends and you want him to come, then invite him, and go anyway if he doesn’t want to. By having your own life as well as a relationship with you he will realise that you are with him because you want to be, not because you NEED to be and how cool you really are as a person. Either that or he will get all pi**y and try and make you jealous, in which case you don’t need him anyway.

Game playing and jealousy never work. 12 years of dating has taught me this. If you need to resort to games (and I’m not talking about monopoly!) to keep a person, then they are not the one for you. Cut them free so you and they can find the right one.

Hope this helps sweety!

Answer #28

You should rename this question to how can I loose him. If hes truthful in his feelings, then this is the best way to loose him. If hes not (ie hes just being nice because he wants to get in your pants/marry you) then yeah, do make him jealous, it works. But again, if he has real feelings and you make him jealous, he will loose his trust in you and pull away to protect himself.

Answer #29

Let me add something. I said dont make him jealous, but please DO make yourself HARD TO GET. ok? Its not the same thing. It means you wont cheat on him or backstab him, but you will give him some challenge because youre worth it!!!

Answer #30

This is stupid, dont flirt with other guys just stay loyal. I hate when girls play me hot or cold

Answer #31

well how to make him jelous is you start hangin with a lot of boys my friend was having this same promble and I gave her the same advice hang with boys that are hotter than him

Answer #32


Answer #33

I tried the jealousy thing with my last boyfriend, flirting with his friends just pisses them off. It also may cause them to think you’re cheating, if all you want to do is make him jealous, flirting with others is a bad idea.

Answer #34

Jealousy is one of the least mature and upfront emotions one could feel. It will breed some risky and pretty unattractive behavior in you which may have an adverse affect on your man..if you want to stay attractive to him, have a talk and express your fears unselfishly. If this man for whatever reason brings out the jealous side of you, it may be time to evaluate your trust. Either way., if you or him are meant to move on, you will regardless of your jealousy..I’d try and rise above it, girl…have a talk w/him instead..gear it to a more mature level, and he’ll respect you a lot more and be less prone to find someone else…I hope I helped! :)


Answer #35

well my boyfriend promises on our relationship he was going to change not drinking so much or lying to me about where he is or hanging out with other girls and not telling me …and then waiting till his fun night is over to call me i mean i dont know what to do …he calls me immature and also says i dont let him do anything …but its total oppisit because i have never said he couldnt do anything …even though sometimes i really dont want him to go…i want my relationship that we used to have before all these bad habits of his came but he doesnt want to change what do i do or say to change his mind?

Answer #36

My fiance and I have been going strong for now almost 5 years. I have been in your possition believe it or not when we were first together in “puppy love” I guess you can call it.

He was far more experianced than I was (there is a 5 year age difference between us) He had many girlfriends, sexual encounters ect.. before me, where as I didn’t.

I was often very jealouse of girls calling him, messaging him, ect ect.. He didn’t seem to be jealouse of me at all, or let on anyways. After more time passed, I realized he wasn’t jealouse of me, because he knew the love that I had for him, and how loyal I was to him. I was insecure with myself in differnt area’s, so there for often though of myslef not good enough for him, and was scared of loosing him. After time passes (1 year, 2 years, 3 years ect..) you will relize that his commitment for you is all the confidence you will need.

Making your other half intentionally jealouse is a very BAD idea, because it shows your not trusting of the other person. if you have to make them jealouse to get the love feeling out of them, then it’s not a healthy relationship, and will never grow into one.

Answer #37

Dress sexy,flirt with other guys,show some cleavage and make him work for your attention is what I would do if I were into that,but it’ll just drive a wedge between your relationship.You should talk to him!!!

Answer #38

Oh man, I’m in that situation. He doesn’t really flirt with other girls (at least I don’t think so…) but he has a lot of friends who are girls and I get jealous/paranoid really easily, so I know how you feel

Answer #39

I have many years of experience ladies and gentlemen. If you want to make him jealous, I have the 100% answer.

1 rule: stop calling him and treating him like he is the most important thing in your life. Totally ignore him ( dont reach out to him)

2: Try not to answer his calls at least half of the time.

3: Once he calls you, ask who is it, and say oh you sound different, but uhh hey let me call you back in a sec. A sec can be as long as you like. The longer the better

:4. Talk about what your future plans are and how much of a sucess you will be one day in a convo or two

5: Look nice and appear very elegant smart and confident especially in front of his friends. Hold your head up and wear a big old smile at all times. Hell think wow is she better without me

  1. Try not to look him in the eye as often when you talk to him but kinda scan the room as if there maybe better things going on other then him. Wear a watch and check it a few times like you have somewhere to be. Once he asks why havent you call, tell him you been overloaded with wedding parties and church functions, ladies night out, school. Anything that will make him think he is the least priority.

7.Go to the gym. Men love ladies who shows a new interest in their bods. Eat healthy

8 Make sure you have a friend call when he’s around and dont pick it up. He’ll wonder if its a male or a female. If he ask, tell him its just a friend it can wait. Hell think. “oh is this how she feels about me when I call and no answer”?

9.Treat him nice as if your over him, no hard feelings. Anger displays feelings

  1. Ask about an old friend and say saw him the other day, but im not sure if he saw me. Men will wonder what made you think of the friend at that moment.

These are all very harmless and unobvious ways to make him jealous. Never try to hard because you will only look like a fool. If he knows your motive, he will run. Therefore keep it plain and natural. Hey no sweat your the hottest chick.:)

Answer #40

when my friends and I talked about a boy named tyler my best friend (who I like) got extremely offened

Answer #41

isn’t that a little bit immature?

Answer #42

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Answer #43

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Answer #44

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