How to stop wanting to kill myself?

I dont know what to do I have tried everything I still feel like killing my self…

Answer #1

You must suffer so much… So much that you would give your life away in order to take that pain away as well. I also had the same problem. But what happened was, I grew up. Sure I’m only 13 and I might not know so much. But listen to what I have to say. When I was in my dark state, and kept on thinking over and over ways to kill myself. I finally opened my eyes for the first time. And the terrible truth that I was trying to run away from was that there were other people that cared about me. And I was too selfish to see that. I was blinded by my own ‘pain’. When I wasn’t able to see that those who cared about me were in pain just by seeing me in pain. I cleaned my act up. And for the first time, the world changed color. I thought to myself, that no matter what, whenever you are suffering, someone always has it worse. And that you cannot blind yourself to your own sadness. Because in the end, it is not worth it. Life is a beautiful thing that should not be wasted. Think of those who wanted to live yet got their lives taken from them. I hope that this helped… And I really wish to stop suicide problems.

FunMail me anytime if you need help.

Answer #2

… one of the only reasons thats stopped me was my parents and kitten, It would be pointless to just get a cat and kill your self or go out with a bang. same with my rents, I dont want to kill my self because of the greif and pain they would recieve from my actions. Damn theyd have to move to another country if I were to go through with it. I use drugs to escape from reality because id rather sleep off my days then be awake and depressed and want to kill my self. So all I gotta say is life sucks and it doesnt seem like it goes anywhere when your stuck and if your stuck, Just think of some reasons to stop your self from doing what you want to do, Like I did, as I thought of my family and cat. :S a simple thing like the thought of hell wont stop a real person who has suicidal thoughts going through their head.

Answer #3

All these answers sound more or less the same. In all honesty I’m pretty sure you hear all these responses and think “these people don’t know what the hell they’re talking about”. The truth is, they don’t. I’ve personally tried to kill myself, twice. It’s the biggest pain to wake up in the hospital and think ‘ wow that didn’t work.’ Really it’s pretty much a waste of time. Your best bet would be just to live your life and see what makes the thoughts stop. For some people, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend helps. For others it’s a pet or simply a new hobby. It could be friends or something small that you hadn’t thought of before. Just try for a while and if you still can’t stop wanting to die then you know what to do. I mean if you aren’t meant to die after all that you sure as hell aren’t going to pull it off. Good luck.

Answer #4

If you are having problems or are depressed, below are a couple of sites that may help you:


Check out the Befrienders link below. They are not only a suicide hotline but also offer help to people who are stressed or are in a state of depression.

(If it’s not an active link, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s address box.)

If in the U.S.A., you also have access to:

Girls and Boys Town National Hotline

Call With Any Problem, Any Time


(If it’s not an active link then simply copy and paste it into your browser’s Address box.)

Answer #5

I think if you want to kill yourself you should. if you are not meant to die it wont work right?

Answer #6

ok this is a very sad thought. I think you should try and book into the doctors because there is medication that helps to block these thoughts. that would be the first step then I would talk to you trust who knows you well and see if they can help you get into a councillor or therapist. you need to find the underlying cause for these thoughts. medication can seem like a harsh thing to go on but from experience it is a life saver. I’ve been on zoloft for 3 years and for me it was a god send. it gave me back a normal life and let me try to heal myself whilst not having bad thoughts. you are not alone and should not feel like an idiot for having thoughts that you are not in control over. please send me an email if you would like to talk. there is always someone here for you. xx

Answer #7

life is rough things happen not everything goes as you plan nor you’ll always be happy but dont let yourself down I’m quite of a loner and trust me I dont like my life but when I think about it I think that its better if I grow up and help others and thats what I want I have no desire for hatred nor being a bad person at all what you should do is relax and try to ignored you problems even if there big and hurt it will take you a long time to finally understand or to learn how to be happy even when you feel like dying trust me theres more to life dont blind yourself in drepression learn to control your emotions when you do and your able to be happy you’ll see what I mean :)

Answer #8

I felt like that like once but what made me not was that sure you might tell urself no one would care if you died but really people will which might make them kill their self to so would you want to be responsible for that?

Answer #9

well lets see. Why do you want to kill yourself? One thing that stop my friend was the thought that if he took his life that it is in the bible that you go straight to hell. Just a thought.

Answer #10

Therapy… I keep telling people this and it sounds like a repetative ad (like im trying to make money for all the therapists out there), but seriously, again, suicidal thoughts are a symptom of depression, and you really need to get help… there arent too many people who can fix this by themselves (take it from someone who thought about it for 8 years before trying it and then ended up in the psych ward… they arent pretty places…) at the very least try medication, just tell your doctor how you feel and he’ll probably prescribe some sort of antidepressant… I know how hard or how impossible this can seem, but tell someone, is your life worth a little embarassment or whatever? It can get better, you just need to ask for the help… its out there… you’d be surprised…

Answer #11

Think of it like this … it’s selfish of you for trying to kill yourself think about your family, and your friends how hurt they woudl be they probably could not cope with it. thats why you should not kill yourself there are so many wonderful things in like that are just waiting it may be shitty right now and you feel so alone but your not and things will get better just trust me. It’s really tough but you’ll get through it just don’t do anything you’ll regret

Answer #12

When you’re on the bottom, no where to go but up! Make a list of everyone you’ve ever met, ever interacted with. When they find out what happened they are going to be sad. I swear. It’s not worth it dood. My life wasn’t so great. I am engaged, have a 3 mon old niece, life is good. Go out, don’t stay in!!! Laugh at least 20 times a day, when you mess up, laugh it off, when you get rejected, laugh it off! LAUGH!!

Answer #13

well; lets see, what is the source of these thoughts? is it anger? depression? or possibly some of the people around you? maybe its all of the stress that chemically combines to create the malvolent thoughts. try to think back on how this started, this helped me when I had suicidal thoughts, if this does not help you, I would try zmarshs’ advice

Answer #14

go listen to metal…when I was thinking about commiting suicide metal was a big part of what kept me from it.

Answer #15

think about those unborn kids, babies and little kids who haven’t yet experience how beautiful life is and yet they never get to experience it because some of them are dying, some of them are fighting, and most of them just wanted to live… dont end your life just because you’re feeling down..we all do have lows in our lives and its a test to u..if you pass or not..

Answer #16

you have to find out why you want to kill yourself and get counselling.

Answer #17

-Think of it like this … it’s selfish of you for trying to kill yourself think about your family, and your friends how hurt they woudl be they probably could not cope with it. thats why you should not kill yourself there are so many wonderful things in like that are just waiting it may be sh*tty right now and you feel so alone but your not and things will get better just trust me. It’s really tough but you’ll get through it just don’t do anything you’ll regret -

How is it selfish? Maybe it’s selfish of your family and friends making you stay and deal with this unbearable pain day after day. I found that when I was with people the thoughts happened less often. Don’t brood on things and whatever you don’t think about the ways you might kill yourself. It will make it worse because when you do that you’ll sometimes convince yourself it won’t be so bad and work up the courage to do it without even realizing it.

You shouldn’t mention Hell to a suicidal person. They could feel like they deserve to go to Hell which would only encourage them.

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