My boyfriend wants to eat me out

My boyfriend wants to eat me out in other words have oral sex but I'm afraid he mit smell something funny ,or if I cum he mit lick it and it may taste funny. so I went ahead and tasted my discharge or cum whatever you call it . I know it nasty but I had to see for myself,and I my discharge tasted like a light mild salty kinda taste somewhat like sweat or tears , but its clear though .is that bad, is something wroung with me . I really wash myself good down there so I couldn't explain why it tasted salty . what can I do so it won't taste like that. my boyfriend crazy to eat me out and he would also lick my cum ,I rather have it taste like something good then salty . do sex stores sell anything for a girl vagina so it can smell good and have a good edible taste . most important safe for your vagina

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okay how do I get a sweet taste you people know anything good you can buy from a sex store or w.e to have an amazin experince !!!

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Salty is normal. Like you said, all other bodily fluids are a bit salty. It's just how it is. The best way to know is tell him to dig in and see for himself.

p.s.- when you wash- just use warm water. the vagina is a self-cleaning organ and if you use soaps and such you can mess up the pH levels and cause problems like yeast infections by killing the good bacterias that are in there naturally that keep it clean.

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The salty taste is normal. But if you want a sweeter taste drink a good sized glass of PINEAPPLE JUICE in the morning. then before you get romantic drink a small glass of water.

PS: Most women have a musky smell to their p*ssy, that smell is a turn-on for guys

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lighten upp the sexx. candy chocolate whipped cream.
eat sweet things nonstop.
cum? tastes like what you eat.
not exactly. if you eat salty things then thats how it'll taste. salty
same as sweet things too you know ??

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