How can I get black dye out of my hair?

I dyed my hair black and I’m a natural blonde. I have had black hair for three months and I want it gone. What is your advice? What’s a good way to get it out ASAP? thanks

Answer #1

ahh I died my hair black and I looked in the mirror and started crying! honestly theres nothin yu can do bt wait for it to fade away or also but that color oops stuff,:]

Answer #2

Just goto the store and get a stripping product.. it usually cost abou 10 dollars.. do it once a week for three weeks and on the third stripping it should be back to the natural color..(or close) MAKE SURE TO CONDITION YOU HAIR EVERYDAY! shampoo your hair and condition while in shower.. get a leave in conditioner.. and also a good way to keep you hair from drying out during this process is putting extra virgin olive oil in your hair before you goto bed (make sure you have a shower cap to keep from getting it on your pillow) and leave it in the whole night and when you wake up..wash it out with cold water then sampoo and condition once again

Answer #3

Hey girl don’t worry I dye my hair on and off black, I just dyed it black again. The first time i dyed it black I thought i was going to stay with it forever. People kept on telling me that ill have to bleach it and that it could ruin my hair. Not true! You don’t have to bleach it, what i did the first time was go to a salon and requested to get Honey highlights, and guess what it wasnt black anymore it was like a dark brownish color with the honey highlights. Then a few months later, I went and did the same thing but this time I requested blonde highlights so with the combination I had before it made my hair brownish withblonde highlights. It looked hot, but I decided to go back to black (Hee Hee) And i’ll probably do the highlights again after I get tired of the black hair again. LOL. But hey i’m serious don’t be upset just go to the right hairstylest and you’ll be good. Hope it works

Answer #4

I planned on dyin my hair chocolate brown (XXl live, bitter sweet choc brown) I did it and it turned out blackish with a TINY bit of brown (barley noticeable) so what I did is come on google to find out how to get the black out. I washed it 3times in Head & Shoulders (original) its supposed to wash it out slowley with no damage to your hair. my hair did become lighter and looked more brownish really dark brown though. I couldnt stand it because it looked too dark, near enough black. So I bought a reddish/brown hair dye(Garnier) and now my hairs a really dark brown wish a hint of red and some lights its sort of plummish. its really nice and much better than all over black. So you dont have to strip your hair! Im going to wash my hair every other day now for about 4-5weeks with Head & Shoulders so I get most of the blackish out and keep dyin it the reddish/brown its much nicer and its not in your face red! If you want your hair blonde I think it will most definetly have to be stripped! but the red with the dark looks really nice! Try it!!

Answer #5

been dying my hair black for a year now tried to dye it a plum colour and only took at my roots, dose colour opps extra strength realy work?? also dose washing up liquid work ?? I dont want it blonde or realy light just light enuff to dye it a dark plum colour,

Answer #6

I just dyed my hair black thinking it would be brown. I seriously wanted to kill myself and I didnt even go to school for it. I called the salon and they said theres NOTHING you can do about the color. You caint bleach it, strip it, and salons caint even do antyhing about it. My mothers friend used to be a salonist and she told me mom to…

.Theres a speacil conditioner out in all stores where it gets some of the color out. First go and get that to atleast atempt to get some color out. .Get the color you want it to go back to [some of your hair will fall out] .Dye it and use DEEP conditioning.

If you ever wanted to dye it to black to blond.. yea it will trun greenish/greyish.

Answer #7

My Hair Was A Blondy Gingery Colour And I Died It Black, I HATED IT! The Salons Said If I Died It My Hair Would Fall Out And Blah Blah, But I Got XL White Hair Dye And It Put My Hair to A Blonde/Ginger colour, Then a Week Later I Died It Again And My Hair Went Back To Blonde And No, none of My Hair Did Fall Out :)

Answer #8

I would suggest that you dye your hair back the color thatyou were with a conditioning dye like lady clarol or dark and lovely then put a hair gloss on afterwards. also before dyeing your hair back blonde, make sure you pick up a booster to go with it. It is best for you to go to your local beauty supply store and ask them what number booster you should use with the dye. but remember make sure you put a clear gloss cellophane on afterwards trust me your hair will be very silky. Good luck!

Answer #9

I just dyed my hair black and I regret it as soon as I saw it dry and super black. I called the salon and was advised to do highlights because stripping which can be done would damage your hair.

Answer #10

This might sound crazy but washing up liquid worked with me…I did it totally by accident..I picked up the washin up liquid by mistake instead of the shampoo…takes a few washes but it really does lighten your hair. you then dye it blonde and befor you know it its bk to your natural colour.

Answer #11

I always dye my hair light to dark and back again, I found this product at walgreens called Color Oops, it worked very well for me, it has no bleach or ammonia which really helps to save the condition of your hair. I would recomend this first and only pay $12..00 for it befor spending $200.00 for the stripping and bleaching of your hair.

Answer #12

Moat people would say to strip it, but thats not good for your hair and will fry it badly. I would suggest you let it grow out so it can be healthy. I dyed my hair black more than 6 months ago and its faded out but theres STILL some black in it so now my hair is 2 colors and it drives me nuts, just be patient.

Answer #13

Hey there! I’m a hairstylist and have been coloring my hair black on and off for years. Don’t be discouraged, lightening artificially dark hair is not the obstacle everyone thinks it is. Here is my advice based off of 10 years of experience and doing it to my own head.

  1. Clear two days from your schedule. It takes one day to get the color lifted to begin working with it. It can take 2-3 processes of lightening and stripping, depending on how long you’ve been coloring it black. It took me three processes once after I’d been coloring it black for a couple of years. Then you’ll want to sleep on it and come back the next day to begin adding the color you want to tone it. Get a hat, you will probably need one after that first day–you can look rather leopard spotted.

  2. Do not screw around. Do this with a professional. It can cost between $150.00-$200.00 (I’m accounting for the tip you WILL leave her, right? hee hee). You need to do it with a stylist because he/she will know how to watch for breakage if your hair begins to get damaged. Last time, I did it on an impulse and just went to a chain salon in the mall and had the girl do it. I does take HOURS, if not all day especially if you have longer hair.

  3. Do not go into the salon with a picture in your mind (or in your hand) of exactly what you want. Keep an open mind and know that this is a process and that your best goal to shoot for is to leave the salon with the black gone, a nice color, and with your hair still intact. Do not force the hair, work with what it gives you.

  4. If your hair came out in decent condition but you want it a bit lighter, give your hair a week to get back to it’s normal pH balance and then go back in to have it lightened more. Give it a rest, then go again. Do this until you reach your goal.

Let me say to everyone that my hair isn’t the healthiest–it runs on the dry side and I really have to keep up with my trims because of the chemicals I put in it. But it holds up to bleaching processes when I do it about once every 2 or 3 years. I also have hair down to my lower shoulder blades. The ends get very dry and sometimes cracked, but if you are a person who basically keeps up with your trims and split ends and you don’t have baby fine delicate hair, OR if you recently cut off ALL of your split or damaged ends, (I mean all of them, not just a half inch worth of them), then your hair should hold up to this fairly well.

The other reason I think my hair holds up is because I don’t use store bought hair products. Buy your shampoos and styling aids in salons. Store bought hair products are full of alcohol and wax fillers and bad stuff for your hair that perpetuate dryness and moisture problems. Salon products are not full of junk, only good stuff. And most salon products are not tested on animals, either! After you’ve done something horrible to your hair (such as bleach black out of it), condition it deeply and be kind to it for a couple of weeks. It will restore itself.

Personally, I bleach it 2-3 times (usually 3), then add a nice light brown color all over and then foil in blonde highlights to cover unevenness. I find that works the best!

There is a chance of irreversible damage where the only fix is to chop it off. It’s never happened to me,but I hear it has happened to others. Usually those who do it themselves or who did it with a student stylist or out of a salon. If this happens, you must prepare for the possibility. Chances are you’ll end up with a short do and it’s all how you are mentally prepared for it. Open mindedness and WORK IT no matter how it comes out–that’s the key, giving yourself a good mental safety net. Taking black out is time consuming and damaging, but the results can be beautiful and if you give the hair extra TLC afterwards, it will be fine!

Good luck!

So what I do and have done numerous times on all hair types is bleach the black out. You must wait until about a week after you have freshly colored your roots black (to help with a more even lighten it.

Answer #14

To fully get the black out, it may take stripping all the color out. Go see a stylist, if you have the cash. If not, bleaching is an option. This can result in orange hair. Consider a minimal bleach, then a brown/red dye. After that gradually lighten. And the most important, deep condition!!! This is hard on your hair.

Answer #15

Hi there,

There is no best way to get rid of it unfortunately. Some of your options are (and I’m serious :( ):

  • cut it short to the roots
  • dye it daily, but it will eventually be so burned you’ll have to cut it very short
  • let it grow and suffer the blonde roots until it’s out.

I would strongly suggest gradually lighting it up, by using a 1 tone lighter color each time you dye it. Black hair is really a permanent solution. Next time if you want to test something, I’d suggest using coloring shampoo or something that runs out after a few washes.

But I have to tell you that from your picture, the color fits you well.

Good luck!

Answer #16

Try Just dying it back to blonde.

And maybe, next time you want to dye your hair, don’t dye all of it. Just put in some streaks. I’m a brunette, and I gave myself blonde streaks. Trust me: you’ll have a smaller chance of hating it.

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