Can you give me step-by-step advice on pleasuring a guy?

My boyfriend has given me head and all that..and well this is embarrassing but..I don’t know how to touch a guy. haha lol, I know it sounds funny but well I actually I want to give him head and all but I don’t know how to. ..can someone give me step advice..and how to pleasure a guy? please

Answer #1

Get comfortable. A blow job is much more fun without a sore neck. Find a position that works best for both of you, depending on where you are (you can’t really lounge comfortably in an elevator, you know) and the angle of the cock you’re dealing with (work with the natural downward angle of your throat). Kneel before your man with him standing if you’re in a confined area, or when you want to strike a pose that is really hot. Other positions: seat your partner and crouch between their legs (slide a pillow under your knees if you’re not on a soft surface), or lay down and let your partner thrust into your mouth, (harder to control the depth, but good for you lazy types). If you’re in a car, your partner can lay down lengthwise in the back. If you’re using a condom, put it on NOW! Try a Trustex flavored condom or Kiss O’ Mint condom if you don’t like the taste of latex. A sexy way to set the scene is to use your mouth to put the condom on before you get busy. Give us a kiss.If you’re dealing with a soft penis, you don’t have to wait until it’s hard to start the show. Put it in your mouth when it’s soft (or semi-hard) to get acquainted. Kiss it. Lick it. Explore the different textures, especially the roughish tender head and the soft skin of the shaft. Feel it growing in your mouth. Cool, huh? Mouth off. Slide your lips gently over your teeth for smooth sailing. Most fellatio recipients like lots of spit, but others prefer a drier job, so check in with your partner. Asking quick yes or no questions like “want it dryer?” or “more spit?” can be helpful and hot. Despite your amazing technique, you aren’t a mind-reader, so watch your partner for body language cues. Heavy breathing and moans of pleasure are signs that you’re on the right track. Experiment. You can do more wonderful stuff with your mouth than just suck (and remember–the harder you suck doesn’t necessarily mean the better it feels). Mix it up by licking the sensitive underside of the shaft, the nerve-ending-loaded head of the penis, and the testicles. Softly blow on the moistened areas. The combination of sensations will feel incredible. Hands-on. Give your blow job a hand. Grip the cock around the base and slide it up and down, hand-job style, in tandem with your mouth. (Some folks like a tight squeeze, others may not, so check in.) This is great because you can cover a lot of the shaft this way without worrying about taking the whole cock in your mouth. You can concentrate on the super-sensitive head and suck as hard or softly as you’and your partner’like. Use lube for extra slipperiness. A silicone lube like Eros Bodyglide is great for blow jobs: it’s concentrated so you only need a tiny bit, it’s long-lasting so you won’t need to keep stopping to reload, and it doesn’t have a distracting taste or smell. Deep throat. Deep-throating the act of taking the entire shaft into your mouth and throat can be cool, but you can give a perfectly stellar blow job without doing so. The key to deep-throat is to relax your jaw and throat muscles as much as you can. Otherwise, you trigger the gag reflex. Accessorize. Bring some toys into your routine. Experiment with cockrings, buttplugs, or little vibrators (like the Finger Fun vibe) for some attention on the testicles and perineum. Hold a vibrator against your cheek to add vibrations to your mouth play. Or try sucking on ice or a breath mint to transmit a tingly sensation to your favorite penis. Again, check in with your partner to see how experimental you should be. Get into it. Look at your partner and the ecstacy you have caused! Make eye contact. Show your partner how much you love being down there. Moan, make appreciative noises (a well-placed MMMM! can make for some nice vibration, too), let your partner know how turned on you are. Don’t neglect the rest of the body, either stroke, tickle, scratch the thighs, stomach, butt, and everywhere else you can reach. Sucking Silicone. This applies to every cock, silicone, rubber, glass, vegetable and flesh alike. When you’re dealing with a dildo, treat it like your partner can feel everything you’re doing to it because they can. Be careful if the toy is made of a non-flexible material position yourself accordingly to accommodate it. For more on this topic, see How to Suck Strap-on Cock. Finish the Job. It is ultimately your choice whether or not to swallow. Your partner’s diet, health, habits and frequency of ejaculation will determine the quantity and taste of the ejaculate. The ejaculate of someone who ingests lots of red meat, caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes, may taste more intense than that of a non-smoking vegetarian. The most ejaculate you might encounter is a teaspoonful or so. You have several choices if you aren’t crazy about ejaculate, but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings: you can take it in your mouth and discreetly deposit into a nearby towel as your partner approaches climax, withdraw and finish with your hand. You can let your partner come on your body and admire the copious amounts of ejaculate you can use a condom When you’re totally focused on giving head, it can be a lot of fun whether it’s for power play (your partner’s most precious asset is at your mercy), intimacy, or the pure fun of getting someone off. Remember, you should only be performing fellatio on somebody if you’re really into it and are able to focus all of your energy on what you’re doing. If you’re staring at the clock, waiting for it to end, or worrying about the laundry in the dryer, you won’t have a good time and your partner will be able to tell you’re not into it, which can be distracting, too!

Answer #2

plzzz help cuz im sopose to give a bj to my bf on the 3rd…in 2 days!!!!

Answer #3

why do guys like girls to swallow their junk when they spaz??? Guys why do yall like blowjobs so much?? Its so gross when yall dont shave… such a turn off! Guys please answer!!!

Answer #4

lick his cck then shg him a few times give him a wnk and let him c*m in ur mouth swallow

Answer #5

Hey, from me I learned from my boyfriend, so not touching it 2 rough especially when your hands are dry because it can hurt them. Be gentle and ask him what does he like. It is ok 2 do that I’ve done it & they would tell you what they want or what they like. When your giving head start off as a small tease kiss it, rub it, lick it, get into it. Then as you start moving your tongue up and down his penis, you can put your mouth on his head & start sucking. Make your way down then as you start moving your head use your hands as well. Get into a rhythm, but always remember no TEETH lol it happens, but just b careful. Once you get the hang of it becomes easier, but another thing my boyfriend told me was 2 b nasty lol excuse my language, but when your doing it b a ho about it lol. Get out of that shy stage and do your thing. Moaning here and there is also a turn on.

Answer #6

Here it is:

1.First you need to get him turned on - be more aggressive, grab his stuff, slowly massage his balls through his pants, it’s important that you act as seductive as possible - the more you’re turned on - the more he’ll be turned on. Pull his pants down slowly and act as naughty as possible - this is a great turn on.

  1. Grab his hand and lick on his fingers slowly before you give him head - just put his middle finger slowly into your mouth and suck on it, up and down, slide it slowly and moan - you have to moan a lot so he feels like a king.

  2. As you’re licking one finger, slowly start stroking his shaft with your other hand, you have to be on your knees and he should be standing, look him in the eyes - this way you can see his reactions. You need to love giving him head if you want him to really enjoy it.

  3. Most girls make the mistake of being too soft - don’t do that, grab his pnis tightly and stroke it hard, as you’re twisting his shaft with one hand slowly start sucking on the head (the tip) of his pnis, curl your tongue around it, twist it in circles, then point it upwards and slowly lick it while you’re watching him.

  4. Say something like “mmmmm I love it” then smile, smiling is very important - it conveys that you love it. Keep on stroking and sucking harder.

  5. Start talking dirty to him, put your hands around his balls and tickle them gently - make sure you are gentle ‘cause his balls are very sensitive, as you’re tickling, keep on stroking and sucking.

  6. Once you see that he’s getting closer start stroking harder - and don’t even think about slowing down. Scream at him, tell him you want it - tell him where you want it (swallowing will make him go crazy just as you want it) - then as he starts to come, you have 2 options - you can hold his p*nis or he can hold it - I suggest you let him hold it and squeeze it out.

  7. Then hold his p*nis and stroke it slowly, just as if you were trying to squeeze every last drop out of him into your mouth, give it a few more finishing licks.

  8. Then smile at him, open your mouth and show him what you’ve got in your mouth, smile, then swallow all of it - then look up at him again and open your mouth to show him it’s gone.

  9. Smile again, believe me he’ll love you for it.

If you REALLY want to learn how to give a bl** job then you have to read Jack’s Bj Lessons

Good luck

Answer #7

yes i can give u real step by step

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