Mothers 50th bday help finding the perfect gift for her.?

my mothers 50th bday is coming up soon and I need help finding the perfect gift for her.?

Any suggestions.

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If you have brothers and sisters, you could pool together and get her a charm bracelet, each adding a charm to represent you. Then when husbands/wives and grandkids come along, she can add charms to it. My husband and I arranged that for my mother in law once, and her other children joined in, she was so moved she teared up!

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-Spa Day
-Concert Tickets
-Theatre Tickets
-Hair Salon Coupon
-Nail Salon Coupon
-New Jacket (it is winter time)
-Dinner Reservations and Gift Card

Why the news are suggesting these kind of gifts for mothers?

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She'd probley enjoy a day at the spa, most women would.

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well...what does she like? figure out what she likes, and then maybe you'll know what 2 get her

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