Help first day of school!!!

ok im going to be a sophmore and school starts monday what do I wear?? HELPPP and im a girl ;)

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I asked this question 2. umm Im going to go simple but cute. Im wearing a dark blue hollister babydoll with a light pink lace cami under it. With some silver jewlery and ballet flats. I would suggest not going over the top. People think your lame if you do that. Look like your not even trying. After a couple days or the second day everyone will be wearing tees and stuff and thats when you wear that really cute / maybe really treandy outfit that you got.

I also wouldnt wear anything really tight. Wear a simple flowy top. No tees unless thats the look your going for all year. Biggest thing is dont go over the top. people will talk about how much you've changed etc and I promise its usually negitive. Cute and simpl. Cute and Simple. Are the two main words to remember.

Hope I helped some!!! :)

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depends what your into. preppy, or are u unique?

all I no is that its best not 2 show all your fave outfits in the beginning. act casual, yet try to stand out and be different...hard 2 explain...LOL

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I would juss be myself, if your scared what other girls mite think juss dont over do your look, juss be normal, then feel the crowd out, or juss be like who cares and wear your fits all out if thats what your use too...

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I needed help wit this too, so I asked my friend who is a sophmore and he said to wear, like a fitted shirt, but not sm that over does it (I have a blue aero shirt that says aeropostale on it and thts what he said to wear) also wear your cutest outfit the 2nd day of school, because everyone else wears their cutest on the 1st day.

if this helps I am wearing a blue 3/4 sleave shirt and skinny flare jeans and you no those shoes that sorta look like moccasons (my mom said they used to call them boat shoes??)

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This might be weird coming from a guy but some things makes you stand out . And go in confident. THE BIGGEST THING IS BE YOUR SELF

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Something that expresses yourself.

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protect kids not guns t shirt

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