Is there somethinq wronq when a qirl watchez a lot of porn ?

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There is nothing wrong with a girl watching porn. There IS something wrong with a girl watching porn if it intervenes with her sleeping and and keeps her from doing other things.

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no, nothing wrong with that

I am addicted to porn what should do?

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Nope, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not like it's illegal or anything so watch it whenever you like, it's your choice :)

What if I like this girl a lot?
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Nothing wrong wit a chick who watches porn, me and my friends collect dvds and magazines as well as internet porn and trade/lend/swap wit each other its awesome

Does any one no any good porn webtites?

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Run 3
To play the amazing game Run 3, player have to run and jump to pass different levels of obstacles.
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Caught looking at porn?

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