What can I do about my 14 year old daughter who is preganant by a 18 year old loser?

Answer #1

asking your daughter if she wants to keep it or not is the first step . if she says no : support her in that choice … take her to a clinic and get it seen too but be there for her and she will be upset . if she says yes : tell her you will be there and there will be a lot to cope with . in the nine months teach her how to mae baby food as it saves on money , teach her how to do washing . all the things that you have to do . be sympathetic as she may have a difficult time with her 18 yr old lose .

about daddy ask him what he thinks ! dont tell him to get lost as he is just as much the babys parent as your daughter is !tell him your daughters answer !he may be a jerk but so is your daughter for being under age and not using protection ! but ask the boys family to help too ! if they are jerks like him dont get mad just know that your being a good parent ! dont tell her she cant see him as she will do the most common teenager thing and rebell ! let he make the choices as she did the grown up thing by having sex and now she can face the grown up consequences !!! hope this helps xoxo

Answer #2

she is under any countries (that has one) legal age of consent so he can be charged with rape wether she agreed to sex or not because she is younger than the legal age of consent and more than 2 years older than her

if you really feel like she might be in danger then it might be best to tell the police about it

if not, you can always just tell her she cant see him anyore

but the main thing you need to do is educate your child about sex rarely do kids and teens these days have any sexual education (school teaches them practically nothing) so many of them dont know the consequences invoved with what there doing sit her down and talk to her about sex, tell her you want her to be open with you and discus any problems or questions she might have ( try your best to be supportve and not get angry as that will push her away) and maybe you could also discuss your first time to help make her a little more relaxed about talking about it

you also need to talk to her about her baby while its her choice on what she wants to do with it you are her mother and at her age, she needs to realise that you would be the one mostly taking care of her baby, because I assume she hasnt finnished school, doesnt have a source of income, a good paying job, knowledge on how to care for a baby, ect if she wants to keep it, make sure she learns about what a huge responsibility taking care of a child is you should know, youve had a baby so maybe tell stories of how hard taking care of her was too and if she doesnt want it, talk to her about seeing a doctor and getting an abortion or maybe having it and giving it up for adoption

Answer #3

well im not a father or anything but I would probly tell the guy to get lost but I would also think about his rights to see his kid but I don’t know that is a had desision to make but I would tell him to get lost

Answer #4

ask her if she wants an abortion. don’t make the choice for her, because if she wants to keep it then let her keep it but make sure she knows the responsibilities that she needs to do.

Answer #5

PLEASE READ!!! WHOA some people are givin the rong advice!! I sirously think you need to sit down with your daughter and have a heart to heart let her no that ull support her wt ever the decison but she needs to know havin a baby means the baby is her responsabilty although youll be there for her but she needs to stand on her own to feet that she has to feed clean and care for the baby and you will not be looking after the baby every day 4 her but as 4 her partner .. if she “loves” him then unfortunatly youu need to accept him yoiu never no he mite be a good father but on the other hand gettin mad and wantin to reportin him to the police well thts stupid hes old enough and ugly enough to take responsiblty 4 his child he can pay 4 it and everything just be there 4 your daughter and maybe try sittin her boyfriend down and havin a convo of responibility with him too..

best of luck x

Answer #6

first ask if she wants to keep it and support her decition. teach her all the means she needs to know and do if she says yes. if she says no you need to be there at the clinic with her. she will be upset. either way you need to be there for her. as for the “loser” ask what he thinks and dont tell them they cannot see eachother they are both parents and teenagers they will rebel. say what you need to and have the guys family help dont get too mad and they each did an adult thing so they bothe need to face the upcomming consequences. I hope I helped you and good luck, remember to be as supportive as you can but also not to be taken advantage of throughout this situation.

Answer #7

well, there’s not much you can do now. support her through the whole thing and yeah, make sure the father gets lost!!

Answer #8

I am a mother im a young mother I have a two year old and im only 21 but I am also married to the wonderful man! I know someone who went to my school who got pregnant at 15 and now 6 years later she loves her daughter to pieces. I dont think you shold tell her how bad having a baby is its such false information! yes dont lie having a baby can be hard espelly school and hobbies and jobs. and I know she is only 14. my mom got preganant with my sisster at 15 and she wouldent have changed it for the world. so telling your daughter the horrer it is its wrong! and god mae this baby! he would never give a child to much then what they can andle. and there is so much help out there with dipers and formula and benifits so it wouldent be all finacially u. thats why tghe program is there for people like u. to get ride of this baby I think its a wrong choice! even adoption I think its wrong. thats your grand child no matter what! I hope my expernces will help u! and the expernces of other people.

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