How can I make up a song on my own?

So I’m like really interested in becoming like a singer or watever… But I need like some ideas in how to make up a song of my own. I think that wud be better. Instead of stealing some other song …

Answer #1

What I usually do is write a poem first. Then I think up a simple beat (comlex is fine too) and try it out by ear on the keyboard. It’s fun.

Another thing you can do (the other one is better in my opinion) is listen to a song you like, and change the beat slightly and the lyrics. Hope I helped.

Answer #2

First off, you ARE right… it’s ALWAYS better writing your own song verses always making cover songs. Making your own songs are more creative and origional because YOU personally wrote them. Songwriting is a natural talent. I do pretty good at it. It’s very easily and as I said, just comes naturally. Write about things that you can relate to that might also relate to other people too, or write about things that have happened to you or your friends in real life. A good tip is to carry a note pad and pen with you at all times, that way if your out and about and happen to think up something that you might want to put in a song, you can write it down right then when it’s still fresh so you don’t forget the idea. Hope this helps you, need anything else let me know and I’d say I can help you further.

Answer #3

Songwriting usually come naturally. Your lyrics don’t have to rhyme. Just think of something that means a lot to you and start writing stuff down. My way off starting a song is to write down four or so beginning lines and I choose the one that fit the theme of the song best. Don’t let yourself fell stuck with what’s in your head, just focus on your heart. If you learn to play an instrument I also think it makes it fifty times easier because if you know how to play an instrument you’ll already had the musical touch and lyrics might just come to you. That’s what usually happens when I write a song.

Answer #4

Go get you a cOpy of FL StudiO 7 and start making yOur own beats.. onCe you make yOur own nOiSe, ideas for lyriCs may appear.. make beats…

Answer #5

garage band for mac is the best 1 person music creator but thats for mac unless you have mac I can’t help you

Answer #6

think about youre life and you’ll find what you’re looking for if you need help im here because im also a writer of my own. write me back:)

Answer #7

well, first of all you have to have a basic idea of what you are going to write about. then try and make lines to it the dont have to ryme but it livens it up if you do. for ex. lets say you want to write about braclets. so you find a line like: my braclet oh my favorite braclet, how I wish I knew how to make it, you just dont know how I feel when its on me, the colors are black and yellow just like a bee. the lines dont even have to make scence. remember, you are doing this for the fun. try to make a couple of those ready, then try and write the corus. like: ooh ooh, ah, what a braclet ooh ooh ah… I feel like floting when its on my, ahh… and you are done. hope this helps…

Answer #8

What do you like to do in your free time or what is yout favorite thing to talk about, love, sex, double d’s…

Answer #9

you can either make up the beat first. pianos/keyboards or guitars come in handy with making the beat which is usually the foundation to your song. then you can just play it and see what you come up with. OR you can write the lyrics out first. [dont have to rhyme. but if you’re just starting, maybe writing rhymes can help.] and then make a beat that goes well with the lyrics. or you can just play and write at the same time and let it blend into one another until you come up with something unique and just “you”. some ideas on songs…well you can write about a past relationship. anger for something. love for something. confusion. about life. about not understanding something. you can write about a specific person. [like someone who inspires you]. heartbreak, a new beginning, a path to something, hardships with family, abuse of alcohol or drugs, living with guilt, waiting for love, what you want in a partner, etc etc.

hope this helped.

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