Where to find my SSID name and WEP key?

where do I find my SSID network name and where can I find my WEP KEY. People say on the router and I cant find it. What is the easiest way to get it. I need it to set up my xboxlive with a network adapter for xbox360.

thank you..

Answer #1

I don’t know what any of that means but all I can say is google it

Answer #2

ok first off you need to log onto your router by putting in your I.P. address of the router itself in the internet browser bar. like where you put www.whatever.com. make sure you have an ethernet cable connecting your router to your computer even if it is wireless for this. in the address bar type if that didnt work try or try now you have to log in. there is no screen name but the default password is Admin then goto Wireless Security and you can probably figure it out from there if not email me at erasmus27m@yahoo.com in the subject put Router help and ill help you the best I can

Answer #3

I have a computer but my dad only has a router on his computer and its locked so I need a wep code and I cant figure it out can someone give me one of theirs or just email it to me @ armanijosey@ymail.com

Answer #4

I assume your ISP installed your Wireless Access Point. Many ISPs put a sticker with the SSID, security type, and key on the WAP. Other times this information will be on your invoice from when they installed your equipment. If you don’t have this information anywhere than you should be able to call your ISPs customer service and once they confirm your identity they should be able to provide this information and walk you through setting up your computers.

If the WAP is one you own and you simply misplaced this infomation there is usually a proceedure where you can reset the WAP to its initial settings, then you can go in with the default SSID and key then set it to what you want.

Answer #5

if you have wifi, I cant help. if your pluggin your xbox, I can help you. if you have a comp, open up w/ever you use to get online, then it should all be there. SSID should be under the name ‘Network’ but I cant help w/ the WEP key, you should know it urself soz

Answer #6

whats my ssid

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