How to get rid of a buffalo hump?

anyone know about a buffalo hump , have one or know how to get rid of it?

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I have that darn hump and I also hate it. I developed it a few years ago when I put on weight. I am now 52 and mom developed it in her 50's when she put on weight. I spoke to an alterative doctor/chiro/accupturist. He told me that dairy causes this and if I would stop eating dairy for one year it would go away. I need to do that hope this might be helpful.

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I have one, and I hate it. It ruins my life. It can more often than not be caused by stomach fat pulling the spine down, and it's not because you have poor posture. Standing up straight just increases the stress of the fat pulling on the spine. It can be a symptom of Cushing's disease, or type 1 or 2 diabetes. I'm not sure if there is any surgery to get rid of it,but it can be associated with pituitary gland tumors.

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I have one too. My sister is constantly making fun of me. My husband and son tease me all the time too. They think it's funny but it is a problem that has me so selfconscious. My hair is long and I always like to wear it up but I can't do so unless I wear collared shirts. I'm glad to know lipo may solve this for me. I'm looking into it.

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what is that?

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I have one of these things to I noticed it getting larger after my uses of steriods [from my lupus] & me putting on weight.After reading your stories I see a common factor ...pore posture...gaining weight,which I both have. So now I will cut out [dairy] as the other person said & loose weight

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youll have to get liposuction

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I have also had 1 since my 2nd pregnancy that was 12yrs ago.. I'm sooo disturb by its presence.. I first hear of buffalo hump on a show Dr 90210 someone had lipo.. after reading I'm going to try the back brace but for how often & how long do you need to wear it?

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its nothing funny or anything its like a lump on the back of you neck near your shoulders its from a lot of things I just dont know how you can get rid of it or even if there is a way to get rid of it

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I have one to! & I always thought it was bad posture & it's not! im so happy to have found tother people that share my insecurities. I never wear my hair up either because im so embarrassed & selfconcious. & id love to wear my hair up & everytime I see a girl with a pretty neck I just think aww I want a neck like hers :(. lipo everyone elts do it! wouldnt that be awesome if insurance covered that? like a broken bone? lol it should!

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wow..I cant believe I am reading the age of 12-13 my parents took me to a doctor...xrays where done. Everything was fine he said, but the hump was there and has been since. I am 48 now and the hump is still there. My family used to hit on my hump and cause it to be painfull because of their constant hitting on it. My mother used to say...sit this do that. But the doctor said it wasnt my posture he just didnt know how come. It is ugly and I always keep my long hair over it. Today August, 2009 I will make it my goal to do some testings since I heard of cushings syndrom and also intestinal abnormalities that could cause this hump back.

I would hold off on the expensive liposuction if I was you and have your hormone levels tested first to find the cause of the hump back FIRST and then treat the cause.
Let me know how you make out.
Thank you,

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OMMMGGG!!! what yall are saying is really freaking me out.
im only 13 years old...and I have one!! me!!!

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I too have one. I recently started seeing a chiropractor to help correct my posture. Hopefully that plus some weight loss will help the problem.

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Hey everyone, after reading all your stories all I can say is just like all of you, I had this same problem, only difference is that I cured my slowly, it takes time, but who ever is telling you that its not bad posture is WRONG!! Bad posture is something that is genetic, most people that have dowagers hump, someone in there family will have it too, might be dad, mother grandmother, someone will have it. In my case, my mother, sister, grandmother and a few cousins have it. Ihated it too and it runied my high school years, even prom. and its not the cause of fat either because my sister is hollywood thin and she has it. Its really genetic and bad posture. My grandmother useed to make me walk with a book on my head to fix my posture and it helps. But what really helped mimimize the size of the hump was a back brace that I bought at the doctors office to help you keep your back straight. ANd I been wearing the brace for quite a while now and it hurt a lot because you're basically forcing yuor back to sit up stright and after many years of poor posture, its almost like breakin your spine slowly by slowly. Before I had a lot of people notice the hump on my back and now they say its barely there. So I try to share this with everyone, please buy a back brace at your locate Chiropractors office because it will work. And try to maintain your head up and strech your neck up. Slowly by slowly you will start to see results. I know I did

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The "hump" you are referring to is called a Dowager's hump. It is most commonly the result of poor posture, slouching, and weak back and core muscles. Tissue migrates and builds up at the base of your neck to compensate for your poor posture. The best way to work towards getting rid of your Dowager's Hump is to perform exercises to strengthen your Rhomboids and stretch out your Pecs. Do re-patterning exercises to practice coming from the top of your head and slowly train your body back into correct posture.
It may be a good idea to visit a massage therapist and ask for some structural integration work to break of the build up of tissue and help put your fascia back in the correct place to support your posture.

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I have it too and im 18 years old, its horrible I love putting my hair but havent in the past year and ahalf due to the "hump". I would love to get rid of it but I never thought a doctor could help me so I havent botherd going to one, I just assumed it was due to bad posture over the years and thought it couldt be corrected I really hope the back brace works, or the doctor can help me out!!

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