How do you pierce your lip?

how do you pierce your lip, my friend is going to pierce my lip, how should she do it so its not painful

Answer #1

no matter how you get it done (professionally or non) its going to hurt. I mean come on. you’re shoving a needle through your skin. (dont take that the wrong way or anything. im totally for piercings!!!)

Answer #2

if you get it periced on the side of your bottom lip you should get it done by a professional because there is a nerve there and if they hit it that side of your face can go paralyzed

Answer #3

This is really smart, telling someone how to peirce there own lip.. very mature. Please get it done PROFESSIONALLY!! And, Mika, Learn to spell before you go giving out your wonderful advice…

Answer #4

the mall or the docter

Answer #5

I got my lip pierced, about a year ago. It is best to go to a professional to get it done. I only say this because there are veins every where in your lip. No matter where you pierce, you shall still be hitting one. I only recommend this way, because it is a lot safer and they know what they are doing (well for the most part).

If it comes to the point where your are going to pierce your own lip, I suggest first getting someone who knows what they are actually doing. Even though there is no major veins in your lip, there still can be some damage done. Also I would sterilize the needle for about 12 to 24 hours in alcohol (rubbing, not the drinkable kind). Then for about 15 to 20 minutes I would put ice on it so your lip is numb.

Since this is your first time (I think) you will want an experience that is less painful (unless your a Sadomasochistic person like I am), then put a numbing agent like orige or an anorectic cream. After this has been applied put a dot on the inside and outside of the lip to mark where you shall pierce. I also would suggest to have something to clap your lip when it is pierced.

After I would line up the needle and ask you to take a deep breath. When the person asks you to exhale then the person should bring the needle down and pierce your lip. To make the process easier I would suggest after having the barbel, ring, or hoop that has been sterilized for 24 hours to be right next to you and the piercer. This way he or she can have it right next to them so they can quickly put it in.

For extra tips:

  1. Sterilize all pricing material, including the stud, hoop, or barbel in rubbing alcohol for 12 to 24 hours.

  2. Wear a shirt that you do not care about or a towel around your neck extending down your chest that you would not care got blood on it.

  3. Use mouth wash before you price your lip and always keep your mouth and the piercing area clean. Salt water will help keep the area clean.

  4. Keep a clean sterile whip near by. It does not matter if you are getting your lip priced professionally or by a friend, you will bleed like or not.

  5. Make sure to always keep your pricing clean and move it around every day, so the flesh will not close up on your pricing.

I am not saying to go out pierce your own flesh or have someone else do it that is not a professional. I am just giving helpful facts to you just in case you do choose not to go to a professional.

Either or Happy Pricing. :)

Answer #6

I pierced my lip with my friend julie, first well held ice to my lip for about 15 mins then we put anorectal cream on my lip which totally numbed it (you can get it from a doctor) we sterilized the needle, I reccomend putting a dot in marker on the exact place you want the piecing so you don’t screw up. Then pull out your lip and stick the needle in, you need to push through about 8 times as you get closer to the other side of your lip push harder, when it gets through leave the needle in for about 15 mins then (have the stud ready) quickly pull out the needle and secure the stud onto your lip, don’t use a metal post though, it will totally ruin your teeth so make sure that its an actual lip stud or you use a rubber backing. I assure you that having it done by a professional is way more safe but if your parents wouldn’t let you get a lip ring (like mine) then just be safe and keep it steril. Here’s a pic of julie’s (i took mine out) Have Fun xoxo Marissa

Answer #7

you’ll need: 1 needle,any kind preforabley sewing(a safety pin will do) starilezing antiseptic ice pack (you WILL need this :0) 1lip ring (or SMALL hoop) 1 lip :D

first, CLEAN THE NEEDLE, I cant strees that enough!!!

second soak the lip ring (hoop) in an antiseptic I.e. peroxide

third insert the needle from the INSIDE of the lip(its the less painful,@ first!!)

fourth asyou pull the needle back out (the same direction)putthe ring @ the tip of the needle and push inward

fith securely fasten the ring

sixth keep it clean!!!


*do not take out for 2-4 weeks, pick a ring you like!!!

Answer #8

I’ve just perced my lip myself I didnt think it was that painful but no my lip is swolen and I thik I’ve got to go to the doctors because I have poisn in my blood stream its really dangerous just make sure you CLEAN IT and dont do it when your drunk like I did

Answer #9

I was thinking bout doin mine today but then I thought bout it I no you people can say nothing will go rong if you do it right well theress always a chance to screw it up so I would sujest getting it done by sum one who noes what there doin like a profesinal good luck

Answer #10

if you dont want the pain then you should let a doctor do it. they can numb you up. and its not good to let an unprofessional piece you, she could be professional but if she was then she should be able to numb you.

Answer #11

I might be getting mine pierced soon, im really scared cause I think it will hurt…Do they do it with a gun or needle? And if someone has it…does it hurt?

Answer #12

get some orajel (sp) and when its being done dont stop who evers doing it because its better if its quick if you stop a lot and irritate it will hurt but otherwise it just pop pop and a small throb

please be careful and if your not going to keep it clean DONT get it done.

Answer #13

Ok…well im gonnah pierce my own lip tongight And a lot of my friends have pierced themselves and everythinq goes fine just make shure you sterilize the needle also make shure the barbell is clean well I know that when your pushinq it through’ you have to be qucik about it dont slow down when your have way through itall hurt one of my friends did that and she almost cried but it went through and everythings fine this was 1 month ago shes satisified and is gonnah get her other side pierced just be careful and dont be a dumba**s about it! GOOD LUCK!

Answer #14

I pirced my lip by myself and yea I mean it hurts anything sharp you shove through your face will hurt its a fact but I also pierced my ose myself ad o tell you the truth piercing your lip does not hurt as bad and heres a tip do it when you dont have to go anywhere for a day or 2 because the swelling is. . . . . bad!!! o yea and I used a nail so it is thick enough so yea no I am a happy 14 yr old with snake bites a nose ring and toung ring

Answer #15

I have a friend thats just like emily_18, she has peircings up and down her ears about 14 holes, pierced her belly button couple times and nose so many times she probly cant count, etc. I did my nose couple of times myself, about 4 times because I kept having to take it out for school, hiding it from my mom at that time etc. id rather peirce my lip than my nose, the skin in the lip seems more thin than a nose which feels like your peircing a muscle, good luck

Answer #16

I pierced my lip 5 months ago, I did it myself. from reading these things about “ your face will go numb if you hit a nerve “ and “ you’ll pass out from bleeding “ I found it silly. But I went ahead and pierced my lip.

I didn’t numb it, I used a good 14ga needle, it didn’t swell, it didn’t get infected, IT DIDNT BLEED, and I can still feel my face.

btw, I think it’s quite silly when people say you pass out? I’m 14. and I didn’t do anything except say “ woah “.

Answer #17

I know, !!! there’s veins everywhere throughout your body. especially in your lips–that’s what gives them their faint pink color because of the good blood supply that they get. and people who are saying “you’ll hit a nerve” are simply idiots there are nerves EVERYWHERE throughout your body,, they’re also called sensory receptors. you can hit nerves anytime, whether it’s getting hit with a soccer ball or just lightly pinching your skin. it doesn’t matter where at all… try researching into something called the INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM before you start giving out idiotic information

Answer #18

who ever says there isn’t any veins in your lips is an idiot.

I just went literally a couple of hours ago to a professional piercer and they still hit my vein!

DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF as you’ll most likely pass out from the amount of blood you lose.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to go see a professional and get them to do it right.

Get them to look on both sides of your lip for veins and get out the flash light so there is no chance of you getting done what happend to me.

It scared the crap out of me, my lip is literally BLACK and I can’t go back for weeks to even think of getting it done.

Ontop of all this I STILL don’t have a piercing! don’t believe me check out my avatar and the damage done by a “professional”

Answer #19

Oh jeez.

Okay, first of all, I have 22 piercings. I have my ears (they go all the way up, and inside) Nose, LIP (snakebites), and my tounge. I did them all myself, except my tounge, (I think you should really consider a professional doing that anyway. It’s a muscle and can be really dangerous)

NO. You do not have any major veins running through your lip. Some people are not cut out into piercing themselves. Personally, as sadistic as this may be, I enjoy putting needles into my body. I did them all using a saftey pin (they usually have to be large) and put in a 20 Gauge ring. You can stretch it if you’d like, but I would wait until it heals so It won’t hurt as bad. People only faint BECAUSE ITS SCARES THEM. They shouldn’t even been piercing themselves in the first place if they feel uncomfortable with it.

But the SAFEST WAY is to get it done professionally, but I’m poor anyways. But, if you’re just like me, make sure it’s sterile. And if you really want it, keep it really clean. (Salt baths, water-down listerine to make it feel better, or water-down proxcide)

Happy Piercing.

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