Do you believe heavy metal equals Satanism?

ok I know this is a weird questions but…like I don’t believe heavy metal makes people murder and worship satan and all that cr*p but a lot of people do. like there are bands that call themselves satanic (deathstars, mayhem, darkthrone, dark funeral…) but a lot of bands also have darker imigary to shock people and just for the fun and what not. I love heavy metal and I find it helps me a lot. but I read this book by pat pulling and she says that like heavy metal and stuff can turn you into a satan worshiper cause of the lyrics and what not. I quess what I am saying is, if you ever saw a black metal band, they waer all those studs and balck and corpse paint…and at least the more popular black metal bands proudly call themselves satanic. I also don’t don’t think goths(some are) and all these are into witchcraf and satanic stuff but since goths wear trenchcoats and all this like black metal bands(who a lot call themselves satanic) exept a little less how do you defend that? I know is a little confussinf or whatever but I don’t really know how to ask the question. I hope you all know what I am getting at. I’m not gothic (I quess I go in that direction a little but I’m not gothic). like a lot of people say well satanism is misunderstood it’s all about being urself. but policve have found a lot of evidence that link sick rituals with satansim and all that so I don’t deny that. like I said heavy metal helps I very unpopular and so yeah..there are a lot of people who are satanists and are not gothic or punk or any of that.

Answer #1

The issue of music and satanism predates the “birth” of heavy metal. It was believed back in the 1920’s that a blues musician by the name of Robert Johnson “sold” his soul to the devil for the ability to play the blues beautifully. Not much is known about Robert Johnson’s life so even that is up to debate. I’ve been listening to metal for 11 years, and I do not believe in satanism. Yes, some of the bands I listen to are avid practioners of satanic rituals- but that is in their real lives. A lot of what is shown in the media and in music videos is for shock value and to get a bands name out there. And obviously it works, people take notice and then a firestorm erupts over morals, decency, religion- etc. The band sells records, and they sit in their homes snuggled up at night with their Care Bears.

In the end it comes down to perception. Back in the day there was a court case where someone was murdered because the dudes who committed the crime listened to Slayer. Another case was where a kid committed suicide because he listened to Judas Priest. It’s a load of baloney to think that these bands (or ANY for that matter) avidly want their fans to go out and kill someone or kill themselves. A person would have to be pretty impressionable or unstable mentally to go out and actually ACT on the things they hear in songs. And while yes, it is true that metal is generally associated with satanism, it is not 100% true. There are heavy metal bands who are Christian, and that is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream.

Another thing that seems to come into play a lot is dress. Many people believe that if you wear all black from head to toe that you are a satanist. That is simply not true. Speaking from my own personal life, I know people who are die-hard rap fans and they wear all black. Does that make them satanic? In the eyes of other people, yes, but in actuality they couldn’t be any further from it.

As for church burnings, that was an act popularized in Europe in the early 1990’s. It has for the most part died out since then. Do people still do it though? I wouldn’t doubt it, but at this point in time it’s probably more for the “thrill” or “shock” of burning down a place of worship more than it is belief in satanism. I mean come on, it’s been reported that of all people in the world Marilyn Manson is an ordained minister in the Church of Satan. How much more of a gimmick can satanism be turned into. Ask any diehard satanist what they think of all these newbies parading around saying they are satanic and worship satan- I bet you’ll get an answer that will blow your mind. It’s become a overblown trend to call yourself a satanist, most kids who say they are, don’t even know the first thing about it. True satanism has become lost in a cesspool of Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc… fans.

Same thing with calling yourself “goth”. That is a subculture that is out of control. Listening to Slipknot does not make you goth, nor does wearing all black. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a personal set of beliefs- not music, not clothes. We believe everything that is perpetuated to us in the media, we eat it like candy. If you listen to rap, you must be in a gang, if you listen to heavy metal you must be satanic, if you wear all black you must be goth. People are conditioned to follow the trends put in front of them, eventually you grow up and realize that what you thought you believed in was ridiculous. In the 11 years I’ve listened to metal I’ve never once called myself a satanist, and I tend to listen to the stuff that is vile you can’t stroll on down to your local record store (no matter how underground they think they are) and buy it.

Don’t believe the trends, think for yourself, be strong minded. Otherwise you’re a mindless sheep like every other kid who doesn’t know any better and piles on the black lipstick saying they are satanic or goth.

Answer #2

Well Heavy metal can have something to do with Satanism… However it may not, I also love heavy metal there is something about it that make me feel better too. But some heavvy metal bands like ( Venom, Slayer are some earlier bands) from earlier on in time, consisted of “evil” lyrics, but when this genre of music first came out Children where scared of this type of music because of the lyrics becaue they would make people think that if they listen to it tha they would turn into a Satan follower. But if you listen closely to the lyrics you can hear why people were scared. You should try listening to “Satanic Black Metal” there was a lot of conspiracies about this type of music cause people thougght that it would make people kill othe are harm themselves. But most metal bands are Catholic (even when you hear the lyrics) Satanism basically came form Catholicism.

Most people also think that ALL Satanist are followers or “worrshipers” of SATAN, They the AREN’T there are two types of Satanists 1) They are followers of Satan and the second 2) Are NOT followers of Satan. But to most Satanist. Satan is not a being, but is viewed as an Image.


Here are some Satanic Black Metal bands… you should listen to some they are good.. blasphic, tsjuder, blodsrit, 1349, marduk, carpticon, abigar, imperial crystalline entombment.

Answer #3

I don’t think heavy metal is satanic or anything, like, the way I look at it, it’s going to be the person who is dark or satanic, and, in my oppionion, just cause you listen to them doesn’t me you absorb anything. same with video games and violence, if someone’s going to be THAT effected, they shouldn’t be playing it in the first place! don’t blame music or anything!

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I don’t think that all heavy metal is satanism. It’s just their intruments that make them heavy metal. But yes lots of heavy metallers have some sorta ordeal with darkness and such.

Answer #5

I dont believe that heavy metal equals satanism, I listen to heavy metal, and I’m not a satanist at all…people are just really quick tto judge.

Answer #6

No I do not, its your own choice besides satanism isnt what you think , I should look it up more (get the satanic bible) you shouldnt judge something your not sure off, its actualy about respecting yourself and not giving in to the brainwashing ideal of god…

Answer #7

I know that in the ‘80s there were some Christian metal bands (I can’t remember their names, but I bet someone on the site remembers them). So not all heavy metal can be Satanic, but some is, I guess.

Ah, that would be: Stryper, Whitecross, etc.

Answer #8

I dont believe that one bit, because I am goth but it is not because of metal, but it is becauseit is my basic life, I listen to metal as much as I can

Answer #9

No Because Korn is Christian, Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stone Sour is Christian most of the people are christian but sing songs they think would make a good album most of the bands don’t even wright there own music

Answer #10

No it does not. people are responsible for their own actions. If their Satanist it’s because of their own choice, not music.

Answer #11

ya like I did a research paper about satanism and theyre is so much s&t about metal and the hard rock making you want to make a cult of your own and s&t it is said that satanist are their own God that there world revolves around them selves and that the metal music has nothing to do wit satanism

Answer #12

ok well like if a lot of black metal band who wears all this black and studs and corpse paint say they are satanic. and there are some goths who say they are not satanic just cause they wear all black and studs and blck lipstick…than could you not put the 2 together? like some dude started talking about this and thats what he argued and I did not know what to say so yeaah thats why I am asking. and I know gothic music are bands like the banahous or howver you spell that.

Answer #13

No, it doesn’t. But it depends on what you listen to, cause if you are not careful it can and will cause bad influences. It has nothing to do with Satanism, but the music does not cause bad things, you are the one that will be making the decision. Some Advice: Don’t become a Satan worshipper! It is wrong, very wrong. God will judge you for the things you do!

Answer #14

using cheesy 80s metal voice


Answer #15

I think some heavy metal bands/fans think that Satanism is a cool image to get into. Some of them may even believe it, but I think the most just think it looks rebellious and alternative. I know that in the ‘80s there were some Christian metal bands (I can’t remember their names, but I bet someone on the site remembers them). So not all heavy metal can be Satanic, but some is, I guess.

Answer #16

wow its the 21th century and people still think that metal is satanic and destructive music a lot of people today are ignorant refering to metal its scary and loud music its supose to be like that…there are metal bands that are satanic and burn churches but its minimal and are from europe(home of black metal)and you don’t see them on the mainstream I dont suport this but it is a fact that there metal bands that truly are satanic

Answer #17

if it does then I am satanic as it gets.

Answer #18

korn is not christian. brian head welch is but he left korn cause of that. Corey Taylor is also not a christian.

Answer #19

heavey medal doesnt make you a satanist, its your choice…I listn to some heavy medal and im a christian

Answer #20

the ability to shred is…godliness (thought id bust out a little 80s hair-metal there) run to the hilllsss!…

Answer #21

heavy metal doesnt ALWAYS involve satanism… it just depends on the band

Answer #22

Hell no, UP HEAVY METAL yeeewww

Answer #23

no I don’t believe in it.I think that if people like this music well they should listen to it

Answer #24

Korn is not black metal you idiot :)

Answer #25

no because theres christian metal… go figure

Answer #26

No why would it?

Answer #27

Not inless the band is into that. Some people just like that music.

Answer #28

That’s them! Thanks, captainassassin.

Answer #29

waw!!What are you speaking about?HEAVY METAL FOREVER!!!

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hahaha whatt the fackk?

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