Why am i hearing voices?

I am getting terrified to sleep in my own room.. and about a year ago this woman died in our house by a heart attack but idk what is scaring me though. my mom says ghost reach out to kids first. but i cant ignore it , its freaking me out. and i was talking to my mom and i swore i heard something but idk wat it said..

Answer #1

idk if i believe in ghosts. however, have you tried to change you sleeping habits like listening to music that puts you to sleep. maybe its something to consider.

Answer #2

its just your imagination. i remeber when i had that too. i moved the ticking clock out of my room and turned o a fan to drown out any other noise. that way it wa noisy butquiet enough for me 2 sleep./

Answer #3

You maybe going through a sight phase, but I know where your coming from, I went through the same problem in my old house, but it was in the attic, the person finally came down, and I came encounter with the Hat Man aka a demon.

It will take a little bit of time for this to blow over. If you feel your not safe in your home, ask your mom if you guys could go somewhere else when it comes to sleeping. If she loves you, she’ll understand.

Answer #4

Joan of Arc heard voices, but so did Son of Sam! Don’t wait. Get some help.

Answer #5

Politely ask the ‘voice’ to go away. If it talks back to you just have a conversation with him/her and tell them that you don’t like them talking to you and to go and find somebody else to talk to. It may be the heart attack lady- in which case you could have your house blessed.

Answer #6

I honestly think you are just psyching yourself out, there have been two people to die in my house including my father and i’ve never been haunted by anything. Try putting on a fan at night or something to block out other sounds, I can’t sleep without some form of background noise or I start getting paranoid about sounds.

Answer #7

I cannot stress this emphatically enough: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS! If Casey is hearing voices, he may have a serious health problem, maybe even a BRAIN TUMOR! He should see a DOCTOR, not a PSYCHIC! The LAST thing he needs is to be told “It’s just a phase.” or, “Talk to the ghost.” or, “Use Holy Water!” C.A.L., show this to your mom.

Answer #8

There was a legit demon in your house?! :(

Answer #9

Well those are your beliefs =\ and Casey’s actually a girl hence the name Casey. -.-

Answer #10

whoops, I was thinking “Casey Jones” the train engineer. Well, I know a man named Hillary. Names can be ambiguous, but that is beside the point. Here is ironclad logic proving ghosts do not exist: 1) If there is a God, S(he) would not allow a human spirit to roam about disembodied after death. 2) If there is no god, then we have no spirits. Cut, dried, and smoked.

Answer #11

I prefer the term ‘spirit’. x]

You could very well have a haunting. Don’t listen to people who say spirits do not exist, I have my own twin sister sticking around after dying 14 years ago.

Try asking it to go politely. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know if you’re into wicca or that, but I would suggest a protective casting to protect you from being harmed. I could send you one, not to promote Wicca or anything, just I hate it when people are upset :/ If you don’t like this idea, try meditation, imagine yourself in a protective space where the spirit cannot harm you every night before bed.

If you want more ways, Funmail me. Good luck!

Answer #12

Many people believe in different things. There is not hard proof that a god either exists or does not exist. Religion and spirituality are often not based in logic. Your logic, though I’m sure makes sense to many, is YOUR logic. Just because it makes perfect sense to you, does not make it the definitive truth.

Answer #13

It could be anything. Does it only happen at night while you are trying to fall asleep? Do you hear the when you wake up in the middle of the night? If so, they could just be nightmares.

Maybe knowing that someone did die in your house is sparking your imagination. Maybe common noises that occur are interpreted by your mind as voices. Things like that do happen. If the brain can’t make sense of something, it kind of fudges it over as something more familiar that still resembles it.

Some people with psychosis also tend to hear voices and suffer from other hallucinations. I often wonder how many “hauntings” or “possessions” can be explained by this.

Maybe there really is something unexplainable going on in your house. Before diving into that, you may want to exhaust all other possible reasons for you hearing them and being afraid.
Good luck, and I hope you find peace.

Answer #14

Well, it only happens when i sleep. and my grandmother saw a ghost here at 3 in the morning a few days ago. and she is italian and she loved cooking and she saw her walking in the kitchen, and one day my father woke up at five in the morning and there was a fresh pot of coffee when no one made any, so its kinda creepy

Answer #15

i really dont know what wicca is. please explain more. and i dont take pills im too afraid): lol but it just creeps me out and then i fall asleep but i always keep my tv on for noise.

Answer #16

well, they are real. ghost or spirits are not fake at all.. to your concern i have actually talked to one b4.. at my other house. and now she is gone but idk i can tell there is something in here,, i am kinda physic, half of my family is. we all have different abilitys except my mom.

Answer #17

well i dont have a fan in my room, and i keep my tv on for noise but i keep hearing sounds in the kitchen because the woman who died here she loved to cook and she would always be in the kitchen.. and my grandmother saw her one day at 3 in the morning in the kitchen walking. and last nite i heard the cabnits move. or close

Answer #18

well, they are real. ghost or spirits are not fake at all.. to your concern i have actually talked to one b4.. at my other house. and now she is gone but idk i can tell there is something in here,, i am kinda physic, half of my family is. we all have different abilitys except my mom.

Answer #19

well, i am kinda afraid to talk to it because i have talked to one before 2 years ago and i really didnt like how uncomfortable i am feeling, and one nite i was in the shower and the door was cracked and sumone knocked on it and when i came out of the shower no one was there.. bcuz my sis and grandma and mom were outside. and it kinda creeped me out

Answer #20

well idk wat it is but it did scare me because i was talking to my mom about how i couldnt sleep and i swear to god something said “go” in a big deep scary voice then my mom went in my dads room and said did you saying something he said no. and yea it creeped my mom and i out.

Answer #21

its real i can tell you its real. I was talking to my mom last nite about how i couldnt sleep and something said “go” in a deep scary voice. and my mom went in my dads room and said did you say something and he said no.

Answer #22

well i keep the tv on. but my door is open but it still scares me

Answer #23

ok, you win. Next time your teacher or boss yells at you because your work isn’t done, blame it on the ghost.

Answer #24

ok, let’s approach this logically. If there are two possibilities, one being that you and your mom both heard a disembodied voice, and the other being that your dad is messing with you, which one is more likely?

Answer #25

The least likely cause is from a haunting. I’ve experienced those myself, so I know they are very much a reality. However, if you’re just hearing voices in general, as in every day for as long as you can remember- you may very well be schizophrenic. My former sister in law was schizophrenic. She described the voices this way: “there’s always a kind of white noise that I can hear all the time. Sometimes when I take the time to notice, I can hear people talking to me. People I know that don’t exsist.” She took several hundred mg of seroquel to silence them.

Answer #26

first, thank you very much for responding, at least there is one other reasoning person here. second, i don’t want cal labeled a schizo. she may just have an oversupply of imagination (or hormones) or something. I’m worried about her, but i’m more worried about all the rest of the responders who think it’s ok to believe in ghosts. will you be on my side about it? (see my other submissions) Thanks again.

Answer #27

Overactive imagionation is plausible. I do believe in ghosts myself, but very few people truly experience this phenomona. The likelyhood of ghost activity is rare. As it can usually be justified by other means. We’ve all psyched ourselves out at one time or another. I think if the voices aren’t schizophrenia, the next most likely cause is just having been spooked by the NOTION of a “ghost”. The human mind is a powerful entity in and of itself. Sleeping pills cause hallucinations. Both visual and auditory. Maybe if out dear casey is taking ambien or any other kind of prescription sleep aids, it would def make the voices seem very real. I’m not sure if this is the case, but truth be told, there are hundreds of reasons why a person can hear disembodied voices.

Answer #28

I also know quite a bit about poltergeist activity. Your mom saying ghosts reach out to kids first is somewhat accurate, yet needs explanation. Children or teens and “ghosts” interact by way of energy transfer. If you read up on poltergeist activity, there is almost always an adolescent in the home. It’s theorized in the paranormal field that the intense emotions and mood swings brought forth by puberty and hormone fluctuations will cause “ghostly activity”. A vast majority of paranormal and scientific researchers don’t actually believe that poltergeist activity is caused by a ghost, but rather by the teenager. (By way of telekinesis.) The person creating the unusual energy is as unaware of it as anyone else would be. It creates very real occurances, unexplained to the untrained. But to those who have read up on telekinetic energy and poltergeists would quickly realize that this may be the reason for the activity. In my opnion, the notion of a ghost paired with the adolescent of the home, creats a perfect atmosphere for a “poltergeist”. Which isn’t actually a ghost at all.

Answer #29

Whoa! ‘honnyimhome’, why ISN’T it okay to believe in ghosts? Your belief isn’t the only one and you’re coming across as a HUGE douche bag :) so I suggest that you open your mind a little bit, or else you know what? Youll be exactly like those Christians and catholics who shove their beliefs down peoples throats. You’re not right, we’re not right. Nothing is proven- that’s why it’s called a belief. So stop acting so high and mighty because you’re not actually as great as you think you are :)

Answer #30

That’s right! I’m a big mean old bully :[ Wait ‘til i tell the Keebler elves what you said about me… but seriously, don’t you think it’s irresponsible to agree “yes, a ghost” where there might be a health issue? And no, i’m not as great as i think, because i am greater. XD

Answer #31

It’s nothing to do with pills, don’t worry. Wicca is a very old religion but I was referring to the practice, Wicca. It’s basically witchcraft but not the sterotypical pointy hats and broom stick rubbish ¬¬ If it’s a supernatural problem, it can be solved by supernatural means. Like a protection spell. It’s worked for me :] ^^

Answer #32

Don’t be scared, it can’t hurt you. Just tell if to F off haha In a nice way though lol

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