Who has heard about Disney being an evil corporation?

Answer #1

I have not heard that to tel you the truth. Disney has been a very popular thing for a long, long time, and I have never heard that.

Answer #2

I have, supposedly all their movies have some sort of hidden message in them not suitable for the age group the movies are for. Do I care about it? No.

Answer #3

yeah ive heard of it,was sooo shoocked and the worst thing is its true. youtube it

Answer #4

Any corporation that has been around as long as Disney will have a history. Some of the views common in Walt Disney’s time would be seen as bigoted today. There are also no doubt things the company participated in that would seem egregious today but you have to consider the context before declaring the company to be “evil.” By most accounts Walt Disney was ahead of his time and went to great lengths to make his films present all ethnic groups favorably. I’ve heard criticism of the crows in Dumbo and some of the characters in Song of the South reinforcing negative stereotypes about blacks. While modern eyes see racism in these films at the time it was brave to even have black characters in movies.

Answer #5

Finally someone educated

Answer #6

Michael Eisner, that’s the name of the man that aparently is steering Disney into a horrible direction. walt Disney the man has nothing to do with this era, you tube it, google it, whatever, a little research hides the truth.

Answer #7

It’s not exactly true the words sex written in the clouds of the “Lion king” is actually sfx as an easter egg from the special effects animation team. There were 2 controversies in the “Little Mermaid”, The castle in the “Little Mermaid” was said to be a rush job by the artists who didnt notice it looked like a *ildo and the clergyman who looked like he had wood when it was just his knees. In “Alladin” and “The Rescuers” there was a message following what alladin had said to the tiger after it attacked him which had said “all teenagers take off your clothes” and in “The Rescuers” was a small frame of a topless woman as the mice were on a ride, the 2 controversies regarding the incidents are the result of layoffs and angry workers. In “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Jessica Rabbit was noticed not to have been wearing underwear.

Answer #8

Pretty sure he has done his research. He rarely speaks without knowing what he’s talking about. And what has one man who is according to you steering disney in the ‘wrong’ direction got to do with an entire corporation. And again, he is talking about judging people according to the era they were born and raised in. That is his entire point. Walt Disney has nothing to do with this era, he was born in a different time. As for his anti-Semitic view points (if that is what you’re going on about), need to be taken in the context of his time. Just as slave owners need to be judged according to the times they lived in. I’m having a hard time understanding this black and white thinking from an adult.

Answer #9

Ok I know what you’re talking about but you obviously can’t figure out where I’m trying to get at, I guess I’m having trouble explaining this. Walt Disney, the person, has absutely nothing to do with what I’m talking about, I give up, google or tube it if you care to read more.

Answer #10

If and how antisemitic Walt Disney has been debated for a long time. I understand he did attend some NAZI rallies prior to WWII but these were open to the public; he may have attended out of curiosity. While some Disney characters where Jewish charactures it is also true that Disney employed many Jews and the studios did cut some scenes that the Jewish community found offensive. I hear Walt Disney included in the group with Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh as American NAZI sympathizers but I’ve yet to see any evidence that Disney deserves to be included in this group.

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