Who hear knows about medical coding?

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what about it ?

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How to look different things up in the code books, what all you have to code when you have the doctors notes.

How much money does a medical assistant make?

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I think you mean "here"...and medical coding is a booming industry. (Just like most health care professions). It's no something you can just look up and teach yourself -- there are year-long programs you go through to become certified in it.

What is a medical assistant wage?
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no = not*

How likley is it to get a medical coding job if I am a felon?

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Can a felon get a job as a medical assistant?
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I know I saw I put the wrong here after posting, but it was too late :) I am in one of those programs... online, I've had some problems still passed but I do have a few questions that could bring up my grade. So I was hoping I could find someone to ask questions to when they come up. :)

Work in the medical field with a misdemeanor?

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