Did anyone hear about Katy Perry's song with Elmo on Sesame Street get taken off because they thought she was showing too much clevage ?

Answer #1

yea lmao

Answer #2

Yes. Honestly if they didn’t like it then I don’t know why the f*ck they filmed it in the first place lol

Answer #3

thats so true lol the’re the FAILED!!

Answer #4

Yes…and to be honest, I can understand the parent’s point of view - these are mainly preschool children who watch that program, and they watch it to learn and be entertained - they don’t need to see a woman dressed in a “come hither” manner. I think it was in poor taste of both Perry and the producers to allow that to air.

Answer #5

It wasn’t the producers who didn’t like it - it got pulled because parents complained.

Answer #6

F’CK the parents there alot of young kids smoking and cursing and doing illage stuff and the parents aren’t even doing nothing

Answer #7

I still think the producers are pretty stupid. I mean it’s no doubt parents would complain. But I guess they don’t think

Answer #8

Yeah , you think that the producers would have thought that one through.

Answer #9

Blair, show me a 4 year old who smokes and I’ll show you parents who lost their children to child welfare…we’re talking pre-school children here, not 12 or 13 year olds.

Answer #10

well there gonna learn it sooner or later and its possible

Answer #11

Are you serious? That’s your attitude? They’re going to do it anyway, so let them do it now? For the sake of humanity, please - don’t ever have children.

Answer #12

Parents objected when they saw the video on the web so PBS decided not to air it on broadcast TV.

Pretty silly if you ask me. Kids see lots more skin that that every time they go to the beach or their neighborhood pool. PBS canned a fun video that most people of all ages would enjoy because a few prudes objected.

I shudder to think of how bland and boring TV will become if shows have to be made to be acceptable to everyone.

I think the problem here is that the people who complained don’t like Katy Perry because of her other provocative songs and outfits and wouldn’t like her on their kids shows even if she wore a prairie dress.

If anyone should be kicked off the show it should be Miss Piggy. What a ho! She often wears provocative outfits and constantly throws herself (sometimes literally) at Kermit.

Answer #13

lol i will never sooner or later i will cause to tell you the true i got very bad memorie

Answer #14

Yes, I can understand exactly why they took it off. No parent wants their toddlers and young children to stare at the television, while a woman is on there, showing too much cleavage. That outfit was NOT appropriate for an educational children’s program, at all.

Answer #15

You have a really good point!

Answer #16

Okay, any girl with big boobs knows what clothes to wear to conceal them. I can’t wear half the clothes other girls can wear because it looks like I’m purposely flaunting them. She should have worn a turtle neck lol.

Answer #17

ok i agree that her outfit was NOT appropriate for a kids’ show. but come on?? children have seen worse on the streets and other places !! Betty boop wears sexy clothing and they still have her on tv with kids watching! and so does miss piggy who is on sesame street!!!! so rlly what is the big deal?? - _-

Answer #18

in France it will be going n air but they’ll airbrush out clevage and the video won’t be aloud on Youtube.strange how in France we always get shows banned in America but dubbed in French or Occitan and sometimes they even badly air brush out anything offensif.Like MIAs video born free was aired in France but with strange arabic subtitles and peoples faces got blurred out.Strange.

Answer #19

if anyone goes to “youtube” you’ll see him next to there logo waving lol

Answer #20

I can see why they complained lol…I just watched the video >.<

Answer #21

It’s a little hard to miss the bouncing cleavage as she’s chasing after him.

Answer #22

just to add to that, her outfit wasn’t dat bad, yea it was kinda sexy not all dat appropriate but as i said before there’ve been worse but elmo walks around naked, spongebob wears only briefs (sometimes), they once showed patrick’s but on the show, tinker bell dresses sexy..and there r much more so i think ppl r exaggerating and blowing dis all out of proportion o.O

Answer #23

yup i saw it!! lol hehe

Answer #24

You’re comparing real flesh cleavage to fuzzy puppets and cartoons? Do you not see what a ridiculous comparison that is?

Answer #25

ok i see where you’re coming from but technically it’s not a big difference, and rlly her outfit wasn’t that bad. I’m sure kids have been exposed to worse, besides, kids are innocent, i’m sure little boys wont be looking at it like “ ooooooooh boobs!!” so it’s not like they can rlly tell :S

Answer #26

I thought ms.Piggy was on the mupphets O.O

Answer #27

I can guarantee a four year old boy understands the concept of boobs…

Answer #28

yea she is on muppets not sesame street my bad :SS lol haha but my point was she wears revealing clothing ( along with other characters from other shows) and no one complained about that o.O

Answer #29

and yea they know what it is but i don’t think they’ll view it the same way we do to begin with. It’s not that they wont understand the concept of boobs, they’ll just view it differently, and to them it probably wont mean anything :S

Answer #30

You can’t compare a human to a cartoon like that.

Answer #31

I agree. Small children shouldn’t be seeing things like that.

Answer #32

I think the state of undress at a pool, is completely different from when it is on a children’s show. At a pool or beach, it is common for bikinis, and they aren’t exactly seen as too sexually revealing because it is almost expected for people to wear it. It’s like if someone dressed in a bikini-like thing that at a beach it wouldn’t be seen as sexual as if someone dressed like that at a party. So I think it’s good that they took that off. Little children have loads of time to learn about things like that and I would not want my children to be seeing that on a children’s show.

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