What are some healthy desserts?

I know, you guys are probably thinking, there’s no suck thing as a healthy dessert! But, there is, like a bananna smoothie;) Do you guys have any other yummy, but healthy recipes? (preferably low in calories)

Answer #1

Fresh fruit with Cointreau is pretty healthy. Sorbet isn’t exactly healthy but a small serving isn’t that bad.

Thinking outside the box try making black bean brownies. I swear the first time I heard about this I swore it couldn’t possibly be any good but they were fine.

1 can cooked black beans 1 pkg brownie mix.

Pour the whole can of beans including liquid into a blender and buzz until smooth. Substitute the blended beans for all the liquid ingredients in the brownie mix then bake normally.

Believe it or not the brownies come out almost indistinguishable from brownies made with oil and eggs. There is a slight beany aftertaste that most people don’t even notice. The black bean brownies have fewer calories, no cholesterol, are nearly fat-free and have fiber from the beans.

Answer #2

That sounds awesome! I’m going to have to try that brownie mix! :) what is cointreau?

Answer #3

It a type of triple sec, which is a liqueur flavoured with orange peel

Answer #4

Pumkin muffins

Answer #5

sounds good, but i’m not the biggest fan of pumpkins:/ what about oatmeal cookies, anyone have a healthy recipe for those? :)

Answer #6

When I’m hungry and need a dessert badly, I toast a slice of wholemeal bread, mash half a banana on it and spread it on the toast. Taste delicious and healthy. I also make coconut sago with brown sugar and leave them in small bowls in the fridge so I can have them as dessert. My simple sago is healthy as you only need water, sago, a can of coconut. Sugar is needed to want the sago treat sweet. The brown sugar even though is healthy then white sugar is still a bit bad for you thou. But anything in modest is the key for healthy eating.

Answer #7

Brown sugar is not any healthier than white sugar

Answer #8

That sounds awesome!

Answer #9

Yes. I know one First, you need to find some photos or pictures, articles, old wrappers, or ads on tv goin for desserts Then, you get the biggest bottle/cup you can find. Next, you fill that cup with water, And then, you stare at all those wrappers and ads and photos and you think abou how fat and ugly and unhealthy they will make you And you chug that water. (;

Answer #10

You can try smoothies, I’m not sure if you would consider them a dessert but they’re sweet and generally healthy. You can also try dark chocolate. They are actually good for you in small amounts.

Answer #11

yogurt mixed with fruit and some nuts, has your source of protein, vitamin d,c , tastes great and good for you! whenever i get a sweet tooth i just go for a fruit, natures candy ;)

Answer #12

hahahha that’s awesome. i might use this one;)

Answer #13

I tried the toast and it was soooo yummy! :) thanks

Answer #14

White yogurt mixed with fresh fruits or berries.

For example strawberry yogurt. Grab some strawberries, put two or three in the mixer. put the yogurt in the mixer, mix until yogurt is pink. Then cut the other strawberries except into pieces and stir them under your pink yogurt. Use the last strawberry to decorate. http://funadvice.com/r/15n5o2i4061

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