Head Lice!! Help!!!

2 young members of my family have had a problem with headlice for 3 years! no matter what we try they dont go away!!! now the school sent them home and im worried what they might do..like call the cas..(childrens aid or something) the other day the teahcer had told me she was dressed in appropraitly for school because she had no socks..but shes 4..she did have socks on, but what kid likes em right? lol..I just need some advice on good remedes to get rid of these dang little creepy crawlers for good..anyone can help?

Answer #1

I no its annoyin and takes agis but sit their combin their hair untill all the headlice are gone try doin this every day for tuu weeks x

Answer #2

you need to take everything out of the room and seal it in plastic bags… like stuffed animals, and blankets, pillows, everything not hard… the matress should even be wraped in plasic for when they sleep… wash their hair w/// the special shampoo then they have this thing thats like an electofying comb and [when the hair is dry] comb those suckers out… do this for several days, vacuum the room everyday, and don’t stop just because you THINK they are gone… also, you might want to change their school… once they think the kids are getting mistreated, you may be stuck with that reputation… its understandable, lice sux!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #3

I am wondering what grade your children are in…when my girls where in kindergarten and first grade they got headlice.I treated them and treated them(which is bad for the kids), but they kept getting them back.come to find out the teachers or whoever was not washing the clothes that the kids had in the classroom using for dress-up.I finally turned the school nurse in to public health and she was fired.check into this at your school.also the teatree oil works great and head and shoulders(something to do with the blue dye they use)I hope this helped.

Answer #4

When I was living in Sudbury, lice was a huge problem, since somehow, the environment there made them immune to any lice treatments.

I used tea tree oil. Lice can’t stand the stuff.

I put it in their shampoo and made sure I washed everything and vaccumed everything else. a couple of treatments and they were lice-free.

Now, I always add a few drops of it into every bottle of shampoo as a preventative measure.

Another product that has worked in the past is Dettol - it’s an antiseptic.

Answer #5

We had this problem in our home with one elementary age child.

I took everything out the room that was soft and not washable and put it in plastic bags and put them in the garage all sealed up for 2 weeks. Vacuumed the room including the mattress VERY thoroughly. Including everywhere she would sit or put her head. Washed all bedding with hottest water available. Then I set in on the kid. The RID or NITs product even found one that included a spray to use on the carpet and mattress. *Then we did a daily comb with a special comb for the eggs (nits).Which I found out are a brown color and attach to the shaft of hair. (When the sac is white it means the egg had hatched) I found several LIVE lice and would squish them and the eggs that I combed out of her hair. I would part her hair in small sections and comb each section thoroughly! then clip with other ‘cleaned’ strands. We did all this combing out in the yard. I didn’t want them infesting the other parts of the house! We did this procedure for over one week until it was time to rewash the hair.

Needless to say while we were painstakingly combing her hair we discussed putting others hats on or coats or just touching heads with others. We had had 3 outbreaks over a few years until I set about it this way and she has learned how to protect herself.

We also would use a ‘tea tree oil’ shampoo and conditioner by nexus(?) though the school year as a preventative. Also her hair was braided daily to keep it from brushing on others!

I feel your pain! I am always terrified of having a reoccurence. IT WAS SOOO MUCH WORK!!!

As for your child not being dressed properly. That is in the eyes of the teacher and I have told my sons teachers and a counselor when he chose not to take a coat to school on very cold winter days. “ He has two that are down to chose from and I have to pick my battles and that has a natural consequence to it.” Such as not going on recess breaks… feeling cold and miserable. They backed off. Today all I say is ‘sure feels cold out there’ and waalaa he has a coat.

Not wearing socks has a natural consequence and when your four year old decides that they are cold and socks help them keep them warmer they will make a choice. Or perhaps socks will not be something they wear.

It is all about teaching them to make good choices when the consequences are small and affordable. So that when they get older the good choices are easier to make because they understand consequences. I certainly don’t have it down pat yet but I work on it daily.

Answer #6

a family I knew once had a similar problem…need to go to the pharmacy and get “quell” shampoo ( ithink that is what its called…) you may need to wash all of their bedclothes in it and in fact their entire wardrobe if its real persistant. unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to this but understand the kids caught them from someone else, it’s not your fault…so the recurrance could have to do with their playmates, the school itself, or the fact that when they first caught them they weren’t eradicated properly…good idea to talk to their family doctor for more accurate advice, as the time these guys I knew went through that it was 20 years ago…they may have improved the treatment by now, so ask a doctor…the quell shampoo will kill whats on them , alive and eggs, ( known as NITS )but it’s the surrounding environment that may be housing them, and as they hatch they go looking for food … good luck!

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