Who is here?

Is everyone here? What’s going on with you guys?

Answer #1

I am in indiana and I am just on here and myspace! What are you up too?

Answer #2

My husband and I are going to visit pretty soon for Christmas, I can’t wait to come back home! I have really been missing them and my friends! I hope we can make the best of it while we are down!

Answer #3

Yeah, the cameras on the stoplights in Longview were on the news today. No one likes them. :) Pretty neat that you’ve been to Tyler…it’s a pretty good sized town. Traffic is horrible sometimes…but there are TONS of places to shop. Yayyy!!!

Answer #4

My daughter and my girlfriend (9 years and 5 months yesterday) both want me to move. Next year probably I will. Got to go get my beauty sleep now. Nighty-night all.

Answer #5

Some call it the heart of Texas. I think that a better anatomical location would be the armpit.

The 911, probably nothing. I’ll find out tomorrow’s paper if there was anything going on.

Answer #6

texaskimmie: Heck yeah that’s what I’m doing too! I have to wait for my husband’s show (Mythbusters…) to be over, then we are going to watch a movie!

Answer #7

I’m not here… I apoligize for that. I had an important meeting I had to jet off to 3 minutes ago yesterday. As for whats going on with me, I am not exactly sure myself… I was kinda hoping you’d tell me, actually. Can you? lol. Britz

Answer #8

Yeah! I didn’t really visit Tyler except for once when my friends and I went to a club… I can’t remember what it was called though… I mostly just went to Longview and Shreveport! My husband and I came back to visit a few months ago and they have cameras at the stoplights (I don’t like that!) and a Chili’s now and there were a few other little things that I noticed as well! We’re moving on up! Maybe they will make the mall better?! Yeah right LOL!

Answer #9

I’m here! I’m sleeping… -_-

Answer #10

I’m am patiently waiting at my house for some planetickets my grandfather is sending me so I can board the plane and go home to Texas! I’m so excited!

Answer #11

yeah texaskimmie you are right

Answer #12

Oh yeah…

Answer #13

He watches those shows all the time, sometimes I sit down with him and watch some too!

Answer #14

I graduated h.s. from Killeen, Texas (Ft. Hood). Hope that you weren’t from there, heathershaw05.

Answer #15

Heather…wow, Marshall? I’m from Tyler.

Answer #16

Discovery channel is the best! Mythbusters, Deadliest catch, Dirty Jobs are the 3 best.

Answer #17

Whoa… not cool! I hope everyone’s okay…

Answer #18

“Britz14, you’ve just won a trip for 2 to Disneyland!!! How do you feel?!” *shoves a mic in your face

Answer #19

No, I’m from Marshall (north-east), where is Killeen?

Answer #20

I was setting with my family

Answer #21

Heard shots next block over. Ain’t it special!

Answer #22



Answer #23

I was just calling 911.

Answer #24


Answer #25


Answer #26

I was doing the insomnia dance, how about you?

Answer #27

Wow texaskimmie… you are still up?

Answer #28

it’s afternoon

Answer #29

Your family is up this late with you?

Answer #30

It’s probably not late for bmw, judging from where they live.

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