he broke my heart! why do I still love him? please reply!!! it mea

my b/f just broke up with me. I can not get him off my mind. you name it it reminds me of him. its like really bring my life on a downward spiral. he didnt even do it to my face! he wrote me a letter! he hasnt said anything or even looked at me! this is what the letter said: morgan,

 I am really sorry I couldnt say this to your face because I know how you and how you feel bout me but im going thru a really rough time rite now my baseball sucks (hes a baseball player, he lives for it) and my house and just everything. and I just feel that im not showing or giving you the attention you deserve. we never really talk.which is b/c of baseball we never see each other and I wont be able to see you over the summer and the truth is that I got so much going on that I dont want a girlfriend. its nuthin against you, im not mad, is nuthin you done its just that my life is so fucke dup right now and how you deserve to love someone that will be there for you at all times. I just want to be friends. please dont be mad at me.im just so stressed that you dont know what has went thru my mind. you cant imagine what I want to do to myself sumtimes.I just want to get over that feeling about myself before I have feelings for someone else. im so sorry. I love you.

the thing is he lied a lot in the letter. baseball stops june 10th . I wud get to see him I got to see and talk to him constantly is he just making excuses or is he for real? please reply because its killin me. I need to hear from some one else that is wasnt just bein a jerk. please I still love him but I dont want to anymore. how do I get over him?

Answer #1


I know how you are feeling, really. I know people have probaly said this to you and you can’t understand how anyone could feel like that, but I really really do know how you feel. I am going through the same thing right know and I love this guy and probaly always will but I broke my heart and although he did that I still love him, and everything reminds me of him. Even though he wants me to give him another chance, I really do want to deep down, but he broke my heart once, and will probaly do it again.

Don’t let them win, be strong and show him just what he gave up. Every girl goes through it at one point and it hurts real bad, but be strong.

Hop I could help. x.x.x.x

Answer #2

Hey girl i think we have a lot in common my ex b/f name was brian to brian gibbs and he played baseball to and we broke up because he tok me some where and he saw some girls there and his friends and he totally ignored me and i left i was hurt really bad 2 and i still have feelings for him but there going away it just takes alot of time

Answer #3

Maybe some of his letter was a white lie and maybe not. You know him better than anyone here. It sounds like he is just too stressed out to have a girlfriend right now. You should respect that. Of course you are allowed to still have feelings for him. Maybe down the line you two will get back together, you never know! But for now just leave him alone and focus on other things. I’m sure they’re are plenty of other things to focus on. School, your favorite hobby, hanging out with friends… Just busy yourself with something else. ( oh and… Boys are dumb.. throw rocks at them! :) )

Answer #4

hey. I know youve heard this before, but honestly, dont worry. do other stuff, but not things you do normally, step outside your comfort zone. The less comfortable youd normally be, the better because then your thinking less and less about him and more and more about your self. Even if you dont move on for a while it doesnt matter. I fell in love with someone two years ago, I still love them, it doesnt matter. I know someday I will move on and it will be him who has lost out. Just think positive thoughts, if you find you are really upset then dont bottle up your feelings, let them out, and eventually you will find someone who deserves you.

Answer #5

Girl, do not feel bad. Today I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and it would of been 3 this october. Anyways, this guy sounds like he’s full of it. I believe he’s already with someone else. What makes me mad about the situation is he didn’t have the balls to tell you in person (what a a-hole). Sometimes it’s hard especially if you’re in love. I know I might shed a tear later but I know I will someone better. But one thing I learned is that guys get over girls faster when the relationship is over. So basically don’t stress over someone who’s full of it, trust me I know.

Answer #6

ya my gf told me on im…it rly made me mad 2

Answer #7

tell him how you feel. But not just yet. Ask him how he feels then Tell em how you feel. Then if thingz dont work. Try to get a new boyfriend and that will definitly take your mind off him.

Answer #8

Well my boyfriend of 16 months left me yesterday day. At first I felt like it was my fault cause I said let’s take a break but then I found out last night he was already cheating with mu best friend are ex best friend it really hurts and my mom says don’t cry. I’m only 18 and he’s the second hit I have every dated and it reaght hurts but are I know how you truly feel cause the womb is still fresh and now I think I’m pregnant and he says he wanna be there but I don’t want him too someone please help

Answer #9

Its ok trust me my boyfriend just dumped me because no reason at all the night before he told me he wanted 2 be wid me 4 ever and ever I go 2 give him my valintine wht does he do say ummm… check face book I do except he blocked me I =( the only bad thing is I joined a class in school and I have 2 sit next 2 him and I think mabey he looks at me and then I look up hes talking 2 my best friends aka there boys but it hurts really bad but you got 2 cry it all out talk 2 your friends and realize that if it was ment 2 be he wouldnt have dumped u! your friends might say your 2 good 4 him and you are but I wound seem like it for a while I guess you just have 2 start saying o hes hott but dont date till you can look him in the eyes it will take a while depending on wht kinda girl you are! I hope you get over him =)

Answer #10

hey listen dont let him get to you i was in the same boat as you a year ago and it may hurt now and you cant stop thinking about him but you what wait just a little he is going to go out thier and think their is something better out there and when he see’s you are the best thing he will come back cring and you will already found someone who makes you smile and never cry be strong i promise it will get better

Answer #11

hey I’ve faced something similar as well.. my ex dumped me for someother reason a couple of months back and it took me sometime to gt over wth it. but I had ma guy friends to talk with , to share my problems with … it nearll made me forget my ex and now am going out with one f my best friends… it takes time though … know what now my ex wants me to continue with him … he feels so dam jealous when he sees me with my guy which ridiculous. because it was he who dumped me and now feeling jealous … make your guy jealous .. make him regret for the stupidest desesion he made… but remember JUST DON’T GO AFTER HIM AGAIN… TRY AND FORGET HIM… TRY TRY TRY …

all the best thilzzz

Answer #12

I’ve been in a bad relationship for two years. I am 22 now and yesterday should have ben our 2-year anniversary. I gave him all of me. I forgave him for the unthinkable, I listened to his complains and adjusted my lifestyle just to make him happy. I thought I was the perfect girlfriend. But he never loved me quite as much. The only thing that kept us together was that I was just too good to be true I guess. He didn’t have any good reason to break up with me, but some how he found an excuse. So, here I am, checking up the internet for broken hearts like me. I am deeply hurt.

Answer #13

hey! it kills!! I know how hard it is.I’ve been with the love of my life for 6 years.he broke up with me over nothing…he made some unreasonnable excuses…I loved him like hell!he lives in france and I live in lebanon but our love was so strong ..u can’t imagine.now I think he’s seeing some other girl.I loved him more than myself…I begged him like no one else would…today I called him 20 times and he didnt answer..I treated him like a king…but he never appreaciated…so today im gonna try to move on..even though wherever I go,whatever I do…I remember him and the last summer we spent together(it was a dream) now he’s not mine anymore…he’s pretending not to know me…it hurts so much… I’m tellin you this to let you know that your not alone in this…I know how you feel…I feel it too…we just have to be strong and get over it…time heals everything…just pray!

Answer #14

hi dear, I no its very hard what you are going through,,,me too I had loved a guy for one year,,n he left me the day after our first year together,,I felt like if there was a expiry date to our relationship. the guy never give me false hope,,but our relationship was very special,,we had religous probs,,I always tell to myself ,,that ya,its a good thing that we broke up,,because,,it would have been painful for our family,,but… the day he left me,,,there was lot of excuses,his studies,,no time for me,,cannot commit,,,..my godm,,I felt like if I was a heavyweight for him,,..then he broke up I was devasterd,,a one year relationship over like that. I break my sim,,n told him not to contact me,,,but I did contact him at night,,but he waas harsh to me,,n 2 days later he clld to see if I was ok,,,well I showed him I was,..then one week later ,I did contact himm,buut he told me that he had moved on,,he is experiencing a new life but 3 weeks later,,I discoverd there was someoneles,, and I no,,that this girl is perferct let me tell u,its been 6 months already since we broke up well the 1st month I was so disgusted that I didnt fink about him and did nt take his call,,, but now,,im very sad,,that he is gone,,n sometimes,,I cnt accept that he left me and find love,,within one week but I will try somthin nw this is called perception it is the maening ,that you will give to that guy you no,,when someone give so much excuse to leave u just listen to your head not to your heart and go away you worth much more

Answer #15

hes lying to use you and if you let him itll satisfy him and its not bad if you still like him b-because it takes a while to get over someone

Answer #16

well, maybe he’s gay? i mean, that would explain why he broke up with you, AND lied about why he did. (haha. still love him now? lol. okay, i’ll serioulsy answer this question now. =] ) okay, well he was a jerk. im sure there’s other guys who are sweeter, hotter, and overall, better than him. like, a year ago i thought there was nobody at my school who was hot but then guess what? we had 3 german boys stay at our house over the summer. i ended up going out with one of them, (to this day i still think hes the second hottest guy i’ve ever met, second to my current bf, whos first, of course. trust me, you dont know hot till you’ve seen my hunk. lol), We only went out for 5 months because the whole long-distance-relationship thing. we’re still really good friends though. and if this (gay =P )guy who you ‘still love’ wants to come back to you. nomatter how temping it might be DONT go back. chances are you’ll go through the same thing again with this guy. no matter how much they say it, they haven’t changed. i mean, there is the one-in-a-million chance he has, but make him prove it to you. he probably wont be able to, and you’ll know you made the right decision in the end. good luck!

Answer #17

sounds like he broke up with you over baseball. what an a$$.

Answer #18

hey, I knew how it feels, the thing is my boyfriend broke up with me last monday. I have lost 10 pounds in 2 days. I cant eat anything. I cant get him out of my head. and he likes another girl. I just wanted to let you know that you arent the only one who is hurting. what he did to you was wrong. and someday you will forgive him but the thing is will you forget him. I cant forgive or forget. and I do know because I still love him (the guy who didnt just brake up with me he killed me.) if he did lie to you then he isnt going to stop. he hits you once, he’ll hit you again. lie to you once he’ll lie again. everyone is telling me that braking up is part of life. it hurts like hell. but one day youll find a guy who would give his life for you…I wish you luck…we both hurt, just do one thing dont let him kill you inside.

take everything that reminds you of him. pack it in a box and put it in your closet. give yourself a week to cry. go have fun with friends. talk it out, write it down. do something that you love to do... everyone gets hurts its how you handle the pain.

                  I hope this helped a little..

…but remember I know how you feel..and there are others out there. that know the pain too. and there are others for you.

Answer #19

Put his azz on dntdatehimegirl.com website. That will hold those losers!

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