Have you heard of Fluidity?

I really want to get this dancing bar called the Fluidity bar but it is around $200 and I dont know if I want to buy it without knowing if it will work. Have any of you heard of people who have used it or used it? Thanks a bunch if you can help me out.

Answer #1

I love the Fludity bar. I used it along with bar method, pure bar dvds. 3 times a week with the bar and 2 week belly dance for cardio. I have lost 45 pounds and 6 sizes. The bar has given me a longer leaner form. I am naturally very tall(almost 6’)and always thought I was “big boned” and would always be “masculine” for a woman. After using Fluidity I look and feel even more feminine than a lot of petite women out there. :)

Answer #2

First Workout - not bad Ill start off by giving some info on me.

im 5’7’’ 250lbs overweight by any standards. my goal is 160ish. I used to be in the army got out and gained a lot of weight. when I was in iraq I hurt my back so now working out is painful. I was looking for something to help me lose weight and get strong enough again without aggravating my lower back injury.

my first workout went pretty well. I rate it a 7. being overweight and injured makes it hard but with this beginner workout I was able to workout and actually finish. I would have like more stretching since it helps from feeling sore later on and helps my back but since it is only beginner I guess its cool. I think people expect to feel and look great after just one workout but I think you have to think on a more realistic level. if you are already fit you may need a higher intensity workout. coming from someone who isnt so fit, so far so good. I plan to also keep up with my walking and work on my eating habits. see you next week.

Answer #3

Ok I just bought the fluidity bar. it got here like 3 days ago. the box was huge. I was mad because it doesnt look that big on tv. what the heck happened here? doesnt tv add 10lbs? lol well I set it up today, if your not slow like me then set up will be very easy. once I did set it up its still big but not as big as I first thought. the only thing that evens out its size is the fact that it fits under the bed. so on a scale of 1 to 10 ill give the size a even 5. I havent started working out on it yet but when I do ill come back and let you know what I think. ill try to post on a weekly basis. lets hope this $200 was well invested! :)

-erica w.

Answer #4

Hi, I recently ordered Fluidity Bar. It arrived the other day, and the box was totally bigger & heavier than I imagined it to be from the infomercial. Basically, it will take up more room that I thought it would, so I just decided to return it. There is a 30 day money back guarentee(part or the reason I thought I would try it). The problem is this: you do not get your shipping refunded, which I knew and is fair, but you also pick up the tab for the return as well. UPS will come & pick it up, but it weighs 60 lbs, so from where I live it will cost $72.00 to shiip. FedEX charges $42.00, but will not come to pick it up unless is an express shipment, which cost considerably more. It is costing me $110.00 to NOT OWN this . BUYER BEWARE!!

Answer #5

Hey kariout,

The Fluidity bar is supposedly better than pilates for your fitness. I found a website that has real reviews that people give about the Bar. They are mixed reviews, most people say the workout is really hard (but isn’t that a good thing after all?)

You can judge for yourself; the website is:


Good luck!

Answer #6

I love the Fluidity bar! I have had it almost 2 years and it really helps with sore muscles. I was pregnant most of the first year and nursing most of the second but I have lost 30 pounds of my pregnancy weight and now I have just weened my son and I am using Fluidity to loose the other 15.

My husband uses it for his sore back. We both agree that one workout with Fluidity is better then a professional massage. After using it for 1 month he gained a few inches around his chest and around his arms all in muscle.

My older sister has to children and she doubted Fluidity when I told her about it. She saw the results with us and decided to try it herself. It eliminated pain in her shoulder and so far she has lost 15 pounds. She gets comments all the time about how skinny she looks and her shirts are baggy in the stomach now.

We love Fluidity and when we get more space and money will buy another so two people can work out together. This is something we will use our whole lives to stay fit, flexible, healthy and strong.

Most of the people who comment on this subject didn’t even try the workout and if they did they didn’t try it more then once. Everything worth having takes time.

As far as the money it is way less expensive then joining a gym or taking ballet, yoga, or other excise programs. All you need is self motivation and each work out leaves you feeling energized and ready to face the day.

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