Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?

If so what’s the most embarrassing message and who to?

Answer #1

I was talking to bethany and anna and anna had sent a message telling me to spend the night that weekend and I accidently sent to bethany I will be there but you better not tell jenni my secret and I had to spend 3 hours trying to get bethany from knowing my secret…

Answer #2

Yeah it’s not anything serious though but I know people who did that and it lead to BIG BIG BIG PROBLEMS AND A LOT OF DRAMA

Answer #3

YES, I once sent my ex a message that says: you’re funny :) while I was supposed to send it to my friend who had his same name on my list… he didn’t believe me when I said it was a joke and he texted back on the other day: how about tomorrow night?? and I went through so much trouble!!!

Answer #4

Yes. This is horrible I was sitting at my house about to go out with these 2 unattractive girls and I figured I would invite my buddy. So I start typing, “Hey man whats up you wanna go to the bar I got 2 ugly girls going right now, but they usually bring hotter girls”. I sent it to one of the ugly girls…ahh wow. She texts me back pissed off and I havn’t talked to her since…that was 2 years ago.

Answer #5

Once I accidentally told my best friend (who is also a guy) that he had a cute butt.

Answer #6

L0L unfortunately yea I have I sent a text message tew one of mii guy frends by mistake it was suppost tew go tew mii boyfriend at the time it was an inside joke but it was sorta inappropriate soo it was super akward when he texted back laughing hahaha it was funny tho lmao

Answer #7

Hey dude. Imma b a lil late. C you in a bit.

Answer #8

oh no (thatonegirl) how embarrassment. I remember when I was younger there was this weird guy trying to get with me one night at a concert who was kinda a friend of our group and I sent him accidentally the text I meant to send to my best friend saying how annoying he was hehe it was so not cool… :( hehe

Answer #9

Yes blushes I was texting my friend Aicia, and she was asking me about my boyfriend. Basicaly she was wondering if I liked him or not because it didn’t seem like it. . So I responded back. ‘No, I dont like him. I’m using him to make Jake jelous. And it’s working :) ‘ Of course I ended up sending it to my boyfriends best friend Austin whos right next to her in the contact list.

Answer #10

I was supposed to save a message in my drafts sayin how this boy that I have a MAJOR crush on called me babes and he hugged me and stuff and that he knows how I feel about him and yeah ummm.. the message accidentley sent to him and I had to lie and say that me and my cozin was playing truth or dare and she dared me to send it. lol.

Answer #11

I sent a few to my boyfriend accidentally when they were meant to be sent to my friend as a gossip about him. I had to write a follow up text, saying that “it wasn’t meant for you but now you know” :P Just don’t freak out, laugh at your own silliness instead.

Answer #12

I just text denise instead of daisy saying how hot she looked yesterday and how much fun was it last night

Answer #13

I liked this guy who was friends with my friend, and I was texting him and my friend at the same time, asking her what I should say back to him when he said something (you can probably see where this is going) and he said you’re cute! :$ :) and I said no, you! and he responded, okay, how about we’re both cute :$? And I answered Alright, but you’re still cuter :S! and he didn’t answer for a few minutes so I composed a text to my friend (without looking at who I was sending it to, I assumed it was my friend) saying: Courtney, I said okay, but you’re still cuter :S! to him but he hasn’t answered for like 3 minutes and it’s making me nervous! Was that the wrong thing to say?! and then sent it and looked at my conversation with my friend, but was curious as to why my message (the one I’d just sent) wasn’t showing up under the convo, then I clicked into the other one and realized I’d sent it to the boy… embarrasing.

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