Why do they put extra chemicals in cigarettes?

have you ever wondered why they put so many chemicals in cigaretts even tho its the nicotine your addicted to? like seriously why couldnt they just grow nicotine plants and put that is smokes why do people want to make you get canser and sht its stupid… well if you know an awnser to that one tell me k peace out jennifer*

Answer #1

RJR) Which is The R. J. Renyolds Co, in Richmond,Va. like the other tobacco companies put drugs in the smokes to make you buy more. Its nicotine, its very, very addictive. Thats why the Co. send lobbyists to washington to promote Cigarete sales. The lobbiest protect the cig. comp. from getting sued. Payoffs, protection laws etc. Happen in Wash.

Answer #2

I attended my son’s 7th grade health class and they were talking about the dangers of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chew. When burning, the smoke is comprised of 3000 different harmful chemicals. 3000 I thought was extreme, but there is a list from ammonia to carbon dioxide and even oxygen! But, the oxygen is tied up with carbon and other chemicals that make it poisonous, like CO which is carbon monoxide, and as above CO2. Breathe too much of that and life stops.

Answer #3

The additives in cigarettes also cause them to burn down the ciggy much faster. If you’ve ever smoked an additive free cigarette, you’ll see how much slower a natural cigarette burns. Big Tobacco does this so that your cigarette burns down quicker, therefore you’ll need another one faster, and blaze through pack after back in no time.

Far be it from a company to just be happy making a products such as cigarettes that sell without chemicals and additives and be happy making the billions they’d still make. No, they have to make MORE and MORE and MORE billions!!

I suggest you buy Nat Sherman’s ciggies if you must. Often you have to buy them in cigar shops or cigarette specialty stores. They are natural, taste nicer, last longer and are 6.00-$7.00 a pack. When I have to pay that much for smokes, I cut down, enjoy each cigarette and smoke way less!

They also add additives to cigarettes for the flavor. Each brand of cigarettes has different additives in them that gives them their unique flavor that separates them for other brands.

Answer #4

The 500+ additives in cigarettes mostly do occur naturally in everyday foods. However, you DON’T SMOKE YOUR FOOD. When these additives are burned is when the chemical composition changes and dangerous poisons are created. Does anybody remember getting dizzy and sick from smoking your first cigarette? That’s because it’s toxic and your body is rejecting the poisons. Your body is incredibly resiliant, however, and adjusts to poison over time.

I just switched to the additive free American Spirit and the difference is amazing. The smoke is MUCH cleaner and it doesn’t have the “chemical” taste of other brands. I’m trying to quit. While I’m sure smoking American Spirits is still not healthy, it’s got to be better than those other brands out there.

Answer #5

Its cheaper on them to add all the other ingredents and most are addictive! So it saves them money! yet they charge 3 or more dollars a pack!

Answer #6

If the chemicals only occur through the burning process,then American Spirit etc could not advertise the fact that they do not add chemicals.Methinks it is you that is not too bright.Don’t dis people for not knowing the answer to something.They were intelligent enough to wonder!Sue in Sheffield,UK.

Answer #7

The Big Tobacco Companies, use the additives to make cigarettes even more addictive. They are also so harmful, but check this out… It gets even worse! They also promote programs to QUIT SMOKING! But, they do not really want you to quit… IT is all a big game, to keep you as a money making customer… I buy all Natrual American Spirit Additive free Tobacco… This does not mean it is a safer cig’ but I find I’m, coughing a lot less! If it wasn’t for how addicted I was, and yes my inability to remain positively willed enough to quit for more than 6 months, then I wouldn’t smoke. I know it is Horrible! Smoking is so very bad for you… Yet, so is drinking… However, think of this… If the Tobacco companies, really wished to make a cigarette that wasn’t so harmful, and addictive, practicality no one would buy it. In short, because they can, and they do, and they will continue to do so. Its just the same as asking, Why is gas so high? Do you believe honestly that even if we are as shot as they claim, that it would need be as high per Gal as it is? It is ridiculous. Isn’t it not?

Answer #8

OMG you people are not too bright. I don’t think they actually add 4000 chemicals. Most are from the buring process. You could smoke hay, vegtables and still get all these chemicals.

Answer #9

I think it just kills you faster

     ...Don't kill me for my appenion...
Answer #10

do some freakin research! Carbon is stored in everything and when you burn it, it is released. Tar, carbon, and everything else is already present in tabacco including the things that make rat poison. The things that are added are few and are for flavor.

Answer #11

I looked up all the chemicals they add and I’m glad they put them in. None the additives are carcinogens and they’re in there for flavor and to perserve it and good stuff like that. All but two you eat when you have a piece of fruit or some meat. All the cancer causing chemicals are naturally in tobacco and the only additive that makes it more addicting is ammonia which enhances the nicotine that’s already there. Additive free cigarettes are’nt better for you at all they just taste worse…So stop giving cigarette companies such a hard time

Answer #12

the point to all the extra chemicals is not because the company is ever so smart, but due to the fact that we’re dumb. cigarettes are becoming more and more harmful every day, but they know we can’t stop ourselves from smoking anyways, so what do they care? the chemicals which make your cigarette burn faster work well too, I go through about 2 packs a day and I’m only sixteen, point being tobacco companies know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well. and as for nat sherman’s I will look into that.

Answer #13

has anyone heard of the electric cigerette?

Answer #14

Let’s see, tobacco companies lied for years and said, “we add nothing to our cigarettes, they are clean burning tobacco.” What Happenned? They got in loads of trouble because they lied. Why did they lie? Because they didn’t want to lose sales and the billions of dollars they make each year. Once we as a nation wake up out of our stupor we will see that not only cigarette companies but quite a few companies take advantage of our complacency. Look at the pharmecuetical companies pushing a drug for hangnails… we have become drugged, controlled and blinded by greed. Not all of us, some of us have grown up enough to realize how far the wool has been pulled over our eyes and have started to rebel. The government is out of control and we know it and allow it. How many people realize that the Supreme Court elected George Bush in the first election? Look it up. This is a fact and the legal documents that stopped the recount and named him president are available. This goes against everything this country stands for. We might as well burn the constitution when we allow our courts to elect the president. This is what I mean… big corporations in conjunction with government are working hard to keep us complacent and give us a warm cozy feeling. Do your research and then make a statement of your opinion using facts not emotion. Cigarette companies lied for years and they got caught! Fact! Adding flavor to a cigarette is one thing but spiking it with other chemicals to keep you hooked is another. Fact! Look this all up and research it… it is very hard to quit but millions of people do it, so can you. Facts are facts, emotions are emotions and we the people need to start speaking out, let go of our fear and just be free! Isn’t that why we live in America? If you want to smoke, do it! It is your right as an American. But be responsible with children and others who don’t smoke. They deserve their freedom of choice as well.

Answer #15

I smoke sacred tobacco, aka native American tobacco. It is 100% pure and contains a lot more nicotine then any other form. Yet, yesterday I smoked and American spirit and had an insane buzz wich reminded me off why I had started smoking long ago. The point being, I smoke nicotine all the time, and I was not buzzing off of nicotine. I stumbled on this forum looking for an answer to “what gets you hi in cigarette” because I can garantee it is not nicotine. Also cigarette you buy are 60% paper. A reason why they burn so fast and taste so bland compared to real tobacco. If you wanna quit cigs, pls don’t give these industries more of your money. Buy some tree tobacco online. It’s nicotine free and after smoking it for 2 weeks you won’t remember why you smoke. Peace love and don’t buy Phillip Morris that’s kkk

Answer #16

the extra chemicals are a means to an end; the means being “they” need more consumers to purchase cigarettes and the end is a more addictive cigarette which has enhanced addictive qualities contribute of the chemicals. without the additional chemicals, nicotine wouldn’t be as addictive and hence easier to quit.

Answer #17

Just about all the additives are to do with flavour. That’s one of the ways the evil (yes, they are evil) tobacco companies build brand loyalty. If your corner store happens to have run out of your ‘brand’, you don’t say “that’s alright just give me anything with the same amount of nicotine”. You either buy the next closest in flavour to your brand or go to another shop. Tobacco companies= evil marketing geniuses.

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