Answer #1

I am in l<3ve!

Answer #2

I am in l<3ve!

Answer #3

I am in l<3ve!

Answer #4

I am in l<3ve!

Answer #5

Oh my God, I didn’t mean to post that many times! So sorry!!!

Answer #6

isnt it awesome!? :D

Answer #7

Very…. =)

Answer #8

You do know that love is a trick played on the brain by the hormones right? and the word “love” itself was invented for Hallmark so they can sell their cards easier. As soon as Hallmark put out these cards that said the basic “I love you.” an epidemic of I LOVE YOU syndrome broke out…. Just saying I have proved using science that love is not real…

Answer #9

just because YOU dont believe in love, doesnt mean its not real. it obviously is real, and ur stupid hallmark crap, uhhh yeah love is mentioned in the bible so…. im pretty sure thats before people starded sending cards…

Answer #10

Debby Downer.

Answer #11

yay :D hehe

Answer #12


Answer #13

awesome :D

Answer #14

haha its fine u put that :D at first i was like “what the heck?” o.O lol

Answer #15

Yes it is ;D

Answer #16

Yes it is ;D

Answer #17

i am currently , :D

Answer #18

Well personally (Note I said personally meaning MY opinion) my friends and I have also proved that there is no God, Devil, Haven or Hell…. We believe in evolution… The proof is right in front of us… In some cases some chimps’ intelligence can surpass that of a 4 year old….
And one more thing, I use to believe in love, but there is no reason in believing in something that isn’t real, I mean do you believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny as well??? I use to “be in love” but that was before the guy broke my heart and then I was taught by a group of girls at school about the epidemic and fever that comes along with hormones acting up in the brain. It’s not love, it’s lust… Debby Downer?? What?

Answer #19

w00t! :D

Answer #20

yay! :D good to hear it :)

Answer #21

woooooooooooooooooow. proof is right in front of us….. uhuh im sure it is. and um hahahaha lust is completly different then love, lust is when you are having sexual desire for someone.. that has nothing to do with love. maybe u should figure out what words mean before you use them, otherwise you just sound retarted. The group of girls are probably just drama queens who got their heart borken by some d!ck head and now they lost hope. and if you dont believe in god then thats your own decision, you can go back to being a gorilla like you “evolved” from.

Answer #22

Not me but I’ve seen it and I hope to have it someday.

Answer #23

I am :) <3

Answer #24

i think you will :) and it will be great :D trust me :]

Answer #25

Awesome! :D

Answer #26

You can only know what love is when you have it, people who have never had it will justify why and claim they don’t believe, one day they might finally realize that love is a state of the heart not of the mind. The mind plays tricks with love, if you let your heart guide you, you’ll never do wrong. You will only be doing what your heart wants.

Answer #27

Ok lets break down the vocabulary: Lust= yes, having a sexual desire for someone, but look at it from the other POV, lust can also mean passion. And Oh my lord! for someone to “love” someone you have to have passion for them. Oh wow, wooh… And fyi, you are mentally insane, and don’t use the word retarded, it’s offensive, it’s like me saying “you’re gay looking.” for your info, I have a “mentally incapacitated” friend. Just saying…. So when the gf you have that says she “loves you” breaks your heart, you can go take a hike in the woods for all i care! Ok, are we understood? Ok, that’s what I thought :)

Answer #28

:) i agree completly with what you said (:

Answer #29

haha , thankks (:

Answer #30

No. You are making no sense. You’ve obviously never experience it so what are you doing running your mouth about something you don’t know about?

Answer #31

Thank you. Ignore others who say love is not real, it lives deep in your heart. Never ignore your heart

Answer #32

hahaha your stupidity makes me laugh :D and im pretty sure you answered this question to try and insult me so… yeah. haha and telling me im gay looking is hilarious! my gf isnt gonna break my heart, so dont get your hopes up XD oh, and lust doesnt mean passion. it means lust. you just dont want to be wrong so you make up some lame a** statement. gee lol ………………………oh haha not to mention u used the term “oh my lord!” … thought u didnt believe in God? XD

Answer #33

I agree with leavepie

Answer #34

i wont :D dont worry :) you dont either! thanks for the answer :]

Answer #35

Any time

Answer #36

I am every day…

Answer #37

good for you! :D

Answer #38

I have to wonder just how many other “tricks” our brain plays on us every day then? Is growth a trick too? Because apparently our hormones are in charge of that. Guess we need to have a talk with the Pituitary gland won’t we? Oh wait, who’s in charge of that gland, well it wouldn’t be the brain now would it :)

Answer #39

XD hahaha exactly.

Answer #40

i agree with Nikki completely! XD

Answer #41

And I hope you are too :D

Answer #42

Thank you

Answer #43

i am ! :D

Answer #44

Wow! Faith_2009 is completely, obviosly, absoloutly RETARDED IN THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #45

Shhh gabby darling calm down.

Answer #46

im in more love than i can handle lol it sounds bad but its good really good :)

Answer #47

no it doesnt sound bad :) im in that same boat :D

Answer #48


Answer #49

Now… who is that luckiest girl? ;)

Answer #50

hahaha XD i love this! :D

Answer #51

I`m inlove for the first time and NEVER belived i would be (:

Answer #52

She’s not retarded, that’s not even a valid argument here. If you go back at least, say, 500 years, not believing in a God would be seen as the serious brain damage, death to your soul, or something similar. There’s nothing wrong with her idea of love not existing.

Answer #53

haha :) her name is jennal <3

Answer #54

Lol you get used to quarrels like this after a while if you’re on the site long enough. Nothing you need to get worked up over, just state your opinion and move on

Answer #55

yeah? well thats great :D i hope you and…uh colton? :D stay together forever :)

Answer #56

which is exactly what faith_2009 DIDNT do :)

Answer #57

I’ve been in love, or tought I was in love.

Answer #58


Answer #59

Lol thankss! :) and yeah it`s colton :)

Answer #60

youre welcome :) and thats awesome :D

Answer #61

Lol :)

Answer #62

Im not in love, but i like the person i’m with a lot and he makes me happy. That’s still pretty sweet. :D

Answer #63

Ur Welcome!

Answer #64

well thats great then :D go you guys XD

Answer #65

True That Leavepie! True That! XD

Answer #66

None of you truly know how it feels to have your heart broken, but someday you will, and I will be laughing, see while you guys are depending on your spouse, I will be an independent person with a career… And just to let you know, nothing lasts forever, nothing does… And that is why over half of the marriages today end in divorce.

Answer #67

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Answer #68

and you dont know how it truly feels to be in love :) and when you have a lonley a** life by your pathetic self ill be laughing.

Answer #69

LEAVEPIE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Unlike some people…..FAITH_2009!!!!

Answer #70 Love is not equivalent to passion. I don’t have any passion or lust for my brother, nor do I for my closest friends, but I do, in fact, love them. Having a broken heart doesn’t prove that love is nonexistent. If anything, it proves that, regardless of it just being hormones, it means more than just that psychologically.

Answer #71

i love how EVERYONE keeps proving fath_2009 wrong :D

Answer #72

…..then its probably a convincing duck sculpture that emits a similar quacking noise.

Answer #73

I just found out I am. Starting falling on November 28th. :D 3 weeks ago :) My second LOVE love. He doesn’t know yet… I’m not sure if I should tell him. We’ve been going out for a year and a month. And like faith_2009, I believe in evolution also, I also had my heart broken, I stopped believing in love but it’s funny how my heart and mind aims for this guy. I know in a year or so (maybe more) I won’t have him. But that’s life, at least we’ve spend a good year(s) with him :D

Answer #74

I was in love once….No one broke my heart so to speak…Its just despite what people say, love does not conquer all, and we both decided we would be happier going our separate ways. To be honest, I’m a little terrified of falling in love. Not so much of falling in love, but dealing with the shattering reality after love one day falls apart. A bond between two people that love each other is eventually broken one way or another. Be it through infidelity, animosity, or death….I don’t want to have to go through that again. You never truly feel whole again. :(

Answer #75

What are you, like 12? Ha if you came to my school you would be beat down in a matter of minutes, see my friends and I might not have boyfriends or believe in love or God, but we have something better.. Friendship…. Together we are strong and we rock our school, anyone that gets in my way gets run over… So yeah, you could say we are “Queen Bees.” So fck you, you sorry SOB, because I don’t care what any of you stupid ass people say, I have friends, that would do anything for me, my friends will be here for me longer than any of you will be alive… And I know while you guys are sitting here “proving me wrong” I know that I will be independent and ya’ll will live sorry pathetic lives going from bf/gf…. Anything else ya got to say, why don’t you send it to me, that would be the equivalent of saying it to my face. Just saying… And one more thing, when did I start living in China? I thought this was America were I could have an opinion? Hmmm? you call me pathetic but you guys are the ones who are truly pathetic and when you end up in the gutter, I will walk by throw a cigarette in your face, spit on you and walk by… HA!

Answer #76

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Friendship has an ending though. Because in the end, they won’t always be there for you.

Answer #77

I have.

Answer #78

Right now my friends are all I have, I mean when you have gone through what I have gone through you stop believing in things that you thought were real. I mean this guy I thought I liked, will never like me back and he will never know how I feel I will not risk getting hurt again for the hmmm lets see, oh 101 time! And my friendship is forever., that I do believe….

Answer #79

I’m sorry about what happened to you, but you’re not the only who has had hardships. I’ve had some pretty hard times myself. I do believe that everyone has a soulmate out there. Don’t give up, oh and that guy isn’t worth your tears.

Answer #80

I am and thought I was once or twice but this is probably the most real love I’ve ever felt and maybe ever will, which is kinda scary. I’m afraid of losing him…but you know, that’s life …

Answer #81

really faith_2009? why are you still replying to this? just get over it. nobody cares anymore. get over your “hard” times because everyone has had them. and what does going to your school even matter? the question was “who is/hasbeen in love?” that has nothing to do with anything. and i would get beat up for thinking love is real? huh.. some awesome school u go to. u think ur such a bada** but its all gonna come to an end in ur miserable life someday, u just gotta face it. is life :)

Answer #82

I can understand where faith is coming from right now, and none of you are going to be able to change your minds. She’s made it up, and she’ll be the one to change it for herself when the time comes.

Answer #83

I agree with cassie. Faith is entitled to her opinion and so is leavepie. Just because each of your opinions differ does not mean that either one of you is stupid. When debating, name calling and insulting each other tends to weaken your argument. Not everyone believes in love. In the same respect, not everyone believes that science proves love does not exist. I have yet to read a peer reviewed article that has the research data “proving” love does not exist. Of course me not reading it does not mean such an article doesn’t exist. If you know of one Faith, I would love to read it. I am a woman of science and am always up for reading new findings.

Answer #84

A last word for Faith: is what you have for your friends not love? It’s the same thing. They’re always there for you, you feel as if they’re all you have. You have a dependence on them as well, like it or not. It doesn’t need to be someone of the opposite sex, and it doesn’t need to involve passion and lust. It’s platonic, but it’s still love.

Answer #85

i have. .

Answer #86

Love is… When you care about the other persons Happiness more than your own, even risking anything or even; everything just to be with this person. Love is when your day has been going down and you see that certain person so upset that you would still do anything to make them smile again. Love is when you can’t sleep at night and just repeat every single word that they have just promised to you that day. Love is when no matter how tough things are or how stupid they look or sound or how upsetting your situation can be; its still worth going through with them. Love is also when your dearest hurts you in ways they didn’t mean or did mean and you’ve been hurt you’ll still love them the same when they first said they love you. And through the ups and downs; you feel like you can never be more happy being with someone else, other than them. Yes I’ve been inlove once and heartbroken and it felt like all the stars in the sky started falling one by one….

But Love didn’t cause the pain. It was all the lies, and the untrustworthy and selfishness of one person can bring into the relationship, So dont blame Love or stop believing in Love when you get hurt cos atleast you know you’ve loved rather than hurt people; because that makes you stronger.

Answer #87

but to answer your question; I think I might be falling in love again; i’m a lil’ bit frightened but he’s fixing what’s been broken and torn apart… :) :3

Answer #88


Answer #89

im n love now and its a great feeling

Answer #90

me. i’ve been with my guy for a year now but it seems like it’s been forever [good thing outta tht is I’m far frm tired of him]. it feels fresh and new everyday and I can us getting married one day. he sees it too ;)

Answer #91

me. i’ve been with my guy for a year now but it seems like it’s been forever [good thing outta tht is I’m far frm tired of him]. it feels fresh and new everyday and I can us getting married one day. he sees it too ;)

Answer #92

so m i it is great

Answer #93

I am:D

Answer #94

I’m in love with this hot guy in my class. But the strange thing is sometimes I’m inlove with him sometimes I’m not. I’m not today lol

Answer #95

I am, actually its more than being IN love. I love him. We’ve been dating 2 years now, and engaged.

Answer #96

I am. Me and my bf are so comfortable being together. We’re inseparable!

Answer #97

i am in love now :D

Answer #98

I’m in it Right now too :)

Answer #99

i am in love rite now :D

Answer #100

me nd its ups nd downs but someone is gonnah get hurt doe

Answer #101


Answer #102


Answer #103

currently am:)

Answer #104

currently am:)

Answer #105

I am in love. :)

Answer #106

i am but it isnt going that well

Answer #107

I am, and have been for the pastbthree years but I can’t find the courage to tell him. He is my best friend.

Answer #108

i am currently it feels amazing like no other can Compare

Answer #109

i have..several happens

Answer #110

Thats so beautiful im printing it out to put on my wall XD unless u dont want me to… =(

Answer #111

@kelsii - aww who is he ??? :D

Answer #112

i am:DDD

Answer #113

Woah Wozh WOAH! i personaly think if just stating ur opinion and sum1 differs… FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! P.S. i am on no1s side anymore!

Answer #114

i also had to go separate waysfrom the one i truly loved… it was the worst feeling ever… n nothing bad even happened… i still loveher unfortunately

Answer #115

<3 Currently

Answer #116

I am (:

Answer #117

I am in love. <3 In love with my boyfriend of almost 10 months (: And for a 14 year old, that pretty good stuff right there, and unlike the other long term relationships in our grade and in our school, we are not in it for sex. We are in it because we are in love (:

Answer #118

Awee yeah :D

Answer #119

I was and am now just cuz my crush asked me out 2 days ago yay me lol x

Answer #120

My answer is the same as it was 3 months ago when i first answered this(: Now ive been with my boyfriend for a year and one month(: and we are still in love< 3

Answer #121

My answer is the same as it was 3 months ago when i first answered this(: Now ive been with my boyfriend for a year and one month(: and we are still in love< 3

Answer #122

im trully, madly deeply in love with my super amazing bf

Answer #123

yyesss noowww,!! :D i love him with all my heart, he IS my heart (,,,: nd he tells me the same everyday <3

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