Has anyone used gamefly.com ?

Has anyone used gamefly.com? Is it legitimate? I have used Netflix before and they are very reasonable if discs get lost in the mail or scratched. Seeing how games are so expensive (especially the Wii, which is my current addiction), is gamefly as reasonable?

Answer #1

I had it and yes it is legit its actually a great thing to have since the games are expensive now

Answer #2

I use them. I’ve used them for over a year. They’re totally legit and they work just like netflix. You sign up and select how many games at a time you want, fill up your queue and start getting games. You can keep them as long as you want and send them back when you’re done. All very straight forward and easy. It costs a bit more than netflix because, as you say, games are more expensive but it’s still a great deal. Case and point. If you’re on the 2 games at a time plan what you spend on your membership will equal the cost of buying one new game after about three months. In that time you’ll have been able to play 6 or 7, maybe more if you blow through games fast. You also rack up discount points the longer you’re a member so you can (if you want to) buy games from their online store which is already discounted so you end up getting some pretty awesome deals. That or you can just use the “keep it” feature to buy what you’re renting at the time (if it’s for sale). Everything you need to know is on their site: gamefly.com

Answer #3

ya I have..its a good deal and stuf.. I havent realy sent them any broken games that me or my family messed up..but they have sent a few games to us and they was scrached preety badly…also it takes leik 4 days to get to u

Answer #4

Oh, and as for scratched and/or missing discs… Obviously you should take the best care you can with the discs to avoid scratching them. I’ve personally never had any issues on that end and everything I’ve ever received from them has been in good shape. As for missing discs, I haven’t really had to deal with that either but I know if you end up having 3 or 4 go missing they’ll either cancel or investigate your account.

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