Has anyone pierced their own lip,nose,septum ?

What did you do and how to do to it ? x

Answer #1

I didnt but my sister’s husband did it for me if it counts he pierced my nose with a needle!!!

Answer #2

I’ve pierced my nose, septum and 3in my lip. if you’re that convinced that self piercing is the best way to go then do LOADS of research. learn about placemnt,jewelery,procedure,healing time,aftercare and risks. and to be honest asking the interent is probs the worst way to go about it. for instance some girl above said that for piercing noses that you should ice it down. well what that does is stiffen the cartilage making it harder to pierce(so it still hurts) and the slight possiblity that the cartilage could shatter leaving you with a flappy nostril. not attractive. really if you want it to be done near enoguh to hassle free get it done professionall. less can go wrong that way. good luck x

Answer #3

I pierced my own septum, and it was surprisingly easy.. I wasn’t allowed to go to a professional place so I went and got a sewing machine needle (you should use this) and alcohol, and a ring, and antiseptic for aftercare. I know it’s “sooo bad” to do piercings on your own, but I really wanted it done, so I said fuck it. I have a pretty low pain tolerance, but honestly if you find the sweet spot it isn’t unbareably painful. My eyes only watered a little bit! So, to find the sweet spot, feel in your nose where the cartilage is, and pull towards the front of your nose. There should be a thin flexible piece of skin; that’s what you’re going to pierce. Put your finger inside your nose on one side( wear medical gloves if possible, I did.) and put the needle in on the other side, you should be able to feel the needle asap if your on the sweet spot! Then push the needle through; it will hurt for a few seconds and then it should be fine. I’m on my second week of healing, and I can easily flip the ring up/down without any pain (I could right away). I clean it a lot, just cause I love the feeling lol. I use earcare antiseptic, and it works great. I think that’s about all I can tell you; I haven’t pierced any of the other things you listed. Do tons of research if you decide to do it; I know I did! Nice choice btw, septum piercings are lovely in my opinion. Good luck!

Answer #4

I pierced my own septum, cause I’m stupid. Just did it yesterday, and its really hard to not mess with it around my parents :/ and it hurts like hell to tuck it in once its out. But I took all the precautions and whatnot, sterilized everything before I did it, etc. I have a REALLY high pain tolerance, and it hurt badly when I pierced it. but I used a needle that the tip was smaller than the rest, so I had to keep poking it to make the other side hole big enough for the earring to go through.. Personally, if you are allowed to go get it professionally, please do. But if you’re like me, and have strict parents, just be extremely careful when you do it yourself.

Answer #5

I’ve pierced my nose before it turned out fine

Answer #6

used a safety pin staralize it with saline, salt water NOT PEROXIDE (this eats away at the skin) same w/ alcohal, therefor no mouth wash till healed. get a plastic ring so your body wont reject the metal, until healed .


Answer #7

yah I have, I’ve pierced my lip twice, I have spider bites. its not that bad. well I just took a big safety pin and doused it in rubbing alcohol, then wiped it off with some toilet paper, then pushed it through at a fairly good speed. you dont want to go to slow because it will take forever to go through and it will hurt more. I’ve done it for three of my friends.

Answer #8

I have my nose 6 times. Go to a local beauty supply store and buy an ear piercing kit. Then to the market and buy organic sea salt and a squirt bottle and rubbing alcohol. With tissue and rubbing alc wipe your inside and outside of your nose. Ice your nose. Imidiately after you remove ice pierce your nose. DO NOT stop squeezing until you are completely pierced. Use sea salt and water in squirt bottle to clean your nose 2-3 times daily. Don’t over clean or you can dehydrate your skin and it will not heal itself. Don’t smoke. Good luck!!

Answer #9

Here’s the thing… you DON’T pierce ANYTHING yourself. Only a true moron would even THINK about doing ANY piercing by their self. Piercings are meant to be done PROFESSIONALLY… no matter what. If you pierce it yourself, chances are you’ll end up with infections, it won’t heal up correctly, and you probably won’t even pierce it right to begin with. Don’t listen to ANYONE giving you tips on how to do this yourself. Seriously, they’re full of sh*t. They’re NOT professionals and they DON’T know what they’re doing. Neither do you for that matter. If they would claim to be a professional piercer, ignore them because they’re lying. If they were truly a professional, they’d be saying “DON’T EVER do ANY piercing yourself. ALWAYS get your piercings done by a PROFESSIONAL like myself”.

Listen to my advice, I know what I’m talking about. You WILL regret doing it yourself and you’ll be wishing like hell you would have gotten it done professional. It’ll be well worth the price and you won’t be sorry, I promise. By getting it done professionally, you will KNOW it’s done right and you will have a VERY LOW risk of infection if you care for it properly that is. So seriously, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. Get it done by a PROFESSIONAL.

Answer #10

Yes I have and it didn’t take much brains lol…I just sterilized a needle and had the earings ready…just make sure you clean them evryday..

Answer #11

go to a professional. if your not of age or your parents wont sign the form BE SMART AND WAIT. it’s really dumb when you pierce yourself. you could hit a major vein and paralyze your face or have a lot of blood loss, etc. so, just go get it done professionally if you’re smart… please.

Answer #12

I pierced my own septum and if you put it through the right spot it doesnt hurt at all! i hate shots, i cant stand going to the doctor but, the septum was no problem.. I did it a week ago and now it no longer hurts, its almost fully healled.. just order a needle online and pierce it between your cartilage and tip of the nose. Once you get the needle through ( they are very sharp so its fast) follow the end with a ring or a plug to hide from parents like me. then just stick your nose in a mug of hot water with sea salt and let it soak the wound up.

To bad we live in a society where everyone thinks you have to spend money to do something properly.. fuck all those people who tell you to go to a professional and just do it yourself its no problem

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