Has anyone had a dream while sleeping that actually came true?

I’m just wondering because it happens a lot to me. You know you dream about meeting an old friend and the next day you meet him at a bookstore. You dream about getting lost while reading a street name and you end up right in front of the same sign the next 2 days for real.I use to think that it was a special gift but I soon came to realize that a lot of people have dreams like that too. Is there something going on in the human mind that can actually predict the future???I mean are human beings capable of doing that.I am not a medium or into supernatural crap and all. I was just wondering if there have been any studies made concerning this subject or whether it was all just a pure coincidence??

Answer #1

I had a recurrent dream that someone bought me a lottery ticket that won. I never buy lottery tickets because the long odds against winning make them a sucker’s bet. My dad buys a few lottery tickets every week and when I visited he bought one for me. That one won $300. I chalk it up to cooincidence.

Some neuribiologists say that dreams are not like we remember at all. They say dreams are more like individual images and impressions. When we awaken we fill in the gaps and details with our conscious mind when we try to make sense of them. Because of this our dreams may be more of a Rorschach than anything else.

Answer #2

I have. one time oi had a dream that my friends were comiing home(because they went to a different country for a while and I didnt no when they would be back) and that day they came home! it was creepy. I also had one whereiwas going to get a doberman dog and then the next day my parents brought home a doberman dog! that was really creepy. the name in the dream was the same as what we really did name her too(Sassy)!!!

Answer #3

I had a dream that my grandmother was crying because my family moved. Then I saw her yell at her family, then pick up the phone. And then the next day she called us. Was strange, plus she was crying while talking. She really worries, and that worries me.

Answer #4

I dreamed that I was jumproping when all of a sudden someone came up to me and pushed me. Making me scrape my knee. When I woke up and went to school that morning. It actually happened, and turned out my friend was the one that tripped me. Was really strange.

Answer #5

My grandmother had gotten sick with cancer. One night I dreamed that she had passed away. The very next morning my mother woke me up to tell me she had passed away. Strange…

Answer #6

alright my theory is that… you know everything in the universe you just don’t know it and thats why humans use so little of their brain and the memories are there to and sometimes youre brain misplaces them forcing their way into your unconsis state and into youre consios thinking so you see a memory before it takes place and I have proved this in a theory about dreams and I am only 13 years old

Answer #7

Yes, I had this dream that I went camping with my friend. I got in a fight with her family, we went land fishing and I woke up. That holiday, she went camping and fishing with her family. O.M.G.

Answer #8

I get dreams like that every now and then but it’s not deja vu b/c I remember it when I wake up and then when it actually happens I can change my actions or keep them the same

Answer #9

my mom and I get dreams that come true in real life everytime!! its like a profetic thing that not many plp have.

Answer #10

the unconsious mind is capable of receiving messages from the dead!..lolz I heard it ina movie…um I got an A on a test I shoulda failed because I saw answers in my dream…so I don’t know either but it happens all the time to me…

Answer #11

sort of, Sometimes I think about a tv show or episode then I realise it’s on the next. The dreams I have are similar things to real life Wierd, isn’t it

Answer #12

sort of, Sometimes I think about a tv show or episode then I realise it’s on the next. The dreams I have are similar things to real life Wierd, isn’t it

Answer #13

Actually most of those dreams are called deja vu They aren’t really dreams, and yet a daydream it’s an unexplained physical phenomenon, type it in google, it’s actually pretty trippy

Answer #14

Of course

Answer #15

I once dreamt that I was in a room with my ex, my current girlfriend, and this other girl who I have never seen before and a few months later I met the girl from the dream. freaky stuff

Answer #16

I usually dream about something bad several months before it happens

Answer #17

That really happens: some people dreams usually comes true,in fact, exaltly as seen in the dream. Here is a case of one guy who dreamt one night that her sister is dead. He told us the following morning. Soon after, some one entered the compound telling us this woman(who was pregnant) was unable to deliver, resulting to death. Everybody was shocked. So we later banned the guy of telling dreams.

Answer #18

I wonder if dreams and deja voo are related?

Actually I’d be surprised if it wasnt related.

Answer #19

Yes. It feels really weird when it actually happens for real. It’s like Deja Vu.

Answer #20

I had a dream about floods when I was 3 or 4. The next night, my dad was trapped on the road and had to sleep in his car.

Answer #21

I know what you guys are talking about and know that it’s a deja vu; what I can’t understand is why I have them. I’ve never been able to remember one longer than a few minuets after I wake up until the point in time where they come true. Another weird thing that happens with me is that it seems to happen More around specific people. There are two people that I know and as soon as I got around them I had two of the biggest deja vus of my life. I was almost predicting things and I was remembering what I was thinking and saying and what other people were saying just like a second before it happened. I know it sounds crazy and I’ve tried to convince myself that it didn’t happen because I couldn’t prove it to anyone because nothing that happened was important and I couldn’t prove that I knew it was going to happen because as soon as I remembered it; it happened. The two people that I talked about is one of my best friends and his mom. I don’t know if there is anything special about them but my deja vus lasted up to 15 to 20 seconds around them and it happened more often than when I had them anywhere else.

Answer #22

OMG yes! I dreamt I would fall off a trampoline and get hurt somehow, I didnt know how I just new that everyone was looking at me and getting angry because I was getting blood everywhere lol then a few days later it happened! I broke my nose and got blood everywhere! but fortunately they werent angry at me for making a mess :P

Answer #23

ya deja vu happens because before you are born you get to pick out yer life and what happens in it. Then if you see something really familiar like youve seen it before its because yer remembering parts of yer life that you picked out before. everyone picks parents that can teach them something they arent good at.

Answer #24

All the time. I always find brain studys interesting, seeing how different people have different ways of thinking.

I either have something alike a dream come true, or think of something that happens. Maybe a deja vu.

Hmm.. I think I might google all of this.

Answer #25

I had lost my car keys once. I had a dream that they were lost and I found them in a certain place. Sure enough when I woke up and looke there, my keys were there waiting for me. They were in a place I never keep them so it was very cool and a big relief.

Answer #26

ya I have a dream come true many times already…lets c the recent one I had I 4got my backpack at home it had my project in it and if I dident bring that in I would fail the class…well I did all that got to school and I relized I 4got it..yup

Answer #27

Well…I don’t really have dreams like that…I think it’s really cool how all of you guys do! My best friend though had a dream I died and she was at my funeral…should I be scared?!

Answer #28

My son, who was probably 14 at the time, had earned some money, and was given a check for $105. He lost it.

I had a dream, and in my dream, I found his check behind the foot of his bed, next to his file drawers. I woke up the next morning, and went to work as ususal.

Later that morning, I called his mom on the phone, and told her about my dream, and to look for our son’s check in the place where I dreamt it was.

She called me a little while later, and said that they had found the check in exactly that place.

There are some who say there is no God, or that God doesn’t answer prayer. My son and his mom had searched his room without finding the check, and had both prayed that God would show them where the check was.

Their prayer was answered.

Answer #29

Actually everyone dreams but not everyone remembers! We only dream during rem sleep. So if your rem sleep in the middle of the night by the morning you dream is just a haze or not exhistant. Being in the medical field and being part of a sleep study I learned many interesting things about our dreams. You should know that not everyone dreams things that come true. There is only a handful of people who experience this. So it is a gift!! Merry Christmas

Answer #30

Not me but my best friend(BFF). She usually dreams or dreaming that really happens. Like that one day, she dreamed about a movie that is being canceled because’ theres an error. Then, my friend(at school)have a shop(little, not like a real shop, you know kid’s shops) for a long time and there was a movie, all the watchers must pay. Then the librarian said we can’t watch the movie. I thought they already make permission so it’s ok to watch. But it was not permitted so it’s been canceled(they have to returned the money, too) Weird, huh?

Answer #31

yeah, once I had a dream that my best friend was crying and I couldn’t understand why. whenever she tried to tell me I couldn’t hear anything. and then I dreamed that I was crying with her and at a burial sight. the next week she showed up at my door bawlign her head off and it took over an hour before she could calm down enough to stop speaking jibberish and explain. and she told me her brother had gotten cancer. he died and me and her stayed at his grave after everyone else left.

Answer #32

I’ve had many dreamt hat have came true, unfortunately half the time it’s about tragic event(least use to be) I for saw my grandmothers funeral before she died, a news report, & many other things. But I’ve had positive dream that came true. I remember I had a dream I had a math test. next tme I was given a test in math ,I hadn’t a clue what to do but I knew the answers. I got fair into the 90’s XD …I wonder if that would be considered cheating?

Answer #33

I’ve had stuff I dreamt that actually happened, once or twice. More common with me has being getting deep, gut feelings about things - like I’d suddenly get this vibe about something, good, or bad. It was always right, except with one one thing recently. I just thought it was a me thing, until I was having a talk with my Grandma one day who told me in confidence that they day my Grandad had his big strokes, she woke up with this awful gut feeling like something terrible was going to happen.

Some people say that sort of thing is crap, but I believe there is more to this life, and to our capabilities than we currently understand or can appreciate.

Answer #34

I get dreams like that where I just know stuff about the future or the present elsewhere. I don’t think that many people are tuned into it or believe it. Not everyone remembers their dreams either. But from my experience some people do have strong intuitions, telepathic communication and other strange happenings.

As for official studies, tons of them. Some universities have faculties dedicated to “paranormal” studies like reincarnation, telepathy and other “weird” stuff. In psychology, one of Freuds students, Jung found that many of his patients had “meaningful coincidences in time” that he dubbed “synchronisity”. It means stuff like you dream of a someone and then, coincidentally, see them the next day.

Answer #35

I have, but they’re always the bad ones.

Answer #36

it’s called Deja happens all the time. oh the guy before me just said that.

Answer #37

yeahh all the time. all my dreams come true.

Answer #38

not deja vu, deja MOO!!!

Answer #39

yea. but th weird thing is there all about fights so I wonder if I hit people jst 2 reinact my dream!!

Answer #40

Yes. I average about 2 or a year.

Answer #41

ahaahah yeees most def. ill tell you a lil story. k my sister had these frogs right? and I loved them so much they were so cute!! they were tiny and there was about 3 of them. I would somtimes go in my sisters room if her door wasent locked and I would go feed them and clean out there cage/watch them.. so my sister was gone fer like 3-4 days on this trip..and she locked her door and I kinda forgot about them 2..and then I was sleeping and I had a dream that they died and the cage was empty and it was in the garage over a pile of stuff..and so I was in bed and I woke up and I heard my sister had come home..so I went back to sleep for like an hour and I still had flashes of that happening. so I woke up and my sister left her door open and I went to check on the frogs and they werent there so I was like wtfff where are theeey?? and so I went out to the garage and freakishly..the cage was sitting on a pile of junk. and so I went back inside all worried..and I asked my sister where the frogs were..and she said oh, they died I forgot to leave food for them and I flushed them down the tiolet. and I was like freaking out and I was like..omfg!!! you starved them??!! and I could of barried them!! ahahahaha. I still think its kinda weird how they ALL died at the SAME time.

Answer #42

i dream all the time and it comes true it is rarly good news and kinda freaks me out that i already know :(

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