What makes the Harry Potter series unique from other fantasy novels?

I’m just wondering. Is there a unique element in the novel/film that enticed us all to rave about it?

Answer #1

In my opinion i dont think it is all that unique and i know alot of harry potter fans will disagree with me, but many aspects of the movie and books resemble those from the trillogy. A few ways it differs to other fantasty novels -its based in the UK -it has a younger generation of wizards aswell as an older ones.

Hope this helped.

Answer #2

oh haha it was suppose to say resemble those from lord of the rings ><

Answer #3

There really is very little that is unique in Harry Potter. Most of it is based on prior fantasy stories, particularly Lord of The Rings. But even Tolkien based his world on a melding of many different mythologies, especially Norse. Bottom line is it is your basic good vs. evil story.

I think the main appeal is that it is set in the modern world, and a child/teen is the protagonist. And the writing is very easy to read. Lord of the Rings can tend to be a little harder to read. While I really like the HP story, it pales in comparison to LOTR.

Answer #4

They use real witchcraft! D: :lol.

Answer #5

Its not

Answer #6

I don’t actually think there’s anything unique about it, even though I am a MAJOR Harry Potter junkie :P I don’t think it’s similar to LOTR though, but maybe that’s because I’ve never seen it. It just doesn’t appeal to me like HP does.

Answer #7

Apparently I’m the only one who thinks it’s unique, because it’s aimed at all ages, and it gives children and parents something to read together, it makes them feel like they’re part of it, jk Rowling created a whole world where children want to live, I certainly did when I first started reading it, I haven’t seen lord of the rings but I can imagine thats the same, it gets people involved and even adults like it, people like things that are different from reality and you can read or watch Harry potter imagine yourself there and ignore real life for a while, personally I love it and how its got children into reading :)

Answer #8

In my opinion there are many many reasons it is so unique. For exsample the main complexedy of the story I mean its crazy how J.k Rowling thought up all that stuff. Also how detailed the charaters,you really feel like you know the characters also i think just the idea of Hogwarts and wichcraft kinda insipires people….who doesnt want to be a wizard?

Answer #9

I think that the only unique thing about Harry Potter is the medial hype around it.

I do not think that the story is special. Nor do I think that the movies are especially good.

Answer #10

I agree with this actually. I started reading the Harry Potter series when I was 8, I’ve read the series about 7 times since then.

Answer #11

I dont honestly know, but it started it all! Harry Potter was new at the time, and it grabbed every ones attenction, it was something you just cant put down, and when reading the books it makes you feel as if you are there with them! They make the books so good, that when something drastic happens you cant help but feel sad because you have grown to love the charecters SPOILE ALERT* when Doby died, i honestly cryed. I must say. It is something we want to believe in and it is so real alistice. It makes youw ant to set out and find Hogwarts, no matter if you know its fake or not, you feel liek ytou need to go there. It reaches out to all ages. Harry Potter is honestly what got me into reading, after that series i loved to read, and i still do! I am such a big Harry Potter fan, i cant even start to explain what i feel for it. :)

Answer #12

not a lot

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