Harry potter, the films and books

I love the books, I mean really! Seriously they are my fave books in all the world!

However, am I the only one that thinks that they butchered the story with these stupid films?

They missed so much out of the films, and ys I know they would have to have been like 5 hours long to get the real deal, but I’d rather watch it for 5 hours, than the 2 hour poop they made…and the first and second one were good, but the third + one was awful…it was like ‘dementors don’t fly’ and ‘he got his broom at the beginning, not the end’ and I hate the new dumbledore - he’s so aggresive, and dumbledore was never that way really, especially with harry!!

So point is, what was your best bit in each book, and am I the only 31 year old that still reads them (not that I care!) but be nice to compare notes ;od

Answer #1

well ‘funadvice’ if all I get annoyed by is a book then I can’t be that bad, can I? considering I am a nurse who cares for some very intolerant and impatient people sometimes, I feel venting my frustations at inconsistancies in writing and filming is a pretty harmless way of dealing with something.

and yes, if I feel passionatly about something, then yes, I do get frustrated! I loved the books…they totally absorb me!

Answer #2

I was totally outraged when they brought out the film and my favourite character was missing. Peeves. And yet they got Nearly Headless Nick! I keep telling people I know that the books were far better than the films. A couple of people say that the films are the best and they haven’t even bothered to read the books! It really grinds me up when I have to argue that the books have so much that the films don’t have. One person even went so far as to say that the film explains all you need to know! Totally wrong!!! I think I’ve said all that needs to be said. LONG LIVE PEEVES!!! Lol.

Answer #3

I agree that they do miss a lot of the films– but they have to adapt to all audiences for the films, not just the readers. It’s best to look at it as two seperate entities. I don’t try to mix them because as books they’re great, and as films they’re great. As adaptations, they’re … ok.

Best bit in each book… it’s hard to pin point. I like the small things about the books that make it interesting to me– which is why HBP is my fave. I think it’s a bit more subtle than the others, especially the first 2. I love the characters, and I love the research JKR does– especially impressed me in HBP with Trelawney pulling out the Tower tarot. That was probably my favourite part in the series.

And.. I’m 16, so I can’t personally help you on the age bit. Although I do have a large amount of teachers who love HP. They’re always bringing me back posters, bookmarks and the from when they go places that have them :D My old acting teacher included, as well as 3 of my old English teachers, a math teacher, Bible Club sponsor, and many many more. You’re not alone!

Answer #4

god that really annoys me, bloody fudge! >:O(

Answer #5

Yeah! what was with the ice and the dementors? and it looks like they’re sucking skin or something? I dont know how you can love both the books and the movies… and I honestly think if you’ve read the books you cant like the movies!

It’s weird, everytime I re-read the books I find something new!

Answer #6

with dumbledore, I definitely agree. I have seen all the movies, but I haven’t read all of the books. I am just finishing the Chamber of Secrets. =]

Answer #7

I only read the first book…I dont really read books because there too long! but I though the first movie was very, very good the others that followed however just kept loosing the plot and by the end really made no sense and had a rediculous storyline…and some equal rediclous special effects but I thought the first movie was great

Answer #8

Apparently they’re filming the last book in two sections - I mean two separate films, just so that they can fit all the plot in. Do you think that will make it better than the others?

And my husband and I are older than you, sooitca, and we have read each book several times too!

My absolute favourite bit is the end of The Goblet of Fire, when we all know that Voldemort has returned but the powers that be refuse to accept the truth staring them in the face. That seems to me like a powerful allegory for real life.

Answer #9

I hate both

Answer #10

Do you get annoyed by the same kind of things in real life, too?

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