Harrry Potter OR Twilight

What one is better?

Answer #1

I don’t like neither of them

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Answer #3

Harry Potter book wise. Movie wise, they were both horrible.

Twilight just made me gag and burn the books. Twilight’s characters are flat and Mrs. Meyer just covers her lack of literary talent with descriptions of Edward’s good looks (I get it! He’s gorgeous!). Bella’s obsession over Edward is just unhealthy and Edward’s persona of knight in shining armor/bad boy really is not working. Has anyone noticed that their relationship is really dysfunctional? He follows her around (we call that stalking), she thinks about him 24/7 and is extremely dependent on him. She literally can’t survive one day without him. Obsessed much, Bella?

Overall, she’s a horrible writer. Her book screams teenage angst and emo. It’s your typical teenage romance novel with just a bunch of sparkly vampires thrown in to it. It lacks any real rhetorical devices and the obsessions that girls have over it is… Unhealthy.

Edward’s not real girls, sorry. Vampires are not real too. Hate to break it to you, but its true.

Worst vampire book I have EVER read. Althought it does have a very nice flow and it uses low diction, which makes it very easy to read. And its also supposed to be a message for abstinence, so I guess that’s good. But overall the book made me want to join stake Edward through the heart and slap Bella.

Harry Potter has more dynamic characters. Even her minor characters have personality. Although Harry himself is a really stupid character, he acts more like a normal teenager and I can understand his struggles better. She uses many more rhetorical devices, which only can make a piece of writing more sophisticated and proves that she is a better author.

Answer #4

harry potter yo

Answer #5

well after finally being botherd to see twillight I must say I was very disapointed I found majority of the movie and acting bad, most of it didnt make any sense and there idea of a “vampire” was just stupid that being said I dont exactly like the newer harry potter movies, because they just seem to have lost the plot, and most of the special effects were horrible out of all of the options my pick would be the first harry potter movie

Answer #6

Harry Potter anyday, I don’t see why everyone loves twilight so much anyway, come on, vampires… its just a bit stupid don’t you think?

Answer #7

definately TWILIGHT :) its more emotionally inclined to u :) and it never hurts to have a gorgeous vampire :) :)

Answer #8

HARRY POTTER! twilight is totally lame!

Answer #9

Hmm, never had a chance to watch twilight yet, so its harry potty

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Answer #11

Twilight! When I started reading the first Harry Potter book, I didn’t even finish it. I just wasn’t that interested lol

Answer #12

OMG TWILIGHT! harry potter dosent even come close.. theres no hot vampiers in harry potter1 = )

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Answer #14

TWILIGHT! harry potter sucks. :D

Answer #15

I don’t like ethier but IF I had to choose,I’d choose Harry Potter

Answer #16

Harry potter

Answer #17

Happy potter for the movie I haven’t read the happy potter books…so I would have to say twilight for the book…

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