What is the hardest thing about your life?

Answer #1

The hardest thing would be me. I constantly battle with myself over my own issues and I prevent myself from getting any better. I constantly make things more complicated for myself.

Answer #2

Having my parents hate me, probably. Like if they had liked me my life wouldn’t have turned out like this at all. But at the same time I’m sort of happy because I’m much more independent and such then a lot of 16 year olds I know, and I would be a totally different person if my parents had liked me.

Answer #3

going from seeing my bf literally everyday for 3 years straight to 2 days a week. being 20 years old living at home with my parents cuz i have a crappy job that pays next to nothing so i can’t afford my own place. not having friends by choice but then realizing it would be nice to have someone to hang out with instead of sitting by myself all the time.

Answer #4

also living with the choice i made not to go to traditional college and doing online school, and having a photography diploma and not knowing what to do with it.

Answer #5

My lack of organization and my forgetfulness causes me to misplace things, always have a confusing work area, not pay bills on time, I can lose keys, I write phone numbers on the backs of envelopes then lose the envelopes… I’ve taken courses, read books, have many organizational systems online and offline. Like my mother said, you’d lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on.

Answer #6

I think everyone has there own personal hardships. Asking what hardships people have made it through is a better question :)

Answer #7

The hardest part of my life as of now is knowing my father doesn’t have much longer and watching his health decline everytime i see him. He has put up a long and very brave fight (8 years), but the cancer keeps growing and is spreading more rapidly. It kills me to look at my once healthy glowing father and seeing a man who is rapidly loosing weight, has lost his hair and teeth, and has trouble doing simple tasks. Knowing he is going to pass on within a year doesn’t make grieving or handling his death any easier. I cry everytime i talk about him or get off the phone with him. I cant imagine my life without my father and it kills me to think of how much it will hurt my children when they lose him.

Answer #8

Going through depression which makes me feel numb and as if I don’t love or care for anyone. It is difficult for me to imagine those feelings coming back even though I know that they will, it is horrible and hard to think positive but I am trying so hard.

Answer #9

me too

Answer #10

the hardest part about my life is making decisions, i am so scared to make decisions because i know that whatever happens it will still be my fault and i do not want to regret anything. i also over think stuff therefore making it hard for myself.

Answer #11

The most difficult thing in my life and about myself is struggling with my inner conflicts. I am constantly at battle with myself. I do things that i know i will regret but i feel as if i deserve to feel horrible so i do it anyways, but when i want to be happy i blame myself for not allowing me to take that step forward to benefit my life. Its a never ending circle for me and its probably because i suffer from sort of depression which causes it.Something that goes in hand with that though is never having friends or people i could talk to about my problems and being criticized constantly and never being enough

Answer #12

Knowing that my grandpa killed himself. Living life without my Grandma or dogs (smitty, jack, bruno, candy, max) and cats (kaylee and socks). Knowing my dad thinks im heartless and that he almost killed his own fiance with me in the room. Knowing i left my 4 year old sister to fend for herself with him. And having him text me calling me a heartless b*tCh because i left my sister. Seeing my family fall apart around me and not being able to do anything. Being on 15 and dealing with all this.

Answer #13

It would probably be dealing with the way i handle my own situations. everyone expireneces pain but we choose how we will react to that pain. i wana be stronger, more confident and beable to handle watever is put in my way. This is my life and i wana learn how to take conttol and let it actualy be my life. The hardest part about life would probably be being alive but not living.

Answer #14

right now the fact my baby won’t have a father is bothing me right now but i’ll get through as long as my family and friends stay by my side :))))

Answer #15

I am not one to complain often, but I don’t think there is anything hard about my life, I’m healthy, I have food on the table, clothes on my back, sure life will always be hard, but you stick with the belief that things will get better for you, you just keep hoping that things will improve and one day everything will work out, I don’t care how bad things get for me, I’d be happy knowing my loved ones are safe and my friends are safe, it’s them first, then me

Answer #16

I think the hardest thing was watching my brother suffer so much in the hospital, and having doctors telling us he was going to die, and then that he was better, and then that he was going to die, and so on. It sucked for me.

Answer #17

There have been a lot of hard moments in my life like: 1.Death of my parents. 2.A terrible breakup and a lot more.And also the consequences such as depression and headache and feeling of dreadness.Having situations which force you to consider trying to end your life.

But i can’t say for the hardest cos life can always be harder, you never know.

Answer #18

I’m sorry to hear that mandy, cancer is always difficult for anybody, it must be so difficult for you and your family, my words may not be any good but my thoughts go out to you and your family

Answer #19

I would like to thank all of you that were brave enough to answer this question. I understand how some people feel about this question but I cannot possibly think how some of you are feeling and coping with your hardships. I think that you are the true saviours In life and once again thank you for being confident enough to answer. My heart goes out to you all X

Answer #20

The hardest thing about my life, would have to be - being me. If you could walk a mile in my shoe’s, then you’d be crazy too..

Answer #21

Being a ginger. Every morning I get up and go to school, to get pushed around by bunch of idiots who think that’s a bad thing. PLus it apparently makes me a faggot.

Answer #22

I love red hair, I think it’s beautiful. Once you get out of school people will be more mature, trust me, and you’re obviously close to perfect, seeing as the only thing people can find to tease you about is your hair :P

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