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If 6 cats can eat 6 rats in 6 minutes, then how many cats can eat 100 rats in 50 minutes?

Note: assume that all cats are involved in eating each rat, while the other rats stand by waiting for their turn.

Explain to me =]

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ANSWER #1 of 2

there were 200 cats? that way all the rats get eaten in half the time?...I don't know

ANSWER #2 of 2

12 cats.

If 6 cats eat 6 rats in 6 min., that means that each cat eats their rat in 6 min.
That means 1 cat eats 1/6 of a rat a min., or 6 cats could eat 1 rat in 1 min, or 12 cats could eat 1 rat in 1/2 min
12 cats could eat (100)*(1 rat) in (100)*(1/2 min) OR
12 cats could eat 100 rats in 50 min

This isn't a very elegant solution, but I think it's right.

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