Is it harder for short people to get jobs, or does height really matter?

Answer #1

I would not think this would effect anyone from getting a job, you could be 3 foot tall and do my job.

Answer #2

In some jobs I wud say yes, but most jobs no

Answer #3

I mean, sure… short people may be able to do the job, but would employee’s pick the taller person for the job, even if both the short person and the taller person had the same skills, experience, and education?

Answer #4

I do not know of any jobs a short person could not do, and how short are we talking?

Answer #5

In most restaurants the cooks have to b a ceratin height to b able to c what thr cookin

Answer #6

Well this would be discrimination, and I have never judged anyone on their height. I would feel that weight would have more of a effect on someone’s decision that their height.

Answer #7

Well I would think they could accommodate someone for this.

Answer #8

I agree with that

Answer #9

I don’t think its possible, they have to move about, they can’t just stand on a chair and cook

Answer #10

You are right, and if to short for the equipment, this could cause a hazard.

Answer #11

Well, for example… I am 4’7”, and I wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelf at a grocery store… if I were to get a job stocking shelves. I would hope they would be kind enough to just give me a step ladder, and let me work… rather than hiring someone else who would not need a step ladder.

Answer #12

I thought they wud b able to too, but if u have worked in like a real restaurant u c how its not to easy to do

Answer #13

I would think this would be no problem, it would also make it easier for you to work the lower shelves.

Answer #14

See, as soon as I turn 18, in about a month… I am going to start looking for a job. I am just worried that I won’t be hired since I am short, and have no education or experience.

Answer #15

My girlfriend is just over 4 feet and she didn’t seem to have any problems getting a job. She’s worked in a movie theatre, restaurant, telemarketing and a hospital.

Answer #16

Most jobs can offer solutions to height limitations, however, some jobs do depend on a person being a specific height…for example, a super model needs to be at least 5’8”, and there are even some restrictions in some places for firemen and bouncers at hotels.

Answer #17

Certainly short people can often do the same job that tall people can do. Sometimes height is a factor and being tall or short can be an advantage. For example, my good friend works in sewers and in underground tunnels in Manhattan and his sub 5 foot body is a real plus. Anywone over 5’2” would have trouble doing what he does.

That said, I think your question is a bit different or at least I am going to interpret it differently. You are asking whether employers are biased towards taller people and the answer is yes. Taller and better looking people (both are objective measures despite what you may think) have an easier time getting jobs and higher paying jobs at that. Shorter folks are at a disadvantage studies suggest, but these are challenges that can and are often overcome.

Answer #18

depends what job some airlines still have height restrictions etc but generly no

Answer #19

Sometimes height is a matter, but in most cases it isn’t. Most employers tend to focus on your work experience, skills or strong points you have, and your education. Those things play a MUCH larger factor in whether or not you get a job.

If you do not have a lot of experience work wise, I’d highly suggest volunteering in your community to build your ‘people skills’ and get more experience. While you seem to have pretty good people skills, having experience on paper that you can use to back you up is a good thing. A lot of employers like to see that people are active in the community, too, which is an added bonus for you if you do it. You may even have the pleasure of helping a future employer by doing it. You never know.

That’s what I’d suggest, anyways.

Answer #20

You have to be a certain height to join the military as well, so I guess it does matter.

Answer #21

i’m tiny and i have had tonz of jobs.. maybe its harder for tall people lol j/p

Answer #22

Depends on the job most of the time but since the world is run by the attractiveness of ones appearance many things come into play including ones height…again it depends on the job but most jobs like to make money and whatever helps a business to make more money

Answer #23

Taller men get paid more, one would assume they also get jobs easier, but I’ve never seen any research on this for women. And this is a overall perspective, in general it probably won’t make a huge difference.

Answer #24

Well, where I come from, I don’t think height really matters but, ppl with disabilities can not have jobs where I’m from.

Answer #25

Where I live, disability is an issue.

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