How hard would it be to start an organic garden?

I wanted to plant an organic garden, with no artificual pesticides and such, how hard would it be to keep things alive?

Answer #1

Plant it in your backyard :) My mum does that with carrots and stuff and she doesn’t use chemicals or anything :D she says it’s just like planting flowers.

Answer #2

it shouldnt be too hard, you just need good soil. my mum used to and still does grow vegetables and other things like herbs to use for cooking, remember that plants take time to grow and some only like to grow in certain seasons or in daylight ordarkness or hot or cold weather

Answer #3

Well, like everyone said, it takes time to grow and you have to take care of it daily by feeding it water. It sounds like fun. I grow tomatoes and onions and it’s a fun thing to see it grow.

My only tip is to watch out for any rabbits. There was this one rabbit who liked to sneak into my garden at night and take dumps in my garden! D; I know because my window is above the garden and its open so I can hear everything. Luckily, I scared it off for a while…

Good luck with the garden! What are you wanting to grow? ;)

Answer #4

Im not sure yet, I have no idea what would be good for where I live.

Answer #5

After doing some research, the best veggies you can grow in your garden(and the easiest) are: red peppers, potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, beans,lettuce, and herbs for tea. My grandma grows herbs for my tea in her garden, and it’s so much more flavorful than the ones in tea bags. Hope that helped give you some ideas.

Answer #6

i Love tea! I’m an organic junkie too :D those are great ideass thanks!!

Answer #7

Haha, I’m so intelliegent! :D I know everything, even my own name…:O

Answer #8

intelligent…wow a typo.

Answer #9

Wow, no way! You know your own name?

Answer #10

I know, right? That’s like…amazing. :)

Answer #11

Easiest in the long run would be to set up an automatic watering dripper system and weed early, making sure you get the roots. Get lots of stakes for the dripper system or those tubes will be all over the place. Also use big tube for your main line and only short lengths of small tube, or the water flow will be uneven. Let plenty of plant material decay in the garden to improve the soil, in addition to other fertilizing. Don’t remove it.

Fruiting summer vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers, beans, etc. are the easiest to grow. Don’t start with the root veggies nor the leafy ones.

Answer #12

not hard at all. look into square foot gardening or container gardening its an easy place to start.

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