Are you happy with your life?

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Yes, especially in the last few weeks. My life has taken a turn, for the better. I have kept up with my homework, I know people like me, and my self confidence has definitely been boosted. It has just happened, like I made a decision to do better, and I did! :). I am proud of myself for making changes like this.
Are you satisfied with your life?

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Absolutely. Personally, I spend more time with my kid's than a lot of other dads I know in my area, and professionally, well, things are great.

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I'm very happy. I've been blessed tremendously. I have a wonderful God, a wonderful family, wonderful friends. That doesn't mean my life is always roses, but for the most part it is. And now one of my two biggest dreams has come true, I'm able to work from home to support my family. This means I get to spend more time with my son who is growing way too fast. Hooray!

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Lost Mojo, Lost Happiness

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maybe...maybe not...-_-

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Pretty much, I do have one issue in my life that I'm not happy about but I'm optimisitc things will get better.

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I would have to say absolutely not! :(

There are things in my life that hold me back, like me, my family...most of all a lot of mistakes I have made in the past that have turned me into the person I am today. I guess when you see things through pink glasses & every time something comes up & makes you see things the way they really are constantly hurting you like stabs wounds that bleed constantly from a sharp tend to get loose the real meaning of life & simply see life for what it truly is...and the truth of the matter is you loose faith in everyone & everything, barely grasping at the sight of a few meaningful things you do have left in your life. For example...the few things that mean something to you like music, a few good things you know how to do or might be able to do. Since your self worth is on empty & your inability to see something really good in yourself make you to loose appreciation for yourself! Now the worst is when others put you down especially those that are supposed to be the ones that love you unconditionally or at least that is what you were raised to believe...betrayal, mistrust, abandonment, abuse & constant emotional scaring can leave you feeling empty til you isolate yourself from everyone & everything. Only surrounding yourself with your self pity, negative thoughts, with music or books you try to read to make up for all of that...sometimes it helps sometimes it doesnt...eventually even friends stop caring & trying to make you see things through their eyes...showing you that you are worth it...but you see way too much pain to see the good.
That is when you have to pick yourself up from the scraps left on the floor & say ok, maybe to all of the world I am nothing...but to me...I am something & start working your way up from step at a time! As Michael Jackson once said..."I am gonna make a change for once in my's gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right..I'm starting with the man in the mirror...I am asking him to change his ways...And no message could have been any clearer...If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make the gotta stand up & live that change! (one of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard in my life...and its all true...) no one can help you but you!
Therapists can talk to you til your blue in the face...give you all the tools they have to help you your friends can support you till they are blue int he face & you will wind up brushing them off or pushing them's got to start with you & by you!
Make today the day you say enough...I am going to be happy in my life if that is the last thing I do on this realm...I know I will!

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