Who can tell me what happened to my laptop?!

I woke up and it was like this..at first I thought the screen was broke but it isn’t cracked or anything..is my laptop screwed?

Answer #1

It looks like something has punctured your laptop.

Maybe you left a pen or pencil on your laptop…and when you closed the laptop, it put pressure on the screen.

Or, someone else may have accidentally done something to it.

Answer #2

Maybe your grandfather borrowed it to watch some p0rn and when he couldnt get off he proceeded to wack the laptop off of the coffee table instead? I mean, how the hell am I supposed to know what happened to YOUR laptop? As far as it working or not, turn it on and see?

Answer #3

Hmm well I don’t have a grandfather and nobody took my laptop ..Umm lets see your nasty..Im trying to see if this has ever happened to anybody before therefore they could answer it from experience.So don’t answer if you don’t know.Thanks.

Answer #4

Or, maybe some kind of liquid seeped into your screen? It’s really hard to say.

Answer #5

This could be a loose connection between the screen and the video cable, a problem with the motherboard, or the LCD is broken. If you don’t know how to check for yourself what the actual issue is, then I strongly advise you bring it on for repairs.

Answer #6

*in for repairs

Answer #7

Well I had the wire on it…but like that has never happened to me before..:(

Answer #8

I can answer whatever I’d like to, this isa public site. So, no. :)

Answer #9

Immature..stop commenting please.

Answer #10

If im immature, you be the bigger one and stop commenting.

Answer #11

to be honest loads of things could have caused it….

but it looks like the liquid crystal liquid/solution has leaked..

if the current shorts through the liquid it could cause that type of damage to the screen.

to be honest, irreparable.

but lcds normally have a lifespan of around 6 years but as yours is a laptop shrugs i really dont know.

some companys are really good and will replace once, even after teh guarantee has ran out but dont hold your breath but it might be worth phoning them and if your still in guarantee your laffing, if not……. well the choice is your.

Answer #12

oh lord i hate when this happens. this happened to my gameboy ds. i think its the inside of the screen being shattered.. it can happen from sitting it down to hard, stepping on it, sitting something on it, or something like that.

Answer #13

This same thing happened to my phone. and what it is is your laptop has two screens an outter screen and an inner screen and your inner screen has a pressure point if that pressure point is hit wether it be the device was dropped, pushed on, set down to hard, or anything that could cause pressure to be put on it including a pet sitting on it can cause your inner screen to crack where you will then get the black where the screen has cracked and the rest will go white. You can look into getting a new laptop screen and getting it repaired but it would be about the same price as buying a new laptop pretty much:) Hope this helps:)

Answer #14

Yeah thanks…Im just going to get a new laptop.It is like $300 at best buy..instead of these peice of sh*t ones…i don’t think anybody should buy dell..all my laptops from there broke within a year.HP is pretty good.

Answer #15

talk about stating the obvious.

Answer #16

with a HP make sure you never ever ever leave it on your bed make sure its always on a hard surface with nothing covering the sides…. itll fry the everything in your caomputer.

(known from experience)

Answer #17


Answer #18

Wow seriously?!Thanks for telling me!!

Answer #19

No problem:)

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