What should happen to people who abuse the elderly in the nursing home, because they are defenceless?

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First off i'll say they should go to hell. Ha. But naw really I believe they should be punished just as anyone who harms someone should. You have to be a deeply disturbed person to harm someone whos absolutely defenceless.

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They should get the same treatment as a person who abuses a child. It just really rubs me wrong when people hurt other people, especially kids and the elderly.. (same with animals) they can't defend themselves, the person is nothing but a coward.

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They should get fired, for one. I also think that they should NOT be allowed to work in a nursing home again. Abusive people do not belong in positions like that.

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Get fired, and not be allowed to work with the eldery again, I want to say get sent to jail, but it also depends on how severe the abuse is and the type. But still, any kind of abuse should get him or her fired instantly.
No excuses no nothing, people who take advantage of the weaker just piss me off...

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Most states do not have any specific laws against elderly abuse like they do for child abuse. The only thing a person can usually be charged with is assault, and that is hard to do if there is no witness, or if the victim is not able to testify themselves. If there were laws for elder abuse like those for child abuse, it would be much easier to convict them because you would not need the testimony of the victim. There was a case in my town where a son was abusing is mother badly, and she had dementia so couldn't testify to the assault. He walked away scott-free. The DA was trying to use the case to push through an elder abuse legislation that would have allowed charges solely based on the evidence of abuse, and not require the victim to testify.

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They should have to spend time in jail but their is no law against it where I live

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