What happen on the Finale of "The Hills"?

I missed it … really i dont watch the show but i know it well enough to know who everybody is, the concept etc. thanks

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Kristin, Lo, Audrina and Stephanie are together talking about how much their lives are changing and how they are in a place where they need to decide what they want. Lo admits she wants babies and she’s ready to take that next step in her life, while Kristin says she just doesn’t even know what she wants out of life. Stephanie says for the first of many times during the finale that things are changing and that they are never going to be the same.

Roll opening credits for the last time (tear). The boys are playing golf and they discuss Brody and Kristin and even though Brody hasn’t seen Kristin lately she can’t understand why they wouldn’t be friends.

Lo and Stephanie are shopping and Stephanie says that she is still dating Josh but they are not exclusive yet. She tells Lo that he wants her to go watch him at motocross, but she’s not sure if that’s too much of a commitment yet. Lo tells her she should go for it. She then admits that she might have to break her rules and move in with Scott as that is what she wants even though they are not engaged yet.

Stacie and Kristin have dinner and Kristin admits that she needs to get away and figure out what she wants as this whole thing with Brody is going nowhere, plus he is dating someone new. Stacie says ‘but you have a lot of memories here’ and Kristin says ‘I think it’s time to make some new memories’.

Stephanie goes out to see Josh practice motocross and they share a sweet moment when they both admit they do not want to date anyone else. Stephanie says that he is awesome and the best guy she has ever dated and they share a sweet kiss.

Kristin goes to visit Brody at his condo and he is swimming in his pool. She invites him to her going-away party and tells him she is leaving and he gets really mad and says he doesn’t want to come. She says she would like him there but he just swims away and says ‘have fun at your party’.

Next we see Stephanie with Audrina who is moving to a new gorgeous house on the beach. She says she is not going to go to Kristin’s going-away party because she is packing and moving and most of all she doesn’t want to see Justin. Stephanie tells her that she and Josh are now a couple right after she flirts with the local lifeguard.

Finally it’s Kristin’s going-away party and almost everyone is there (except Audrina and Brody). It seems as if Brody is not going to come when we finally see him walking out between the cars and Kristin looks nervous that he is there. She goes over to talk to him (after Stephanie telling her she should for closure and Lo saying she doesn’t have to) and Brody tells her that he did not realize her feelings for him. She starts to cry and he tells her not to go but as they hug she doesn’t say that she is not going.

Lo and Scott are hanging out at his house talking about how much they had to drink and how Lo has decided to move in. He admits he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and tells her she is perfect and that he would marry her right now. They kiss (awww).

Kristin is packing and leaving with Stacie helping her. We still don’t know where she’s going but she gives one final look at her house before closing the door.

Brody is outside and Kristin and Stacie say a quick goodbye and ‘I love you’ and Brody admits that he would not be dating anyone if he knew Kristin was going to leave town. She says she still has to go and they say a very tearful goodbye.

Kristin says she can’t believe this is goodbye and we hear the title music playing in the background.

Scott and Lo are planning their future with footage of Lo from past seasons playing. Then we see Audrina changing over the course of the show and then Kristin.

The last shot is Brody on a soundstage with the background moving and we see Kristin hugging him as if she never left. This shows the contrast between what is real and what is not and clearly the producers want us to keep that in mind.

That’s it, the end of The Hills - what did you think?

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i dont know i watch degrassi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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O.M.F.G. tht must hav taken a while haha!

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O.M.F.G. tht must hav taken a while haha!

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