Does anyone know what hapened to this girl on funadvice?

Does anyone know what happen to this girl Roxxane.i saw posts of people saying that she passed away two days ago.and now i see nothing of that.were these posts deleted,or even better question is there someone who can tell me what hapened to her i swear to God i’ve seen post saying that she passed away :(.heres the link to her profile

Answer #1

She passed away, Stevie. :’( She’s not here anymore.

Answer #2

:(.funmail me Ayushi :(.

Answer #3

Wow that’s terrible :’(:’(

Answer #4

How do you know???

Answer #5

Her friend was using this account and made a post explaining what had happened. I think it’s been about 4-6 months already. :( the post was still on her profile but it’s not there anymore. So yeah.

Answer #6

thats freacky.and sad.i dont feel it.but i know it must be sad

Answer #7

She was one of my best friends so yes i feel it and yes it is sad.

Answer #8

It’s extremely sad.

Answer #9

What? Where was I? You’re not serious are you :( we used to talk from time to time.

Answer #10

She was my best friend,no body knew about her passing away.after three months we knew about it.she was bestie,May her soul rest in peace.

Answer #11

Rest in peace Roxxane. :(

Answer #12

I hope an admin didn’t delete that, that would be…

Answer #13

:/ This is really terrible.

Answer #14

I know right. I really hope so too. :/

Answer #15

Smiles had pancreatic cancer and passed away months..

Answer #16

Months ago*

Answer #17

I was the first person on FA to find out :( it still hits me sometimes that she’s gone and I really miss her.

Answer #18

I wonder who delete the posts on her profile ;o I had one on there asking her is she’s okay that was just there a couple weeks ago

Answer #19

Ikr. :( it’s still so horrible when I think about it.

Answer #20

Ikr? I think it automatically gets deleted after a few days or so. But if an admin is doing that, then that’s just messed up :|

Answer #21

She passed away D: Oh man :”( R.I.P.

Answer #22

But there’s questions on her page from before she even left still

Answer #23

All we should do now is to write words of love in her feed.she is gone talking wont bring her back i wrote in.peace sweetheart.

Answer #24

i know is hard.but she is in a better place now.all thou i dint knew all should remember the good thing about her.she died but not in your hearts. lets make her last more in each and one of us

Answer #25

Thank you for your kind words for her.she will stay in <3 forever.

Answer #26

Sorry its the same way we all felt.nobody knew until three months.sorry again.

Answer #27

True. I don’t understand how the new FA works at all these days o.o

Answer #28

Only your recent stuff will show up on your page I believe :/ so older and older stuff will disappear from your page though you will still ifnd it if you search for it. If it’s the last thing she wrote, or someone commented it :/ I believe it should be on there still.

Answer #29

What happened???

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